Updated! Got Gmail Problems with iPhone OS 2.2?

I noticed 3 messages stuck in my Gmail outbox post-OS 2.2 upgrade. Just sitting there. Mocking me. "Sending" but never getting "sent". Following a comment by Matt, I re-typed my password and voila, the intertubes they were cleared.

Not sure if this will work for everyone, either by itself or with a reset, but give it a try and let us know.

UPDATE: scottb helps out earnie in the comments with a Google link for unlocking display Captcha to overcome an invalid sender address problem. Our readers rock!

Any other trouble-shooting tips? Keep 'em coming!

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Updated! Got Gmail Problems with iPhone OS 2.2?


I had the problem of when trying to send
An attachment it would say senders address is invalid. So following a link posted by another helpful fellow I unlocked my captcha and
BOOM working like new. Other than that no issues as of now...I'm still wondering about the emoticons though. Are they only available on Japanese iPhones or can anyone use em?

unlocked your captcha? i had that problem too. deleted and readded my gmail on the iphone, and that didn't do anything. a couple hours later it just magically cleared up.
the emoji are only available for japan

I had this problem PRE and POST 2.2 upgrade. Nothing seems to clear it. I will try retyping password again!

Actually saw this earlier today before the upgrade, and reentering the password fixed it. Think it was a gmail thing.

I have encountered some problems with my gmail account after the 2.2 update my inbox won't even load or update I was wondering why this is?!?!?! =(

Help me somebody, yesterday I upgraded to 2.2 I am no longer able to move or delete aol mail I have two iphones it is the same on both. I have restored them,called apple support,reinstalled email account nothing works,however i can still delete yahoo mail and mobile me. Thanks.

I had the same issue with gmail and I deleted the email account. I notice that the mail account is not really deleted as when I ssh'd into my iphone, the folder was still there. So I deleted the Mail folder in /Private/Var/Mobile/Library. I added a new gmail account and it worked again. I assumethe same will work for other mail accounts.

For those still having problems deleting AOL email, I found this resolution: "After updating to 2.2 I had the same problem deleting AOL e-mail from a basic account. Here's my fix. Go to settings (on the iphone) >mail, contacts, calendars>accounts> then click on each account, scroll down to advanced settings>mailbox behaviors>deleted mailbox on my iPhone. The next screen shows that the trash icon is checked, but click on it again, and viola, dump e-mail again. Apparently upgrading to 2.2 leaves the icon checked when it really isn't, so clicking it again confirms that you want your deleted e-mail to go to the trash. Cheers."

Hey, I can't stream video or music on the internet since the download (the video I was previously able to steam). Anybody have this problem?

My problem is that my gmail doesn't load over 3G or EDGE (it just stays in that perpetual, spinning-wheel 'trying to connect' mode) but it works fine over Wifi.
Any suggestions

Thanks Jonathan - the AOL fix worked - I tried a lot of other things from other sites. =0)

To delete AOL messages on your iPhone:
Log on to AOL. Create a new folder (I called mine "iPhone Trash").
On your iPhone:
Settings --> Mail --> Go to your AOL email account --> Advanced --> Deleted Mailbox --> Switched the selected folder from "Trash folder on the iPhone" to the new trash folder you created on the server (in my case iPhone Trash).
The first time you go back to your AOL account and go to Mailboxes, you will see the folder you created for a second but then it will disappear. A Trash folder will then appear. It's wierd.
This worked flawlessly for me. :)

Thank you for the AOL deleting fix! Helped out alot. I couldn't figure it out for the life of me! :P

Hi All!
I have a problem with my gmail (imap) account in iPhone 3g 2.2.1 When i start the mail client, it checks for new mail and quits. It is not working longer than 5 seconds. Other mail servers are woking correctly.
I tried to remove mail folder as mentioned before, but there is no change.

The emoji are available for the US phones outside of Japan.
You have to go to the app store and download an app called FrostyPlace and click on random RSS feeds in the application. Then go to your keyboard menu and click on japanese...it should come up with an Emoji keyboard which you can then turn on. If it doesn't work on the first try, then keep working on it and it will work ;)

All I want to know if there is a way to jury rig and change the sound levels to twice what they are
I own the fimrdt gen.
I soul die and kill for a suggestion

I keep deleted the same messages over and over in my Iphone. Maybe I've reached capacity in deleted message file? How do I delete the deleted messages?
Thank you

Why can I suddenly not get my gmail downloaded? I didn't do anything.
It says "The connetion to the server "imap.gmail.com failed". What now?