Google Shows How To Quickly Archive Gmail on the iPhone

Rejoice iPhone Gmailers, for Google has yet again bestowed goodness upon us! According to the Official Gmail Blog (via iPhone in Canada):

manually configure IMAP using the "Other" menu option by following the instructions this video [...] From then on, the iPhone's little trashcan icon will archive your mail. You might notice that messages you archive on your phone are actually being added to a new "Deleted Messages" label in your Gmail account -- but they're right in "All Mail" and searchable, just the way you want them.

If you're a hardcore Gmail user, let us know what you think of this, and how it's working for you!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Google Shows How To Quickly Archive Gmail on the iPhone


Wow.. I thought the default Gmail settings already did this, but apparently not. i've been accidentally deleting mail that I thought I was archiving for months.. OOPS.
I followed these instructions, and they worked flawlessly.. And I doublechecked that delete is now archive :)

deleted my iphone gmail account and re-create it after watching video in this blog, and presto it works superb. THANKS RENE.

I just move the messages to the "all mail" folder. It takes two taps instead of one, but... I have that extra half a second...

I was having problems with Gmail on my first gen iPhone but since the 2.2 update things are back to normal. One question though, if I read/delete a mail on the iPhone, does that delete it completely from Gmail (or will it still be there if I check from a PC?)

The video you've posted is quite old and mostly redundant now because since iPhone software 1.1.3 and later, the Gmail button has been configured for this IMAP configuration.
This information from Google's iPhone IMAP support page will help to clarify the actions taken and how to modify them.
Archiving and deleting on iPhones
Deleting and archiving messages on the iPhone works differently depending on your iPhone's software version, or how you set up your iPhone.
If you're running version 1.1.2 OR you've manually set up IMAP by following these instructions, this is how message deletion and archiving will work:
Tap the trash button on any message > Archives message so that it will only appear in [Gmail]/All Mail and your iPhone Trash folder.
Note: This is how Gmail IMAP works in most mail clients. For more information, please visit
If you've updated to version 1.1.3 or later AND you've automatically configured Gmail by tapping the large 'Gmail' button in Mail, the same actions will differ in the following way:
Tap the trash button on any message > Moves message to the [Gmail]/Trash folder, where it will be permanently removed in 30 days.
Important: If a message has any other labels, the message will also be deleted from its corresponding IMAP folders.
If you wish to archive a message in this new implementation, simply move the message to your [Gmail]/All Mail folder. This can be done by opening the message on your iPhone, tapping the 'Folder' icon located between the 'Trash' and 'Refresh' icons, and then tapping your [Gmail]/All Mail folder to move the message.
Another useful link is this one. Which details the actions taken on the phone and what that means for the version that is presented on the web.

I think it's a great idea, which is why I've been doing it since Lifehacker wrote about it back in 2007.

I'm gonna repeat... THIS VIDEO IS FROM OCTOBER 2007!
If you are using up to date iphone firmware 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 - then your phone already does this automatically.

Doesn't work for me at all. I get a 'Deleted Messages' label, but EVERYTHING stays in my inbox. Waste of time, and still no good solution.

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