GoogleSync Gmail Push for iPhone Down?

We've gotten a few reports from readers that GoogleSync, the ActiveSync connection Google's using to push Gmail (and contacts and calendars) to iPhone users has just stopped working.

There's a discussion going on in Google's Support threads, including time changes, sporadic spurts, changing parameters, and other troubleshooting attempts.

If you're having intermittent issues, or if GoogleSync is just not working for you right now, let u

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GoogleSync Gmail Push for iPhone Down?


About time you guys got on this story. I tweeted a bunch of you editors about it early last week! ;-)
I'm one who commented on the thread and for whom Sync is being worthless right now. Unfortunately I forgot exactly which day it started failing, but it was probably a week and a half ago at this point.
"Push" is intermittent...probably syncing 2-6 times a day, and mail client won't even sync on manual check. You have to either setup IMAP again (which I haven't done, and I'm not even sure that is working right), or check manually w/the browser.
I'd be really interested to know how widespread this problem is. IMO this is a significant problem that Google needs to take a stance on. Either tell us that sync isn't working and we need to switch back to IMAP or make it a priority to fix. They say its related to 3.1.2, but my problems did not correlate with updating to 3.1.2, and one user in the thread reported yesterday that his problems started last week but he just updated to 3.1.2 yesterday, so to me Google has provided no good information regarding the problem.

I haven't had any problems getting mail pushed to me. But what is the deal with the incredibly short 'history' of messages? When an e-mail is pushed to me and I purposely leave it marked un-read, why the hell does it disappear from my inbox 3 days later? Not only that, but I then go to the 'All Mail' folder and it doesn't even show up there. It only shows the last couple days worth of mail. This is completely worthless. There are times when I need to look at old e-mails. I really have to open a browser to do so?

Push hasn't worked for me since Mid October. My husband has the same phone, same version and his works flawlessly. Doesn't make sense. My calendar and contacts- no issues, sync instantly.

Gmail push email has been pathetic since it began, i just stick to mail notifier and normal settings. Hopefully this can eventually work.

I thought something was up with this, I noticed I was never getting any emails even with Fetch enabled every hour. It wouldn't tell me about any emails I had received until I actually opened the mail app.

I've had a few sporadic issues with push since I first set it up back in September, but beyond the understandable problems over the first few days with the initial rollout, the issues haven't lasted more than a few hours at a time.
This time around, GMail push has been down for me since last Thursday.
Brian: You can reconfigure how many days of mail are pushed to your iPhone in the Mail settings section. The default is three days, but you can set it as high as a month or as low as 1 day. There is also a "No Limit" option, but this doesn't actually make any difference as Google still limits the maximum to 30 days.
You can also choose which folders you want "pushed" to your iPhone in the same settings area.

Sync worked for two days for me, then it completely failed. I would get no notifications ever, and my iPhone battery life went to 45 minutes.
Maybe this is Google's plan to get us to upgrade from iPhone to Android. :-)

Brian, that drives me nuts too. I'm a packrat, and I want all my emails at my disposal, preferrably in my mail client where I primarily want to access them.

GoogleSync mail push has been VERY spotty since it was first introduced. I went back to IMAP for about two weeks, but have been back on GoogleSync for a few weeks now. It has been so inconsistent that I often have to check via the browser. GPush still gives me a pop-up notification with the mail header, but that's only so helpful when the message itself is not in my inbox. I don't understand why manual sync is effectively nonfunctional.

No problem with emails getting pushed. The problem I do have is that my sent messages stopped updating on oct. 22. Not a huge deal though.

It works most of the time for me, altough it became somewhat instable in the last few days or so. iCal often reports, that it can't access the gmail calenders... .

That's why I use nuevasync instead of google sync. Never had a problem with this. Even though it's $25 a year it's worth it not having the problems.

no problems with emails being pushed however when I try to access my contacts via gmail website I am unable to. It actually locks up IE when I click on contacts in gmail.

I've not had any problems with googlesync and my push gmail! Sucks to hear you all are having problems.

