Google Apps and Gmail experiencing outages. Zombie apocalypse still not nigh.

Google Apps and Gmail experiencing outages. Zombie apocalypse still not nigh.

Looks like Google Apps and Gmail are having some issues today, with tons of you telling us you're experiencing problems of one type or another. For my part, I'm getting authentication errors, but then I use Gmail in Yeah. Google Apps Status Dashboard is showing it's not us, it's them.

Here's the thing to remember: Every online service goes down from time to time. iCloud goes down. Microsoft goes down. Amazon goes down. BlackBerry goes down. Google is certainly, historically, better than most, but there's just so much complexity to the cloud that a few bumps along the way are bound to happen.

So, if you're a Google user and you're just not able to use Google right now, let us know what problems you're seeing in the comments, and when it starts working for you again.

And between the two, grab a cup of coffee, get some fresh air, and watch or listen to some of our podcasts. That's why we make them.

Rene Ritchie

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Osumailguy says:

You can keep an eye on Google App Status Dashboard here:

paristrout says:

Our company recently changed its email to Google and its suit of cloud products. Even a small outage, like today's, means a lot of down time for employees. Not a big deal for my personal stuff, but for work it's plenty annoying.

Good OL MC says:

Seems like lots of people want to get in a tizzy about this. The post is pretty level headed about this happening to all cloud systems at some point or another. Thanks for that :)

Bruce Guthrie says:

Had some gmail authentication errors for about 30 mins. All seems good... for now.

JustMe'D says:

Gmail is still working well for me.

Premium1 says:

No issues here for me either.

Dev from tipb says:

Fortunately, no problems here on gmail or on our business accounts today.

Ommadawn says:

Thanks for a balanced, unbiased report Rene!

asuperstarr says:

It just goes to show all the service aren't reliable, all of them go down at some part.

Yangguanglei says:

It is now May 20th and I still can't access Gmail through App :( I'm in Australia.
The status dashboard showed that there were outages in southern Asia a week a go but we haven't been able to access since before the recent app upgrade :( What's going on?