LogMeIn Ignition updated for iOS 4

LogMeIn Ignition has just been updated for iPhone and iPad specifically with iOS 4 support.

Normally, this would not necessarily be too exciting, except I just got done testing this release. I am very excited to report that I was able to log in to my remote desktop, then check mail and other apps. Put the iPhone to sleep, come back minutes later and open LogMeIn Ignition and... my desktop was still there!

They're no doubt using iOS 4 multitasking's task completion feature (the same one that lets uploads finish in the background). It won't let you keep the connection open forever -- more like 10 minutes -- but it's still fantastic and I can't recommend this app enough. This is very exciting to see developers adopting iOS 4 so quickly and in a useful manor.

Oh, and here is a tip. If you keep LogMeIn "running" in the background for a while, and want to make sure you don't get a timeout error when you return to the app, check the setting on the client machine. It needs to be more than iOS 4's 10 minute task completion limit (the default on mine was 20 min.)

[$29.99- iTunes Link]

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Reader comments

LogMeIn Ignition updated for iOS 4


If it weren't so dang expensive I'd be all-up-onz. For something I would only use sparingly, I can't justify spending more than $10 on it.

So in this update there's multitasking. Can you make video demoing this new feature. Just a thought.

Can someone please explain why spending $30 is necessary over the cheaper WinAdmin app? I'm talking specifically for Windows.. no client necessary, it works just like Remote Desktop. I really want to know what the extra $28 is adding for value. Does it crap gold or something?

This product has been a life saver for me as a Systems Administrator. It has saved me more than once at work and I of course use it on my home machines also. I can't recommend this product enough and the speed of it on iPhone 4 is great. I didn't wanna spend the $30 either, but this product is well worth the $.
Thanks for the timeout tip Chad!

Can someone recommend a remote access program to use to connect my MacBook to my home Mac Mini (connected to my Time Capsule router/external drive)? Someone said Hamachi, but I couldn't figure it out. Basically, I want to connect to my Mac Mini (and Time Capsule) on my home network from any Internet connection from my MacBook. LogMeIn sounds good, but I heard someone say it isn't like a VPN...they actually store things on their server? Thanks.

@wadebot.. did you try the $2 winadmin first or do you know the answer to my question? I'm wondering if people are just blindly spending the $30 for this because its popular vs. looking for alternatives that are just as good for less. Granted I do see some value if its supporting iOS4 and others are not... but I'm curious about other features.

Email their customer support and ask them when are they having another sale, they had one a few days later when I asked, maybe you'll get lucky too, it was 33% off

How does this compare to iTeleport (also updated for iOS4)? I've been waiting for a head-to-head review!

Someone definitely needs to do a showdown of these apps. I still have no idea why you would pay $30 then have to sign up to a 3rd party site (and even possibly pay more for their pro service) to do what other apps do for a fraction of the cost. Is it because most people are morons and can't set up port forwarding on their routers?

Logmein is very different from RDC.
Remote desktop:
1. is a bit harder to set
2. Requires you to be able to access your router to enable port forwarding
3. Requires a fairly static ip address to be able to connect on the go
4. At least for windows, requires the server to be running nt or xp pro
1. Requires no setup, save for downloading the software.
2. Doesn't require access to your router
3. Doesn't require a static ip
Thats just in term of setup. They also provide different functionality. Remote desktop allows you to log on to your account remotely. Logmei. Allows you to literally take control of the keyboard and mouse. For example, if my wife asks me how to burn a cd in iTunes., I can actually take over her keyboard and mouse remotely and show her. That's not something you can do with RDC.
Yes, logmein on the iPhone costs a lot, but for someone who regularly logs in to multiple computers and works with many clients, and doesn't have time to troubleshoot configuration problems, it's a superior product.

Also I forgot to mention in my last post, that logmein runs on any os and any os version. Plus it supports fast task switching which is a huge deal considering how long it takes to log on.

And while I'm on my soapbox I'll add that login speed is greatly improved with this new update, and the display and speed are incredible on the iPhone 4.

iTeleport's update supposedly has a similar use of multitasking, but it also claims to take advantage of the Retina display. Anyone know if LogMeIn also takes advantage of Retina?