My sent items don't sync since push. I've found the whole service quite unreliable since launch with intermittent delays and syncs. I'm sure it'll get sorted though. No big deal.

Not sure what problems you all are experiencing but mine is working flawlessly. Right from the beginning, and I am a recent convert from a Blackberry Bold. So, I would be the first to judge push email.

Had problems with GSync and Mail from the start so went back to IMAP and never looked back. No problems with GSync and Calendar, however.

Yes. This has been a big problem over the last couple of weeks. Even after I open the Mail app, it won't update my inbox.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a problem with all the Google Apps and the iPhone. I called Google to report and they said they would get back to me in 1 to 2 days. Eight days later, I still had not heard a word. In the meantime, someone posted a fix on a message board - Google had changed a setting and we had to check a new box to allow Sync. Now, I have the same problems receiving email as many others - but not just with my Google Apps address, also with my Gmail address. Even IMAP doesn't work for me. I really want to use Google, but considering switching to MobileMe.

MobileMe is solid. Cheap bitxhes want everything for free then complain when it doesn't work. For iPhone users only obviously. I see it like this $99 a year. That's $5 a month for push and about $3 a month for everything else you get. It syncs with my phone, my desktop and my laptop. Find my iPhone and the ability to remote wipe and password the lockscreen remotely if lost or stolen is priceless.

Gregg...I have mobileme...that doesn't help with my google email...your not making an sense.
My push email is messed up like everyone else..I am hoping that google will find an answer to this.

I have been having many issues in the last 2 months with emails not getting pushed. I thought I was the only one but i guess not. If it weren't for gpush I would never know about any emails

Gmail push email has been eratic since it began--it's just not reliable. I'm in the process of going to back to the normal settings. I really hope they get it fixed soon.

Gmail push does not work for me and has not since mid-october. Its not just that the service is down, its the way it works too. Calendar and address sync are darn near perfect however.

This has actually been down for a while. I can't use use Google Push so I have to check it through Safari.

Googlesync has been terrible for me. I tried it right when it went live and then a couple more times since trying to give it a fair shake. No Dice.
On the plus side, GPush is ultra reliable...all the time and pushes within 1-2 seconds like clockwork.
I can't recommend it highly enough.

Getting the mail isn't a problem. When I try and send mail it says I don't have a password. Now that's a bunch of .

Has not worked correctly for me since 11/1.
Worked great for a few hours this morning but is back to not pushing at all.

Googlesync is a waste on the Iphone. I had it for two days, and the toll it took on my battery life was unacceptable. I went back to manually fetching emails. I am sometimes envious of my blackberry friends getting 1-2 days of battery life, while getting their emails real time. Cmon apple, let's step
up your game a bit.

Wasn't working for me for about a week, but finally started up again a few days ago.
Interestingly though, it only wasn't working on my main Gmail account. I set up a filter to forward all of my mail to my secondary address and set that one up with ActiveSync and everything worked just fine.

Jeff I don't see why your having a problem. Forward your gmail to mobile me. Mine works fine and I use gmail. Although I use mobile mes push vs gmails. There seems to only be a problem with gmail pushing. Use mobile me to push the mail. I'm not having any problems at all

If you also monitor a Gmail account with a desktop application that supports Imap IdleD (such as Thunderbird,) You see that the desktop application IS getting the email instantly (because that's what idled does) but that seems to interfere with the Active Sync notifications. (Maybe it thinks its not new mail any more and ignores it. - speculating).

@Jesse David Hollington:
Thank you thank you thank you. I don't know HOW I missed that setting before. Default of 3 days is pretty silly. Oh well, at least now I have a month!
Ironically, after posting that I was always getting quick push notifications, I started noticing some very delayed messages today.

Er...what? You can search anything you have synced, and continue a search on the server, if you need to. In other words, exactly the same as any other exchange account.
(Though I tend to search in the webapp anyways, since most of my searches tend to go back further than the small amount that can be kept on the phone.)

