Live at Mobile World Congress

Smartphone Experts' always-on-the-go editor-in-chief Dieter Bohn is in Spain and on the floor, ready to send us back any and all news from Mobile World Congress this week. Of course, Apple isn't there, and most general-purpose smartphone shows are pretty happy to pretend the iPhone doesn't exist, so while we won't see anything in the way of new hardware or firmware, we have heard some rumors about pretty big software announcements. (Hint: rhymes with socs2go).

For those interested in what the competition is iCloning doing, keep an eye on these Mobile World Congress sections of PreCentral (including GSM Pre!), WMExperts (including the Touch Diamond 2 and Pro 2), Android Central (pending), and Nokia Experts (pending).

See anything that should make Apple nervous?

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Live at Mobile World Congress

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Well, for one, I was at CES and when I put my hands on the Palm Pre, my iPhone felt so from the dark ages, now, here in Barcelona, España, my family and me agree that if this Pre does what they say it will, we will switch to Sprint/Nextel to get the Pre, we hate our AT&T service anyway. The Sprint service a lot of our friends have works better every where we go.