iPhone 5 to launch at WWDC in June, claims analyst

File this one under unsubstantiated analyst hearsay, but Daiwa Securities is claiming the iPhone 5 will be announced at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference this upcoming June. WWDC would certainly be the reasonable time and place to launch the next iPhone. The only detail beyond that provided by the analyst is that the iPhone 5 will keep using glass to glass touch panels, but beyond that, we're still in the dark about what specifically the iPhone 5 will offer. It might be bigger (or not), it might be thinner than the iPhone 4 and have a 13 megapixel camera, maybe it'll have LTE...

It's really all a crap-shoot at this point. I'm sure whatever Apple ends up launching, whenever they launch it, is going to be insanely popular just like every other phone they've made. Unless, of course, you think Apple products will lose something vital with Steve Jobs no longer in the picture... What would you guys like to see in the next iPhone? Is it a safe bet we'll see something official this summer?

Source: DigiTimes

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Reader comments

iPhone 5 to launch at WWDC in June, claims analyst


Id be pretty upset if they launch this already in July/August cuz i just got my 4s the day it came out so that would suck =\

yeah... but that's still, what... 9 months? if you are planning on purchasing the next iPhone the day it comes out, you either paid full price for the 4S or you will pay full price for the new iPhone. what's a couple of months, when considering that?

You know what we want... No need to ask every two weeks " what do you guys want in the new iphone? And why on earth with the launch of the single most successful iPhone in history, would they launch the next model just 8 months later? Do us fans a favor and filter out this bs crap instead of spoon feeding it to us.

June makes more sense. I know you got the 4S in your mind, but that phone was for mainly 3GS and prior owners (as well as new buyers). Most iphone 4 users weren't even eligible.
However, most iphone 4 users (didn't upgrade to 4S) and had to wait til Feb or later this year to be eligible for upgrade. Iphone 5 targets them.

agreed. additionally, all other iphones were released/announced in the early/mid summer (respectively)... with the exception of the fragmented verizon iphone 4 release.

You mean iPhone 6 if you continue with apples naming tradition and sequential order. Time to move on from the name iPhone 5. The 4s is the 5th phone. I highly doubt they will continue with numbers as the iPhone 4 was the only one in line sequentially named after a number.

iPhone 6 would be ridiculously silly, since there's never been an iPhone 5. Who would look at a shelf and see iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 6, and not wonder where an iPhone 5 went?
Apple can call it anything they want. Don't let it get your bunchies in bunch.
iPhone X in fall 2012!

The Iphone 3g wasnt the third phone the 3gs was. so right from the beginning your statement is invalid. i am looking forward to the new Iphone though since im eligible in september

I agree with this comment. But I also think they should just call it the iPhone 8 to mess with people.

Hurry up apple with the iPhone 5 I've put off getting the 4s has I got the 3GS then they bought out the 4 and was stuck I my contract for 18 months but not any more just waiting for the release date when is it apple hey when?

I'm skeptical that they'll go back to the summer release for the iPhone following the iPhone 4 release on Verizon, and the 4S release around the same time the following year. It would be a small slap in the face to the customers who loyally bought a 4S at launch, only to find they won't eligible for an early upgrade for the next iteration released only eight months later.

Why is it a slap in the face? Was the 4S worth what you paid for it when you bought it? If it was, what complaint do you have? If it was not, why did you buy it?
Why would companies ever bring out anything new if the owners of earlier models were offended?

i think it is no more a slap in the face than when ATT told me that I was not eligible for an early 4S upgrade, when i bought the iphone on day 1. a VERY select few are eligible for an early upgrade only 12 months after purchasing their iphone. so it would be pointless to maintain it.

I bought the iP4 the day it came out, and I'm still under my 2yr contract. How do you get an "early" upgrade? I think that at this point I'll just wait till the next gen comes out and hope it has a bigger screen. After jailbreaking, I'm so far ahead of Apple that a completely new design will be the only thing that will intrigue me.

I don't think it's a slap in the face to stay competitive and release new product. Apple should not slow down just because you can't keep up. I buy all new iPhones. And yes, pay full price once in a while. If you can't afford it ... Wait for it to get cheaper. I'm not mad at Chevy because I can't afford a corvette.

WIDGETS!!! A connected device should be capable of running connected live data apps. Also a 4 inch screen.

If they can figure out a way to do widgets without killing battery, I'm in. But I'm still smarting from my Droid experience on battery life.

Your all re-re's. Of course there is going to be a new iPhone this year. Don't blame Apple for signing a 2 year contract and can't get the upgrade. You can still buy the new phone straight up, yes, you'll pay more. But it's bc your cell provider is eating some of the cost with the 2 year contract. This is a great business plan to refresh the iPhone each year. It keeps the iPhone evolution and early adopter will provide feedback for the later release the following year. Apple has always been about the user experience and this is a way to keep innovating. As for when it's going to hit the market and the specs has always been a little of a mistory. But doesn't that help build the excitement around new tech?

you, sir, are the re-re. nobody is debating on whether or not the next iphone is coming out this year (we're, really, all on the same page about that); we're debating on WHEN it will be released this year (i.e. June or October).
so, please, share with us your opinion...

My point was directed to the people bitching about just upgrading to 4Gs and that apple shouldn't or wouldn't release a new iPhone this year. Now your the re-re.

do people not understand that Apple releases a phone every year for people that were not able to upgrade the year before.. i.e the 4 was for those with the iphone 3 and the 4S was for those who had the 3GS. It's not their fault that people 'must' upgrade to the newest phone. Be content with what you have, jeez.

Here we go, analysts from investment banks making "guesses" dressed as "rumors" to pump Apple stock. Not that it needs pumping, but hey, you can never climb too high I guess.

LTE. 4" screen. Thin, aluminum body with glass front. 8mp camera. A5 chip. = happy customer for two more years

My iPhone 4 was stolen recently. Instead of using my upgrade, I'm waiting until the iPhone 5 (or will it be iPhone 6) comes. At this point, I hope it comes out sooner than later.

I bought iPhone 4 the day it was released. I bought iPhone 4s the day it was released. shrug Guess ATT thinks I'm special cuz I never had to pay more than the contract price. Maybe it has something to do with my enterprise account. Whatever it is I'm grateful. If they give me a hard time come iPhone 5 then I guess I'll use one of the other lines on my family plan to get the upgrade. ATT seems to treat different customers differently--just look at the selective throttling!