Try it's a push service for gmail that works as an exchange server and it's free. I have been using it since July and not 1 complaint.

I noticed a problem that when I added another non-google IMAP account, that killed my gmail push. The other IMAP account wasn't particularly important so I deleted it off the iPhone and gmail went back to syncing fine.

Wife's iphone - no push since upgrade.
My Palm Pre - gleaming (nealy 4 secs to get one email pushed to me :)

My gmail has stopped working since early this morning. I am not sure what the problem is, but I'm nit getting my email and I cannot log in. I'm getting tired of these types of things happening.

Push has been working great since I switched from yahoo about a month ago. Emails come through within seconds. But in the last 2 days I've had problems with a couple emails not deleting. Then today I opened up the mail app and it cleared my inbox and re-downloaded everything again. It's been working fine so far (insert non-existant "fingers crossed" emoji here).

It would be interesting to know how many of you who are having problems have been using googlesync have been using it for it for a long time.
As someone said above, they've added a check box to use sync. Since it's still in beta, I wonder how many changes have been made that affect the push service.
I've only been using it for a month at the most, and it's been great. It seems like the people who have problems say they've been having those problems for a while. Obviously something's gone awry just recently, hence my re-syncing mentioned in my last post. But I've never had anything but instant push until now.

Encoutered the same issue for a few days last week. Seems it's been fixed since the weekend though. Thank God.

I've been having problems also. But I just realized that we can still setup a 2nd IMAP account for Gmail, and leave the Google Sync setup too, right? You would just have two seperate folders Inbox folders, one for IMAP and one for Google Sync - until Sync gets fixed. Just a thought.

Mine Gmail Push has been wonky since Monday morning (barring two glorious hours of normality this past afternoon). I can send email from it fine, but I rarely receive any back.

Been working great for a month or two until yesterday.. started getting spotty, and today it is real spotty, only updating a couple times.

Thanks just noticed that. Considence I sure. It's fixed though way faster than google sync was fixed. Oh wait google is still broken.

The only thing that I did to fix it was going into the settings and changing the amount of mail that should be synced, e.g. From 1 month to 1 day. This causes it to reload, but of course I had hundreds of new emails. Mines working now, though. Email me at if you have quesions about this.

Fwiw, I have been plagued by the no email push bug for several weeks on my iPhone. I'm using Google Apps (standard edition) and have had the "Google Sync" setting enabled all this time. What I did to get it working again on the iPhone was to remove the Exchange mail settings completely, shut off my iPhone for about 10 minutes, turn it on, and re-add the Exchange mail settings for Google Sync. As soon as I did that it started working again! God only knows if it's a short term fix but for now I'm happy - email, calendar and contacts are all pushing to the iPhone!

i set up gmail to push the day it came out it worked great but the last week or 2 it has NOT WORKED AT ALL.

Hey there! I tried to add my GMAIL account to my phone and it says password and user name don't match. I am not sure what may be going on. Any thoughts??

When I updated to OS 3.12 push was working fine on my Gmail configured through Gmail icon (IMAP) but now to use push I need to configure through Exchange icon, but doing so my battery runs out very fast. About 8 hours in stand-by my battery decreased about 50%. If I setup through IMAP the battery lasts much, much more.
iPhone 3G officially activated, OS 3.12, jailbroken.

I've noticed since around the 16th of November that my mail on my iPhone has been spotty (gmail of course). Two issues have occurred, the most annoying being that I cannot send email anymore. I haven't changed any settings and it was working perfectly since I set up GoogleSync. The second is very sporadic, I sometimes get the email notification sound/vibration on my iPhone but then I get no emails in my inbox. This is really frustrating, I hope they fix this soon.

Can anyone verify if gmail push is back up and working. I was using w/o issue mail, contacts, and calendar sync since it launched the push email service. I wonder if the iphone sync with google has been stopped due to the release of the Android?

Gmail will not sync on my iPhone 4 unless I turn the phone off then on. This has been going on all day today.