I have been using iTeleport ($24.99) for almost 2 years and I believe it was the money well spent. Here is the brief list of features:

  1. Automated setup
  2. Works with practically all Windows and Mac versions
  3. Supports all keystroke combinations and mouse functions
  4. Supports SSH and VPN encryption
  5. Supports very high resolution displays and dual displays
  6. Supports full screen mode

One of the "unusual" application I use iTeleport extensively for is playing poker at Pokerstars, LOL. You can play at Pokerstars only via their Windows client software so you are pretty much chained to your PC while playing. Not so with iTeleport! I can play remotely via iPhone walking around the house or in the park or pretty much from any place with Wi-Fi or 3G connection. The biggest drawback is of course fast battery drain.
Now, with iOS4 multitasking support, iTeleport becomes that much more convenient ;)

@Pinny.. Remote Desktop on XP or NT.. where have you been the last 10 years or so? Its working great on Windows 7 and 2008 as well as all older versions. Perhaps NT, but I haven't ran that since like the 80s.
I appreciate the attempt at spelling out the advantages. I think anyone who manages multiple computers/servers would have static IP addresses and know how to configure a router. I also can take control of a mouse and keyboard with winadmin. It might not be a shared desktop, but thats a plus to me - I don't want someone seeing what I do on screen.
I guess what I'm looking for is in app advantages. Does the mouse work better, the keyboard? Can you do downloads via the session with the iPad?
That you can control more than just a Windows system I can see as an advantage to those needing that. Anytime you have to install a client to perform an action to me is a big negative, especially in a corporate IT environment where even things like PCAnywhere should be considered a huge no-no. You are adding a layer of software on top of apps and an OS that just doesn't need to be there. Winadmin lets you log in without a 3rd party knowing your password or extra software on a system. You can also set up multiple systems - manage 100+ if you need too.
I'm not looking to defend winadmin... I'm actually looking for a reason to buy logmein (I'm an app addict) but so far thats the one app that I've not bought because at least for me there seems to be no advantage.
winadmin is not perfect either - its quite frustrating. Things like flipping your iPad requires you to log in again. The app hasn't been updated since May and the developers web site stinks so that makes me worry its was a fly by night app. Still, saving $28 for the same or better functionality...?

iTeleport seems interesting... to be able to see higher res graphics is something that might be worth the extra $, but again you have to set up a vnc server to use it. RDP is all you need for winadmin, which is as easy as checking a box.

The multitasking in this app is second only to Pandora on my list of favorite apps under the new os, third will prob be skype if they release it this year

I guess for me it comes down to log me in being a reliable package that's dead easy for people to set up, and that works reliably. It's also an industry standard - alot of times my clients already have logmein set up and running on their pc's because a computer tech, or a different accountant already set it up. It's just a easy to use, high quality, extremely reliable package.
Does that make it worth $30? To me, yes. I have multiple clients across the state, and I need something thats super easy to setup and maintain. To most people, I agree - likely not.
Again, I think it's just an issue of ease and familiarity. That's worth a different amount to different people.

Ignoring the APP PRICE, what does the free version of the desktop client offer, as opposed to the annual fee? I can deal with dropping a one time $30 price, but want to know the advantage of the free remote as opposed to the paid, annual ones.
I read the differences, but for real world experience, would the free one work? What are the advantages of the paid, versus free option? I just want to do the free one, but if it's not gonna' do what I need, I won't purchase the app...

The free version does everything except bringing over sound and allowing local printing. Both of those things don't work on the iPhone app anyway. I would stick to the free version. In my own practice, I have one paid subscription that I move between pcs. It's only like 60 a year and it let's me print locally which saves me time driving over, and helps me work faster.

Thanks for the response. So the only thing that I really CAN'T do is print stuff from my iPhone, and I won't hear sounds that my computer is playing?
Thanks for the info. :-)

Admittedly, I have not used LogMeIn Ignition — full disclosure. But I've used regular LogMeIn, and I guess I outgrew it. Now I use RHUB for Web conferencing and remote access / support, all in one device. Plus, RHUB is only a one-time cost. Not too shabby. Just my 2 cents...