"Mobile Me"?! $50 Says Our Readers Can Pick a Better Name!

Apple to change .Mac to Mobile Me?!

[Note: Official $50 Phone Different Store gift card says our readers can pick a better name than "Mobile Me". See below for details!]

If you hear the steady sound of thumping, as though something were continuously bumping, that's not the GPS industry going into cardiac arrest at the mere thought of the iPhone 3G's specs, that's tiPb's collective heads as we knock them against our glass screened, glossy facaded, aluminum cased displays in abject terror of what Apple may be choosing to rename our loved-to-hated old .Mac service:

Mobile Me

Gotta be a typo, right? The name of the next funny character in an Austin Powers sequel (Brian)? An effort to steal the huge branding power Microsoft enjoyed with Windows ME (Dieter)?

Sadly, no. (And we thought Back-to-My-Mac was awkward...)

Dear Apple,

We, your loyal iPhone users, realize .Mac was fine for a label pre-.com bubble burst, and has desperately needed a fresh coat of paint ever since. We understand that you need to provide not only ActiveSync for business users, but similar email, contacts, and events "push"-style for consumers as well. We get that the service (perhaps) formerly-known as .Mac is an ideal launching pad for these features. And Jobs-knows that Windows users, your largest install base for iTunes, iPods, and iPhones, would be confused to the point of BSOD by something called .Mac.

But "Mobile Me". Seriously?

Sure, iSync is taken by local sync features, and Microsoft using ActiveSync for both local and Exchange services is confusing to say the least, but what about Apple Sync? Worked for Apple TV, didn't it? Okay, Gruber doesn't like iMobile, but I'd humbly suggest it kicks the sync out of the horribly precious "Mobile Me".

Please tell Steve that "Mobile Me" just isn't Zen enough. Tell him it's already something planned for the "Zune Social". Or Nokia's "Comes With Muzak". Whatever. Anything. Because let's face it, the line of better names than "Mobile Me" stretches around an Apple Flagship Store sized block a few times.

P.S. I bet the iPhone Blog readers could pick a better name (if not a couple hundred dozen better names). In fact, Dieter's so sure he'll pony up a $50 Phone Different Store gift card to the reader who picks the best alternative to "Mobile Me" (to be judged by the blog's staff).

Readers, have at it,

Apple, warmest namastes,

"Concerned Me"

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

"Mobile Me"?! $50 Says Our Readers Can Pick a Better Name!


How about "Look At Me"? Sure I cost $100 a year and lots of services do the same thing for cheaper (or free) but aren't I pretty?

Why "your"?
I'm thinking "My Life" or if you need "mobile", "iLife Mobile" which would take advantage of the iLife brand.

Assuming that Apple really does revamp .Mac to provide push services for iPhone users, it would essentially become the iPhone's version of RIM/BlackBerry's BIS. BIS is just the abbreviation for BlackBerry Internet Service. It's simple, to the point, and it explains exactly what it is — an internet service for BlackBerry.
Apple should look to go the same route with the revamped .Mac for the iPhone. It should be a simple name that simply explains what it is. Finally, why drop the "i" moniker that Apple uses on all their other products? iTunes, iPhoto, iWeb, iCal, iChat, etc.
Ok, so... Simple with an "i." Hmm....
Why not, iMobile. Two way terminology... The first being I [am] Mobile, the second being a tie-in to the other "i" products Apple is so known for. It is simple, too the point, and fits.
"Your life changes every day. You meet new people, do new things, and you need to keep track of it all. Now presenting, iMobile. A two way push service for Address Book, Mail, and Calendar. Make a changes to your iPhone and see them on your Mac. Make changes on your Mac and see them on your iPhone. All in real time. Now, you not only have the most advanced mobile device in your pocket, but the most up to date one as well.
iMobile, only for iPhone."

i suggest...
"home base"
i think this is a good idea because it conveys that with our mobile lifestyle we always have a place to store information - backups, contacts, web hosting. it indicates that no matter where you go you can always "call home" and be instantly connected with your personal vital documents.

Sony already had the My Life Online (MYLO) bomb...
Microsoft already had the Windows ME bomb...
...so maybe Apple should try to either rechristen iLife (perhaps more useful in this context) or go with something truly unique like "Jobsy". Just think, it's catchy like microsoft's helper clippie and everyone talks about el-jobso anyway. I think Steve would be happy (as he did invent the iPhone and all) so why not have everyone make Jobsy their main destination / online link?