Google updates Gmail and Chrome for iPhone and iPad

This week, Google pushed out updates to both Gmail and Chrome for iPhone and iPad. Chrome's update was fairly minor, resolving compatibility issues with certain websites including Yahoo! Mail and fixing a few bugs. Gmail's update wasn't too groundbreaking either, but the addition of the option to open web links in Chrome (if installed) is excellent for Chrome users.

It's no secret that Apple and Google have a rocky relationship these days and this has become even more public with Apple removing Google Maps and the native YouTube app from iOS 6. It's great to see Google fight back by strengthening their presence in the App Store. We expect Google to continue to develop for the iPhone a introduce Maps and YouTube into the App Store with integration between all their apps. Apple and Google may not be friends, but as long as Google keeps fighting, users will come out ahead -- and that's ultimately all that matters.

Gmail - Download Now

Chrome - Download Now

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There are 5 comments. Add yours.

gregg37 says:

It'll be nice to have a Youtube app with a real Youtube logo instead of that stupid looking TV icon.
The Chrome, Gmail, and upcoming improved Youtube/Maps apps are bring me back for a trial run for the first time since the 3GS. Doubt I'll stay long again, but we'll see.

jdmoore1981 says:

I don't have the YouTube app anymore. Hopefully google will put it on the app store soon. Right now I have to use safari

Dev from tipb says:

Still waiting for them to incorporate Sparrow goodness...

eric6052 says:

I just wish I could set Gmail and Chrome as the default mail and browser options, until you can do that these types of apps will remain second tere.

trmoney24 says:

How do you set Chrome to be the default browser with Gmail links? Doesn't work for me nor do I see an option to do so.