iPhone 5 camera to feature new Panorama mode

Along with showing off camera improvements at the iPhone 5 event, Apple has announced a new feature called Panoroma mode that will allow you to seamless take panoramic photos straight from the iPhone Camera app.

Apple has just given an on-stage demonstration of Panorama mode which works by allowing you to capture images while your iPhone will stitch them together to form one panoramic shot. The shot Apple demonstrated on-stage was able to capture a 28 megapixel image. All of the editing and shooting can now be done within the Camera app without the need for outside stitching and editing apps.

Panorama Mode most likely takes advantage of the new A6 processor on board and will probably only be available on the iPhone 5. As usual, we'll update when that's officially verified.

Image Source: The Verge

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iPhone 5 camera to feature new Panorama mode


i know right apple copy other companys but no1 says anything and still the ip5 has samsung processor in it too ijs

lmao my samsung nexus already has that and that boring ios6 update ive been using my google wallet ppl are buying the same phone over and over again apple customers are stupid

So are people that don't know how to form a proper sentence. (That little dot after the "e" is called a "period", use it!!!!) smh
----No problem with abbreviations & short format words in forum posts, but come on dude.

All i can say is yes!!!!! no if's ands or buts... now that it comes standard ill be happy when i get my next iphone...