Mail Pilot updated with IMAP enabled Exchange accounts, bug fixes, and more (plus giveaway!)

Mail Pilot updated with IMAP enabled Exchange accounts, bug fixes, and more (plus giveaway!)

Mail Pilot has just received an update which adds the much requested support for Exchange accounts that are IMAP enabled. Other features in the update include an improved add account system, bug fixes, enhancements, and more. Mail Pilot was also nice enough to give us some codes to give out to our readers...

If you'd like to try out Mail Pilot now, you can download it via the link below. We've also been given six codes to give out to our readers. All you have to do is leave a comment below to enter. Winners will be announced next week!

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Reader comments

Mail Pilot updated with IMAP enabled Exchange accounts, bug fixes, and more (plus giveaway!)


I was using Sparrow and then the new Gmail. Now i'm using Mailbox after waiting in line and have heard good things about Mail Pilot. I would like to test it out and compare it to the others :)

I would love to try a new mail app. However, the price is what is keeping me from it. This might be a way to change that.

I have been watching over reviews of this app and I would be very curious to see how it fares against Sparrow, Mailbox and Taskbox.

I currently enjoy using Mailbox for my Gmail, but I would love to have a similar mail app with Exchange support for my work email. Hoping to win so I can give this a try and gain some productivity with my email workflow at my job.

I sure would love to try Mail Pilot, but 15$ is much too steep if it turns out afterwards that the App is not significantly better than the droves of 99ct - 3$ Apps that handle emails...

I'd love to try it! The more I look at the app, the harder it is for me to wait and see if I happen to win a copy here. I'm tempted to just buy it now.

Having 2 hours of transportation every day, leaves lots of room to check and organise my work mail. Have a mail client like this looks like it could really contribute to that.

Would love to try it, since gmail stopped sync support, getting it very hard to find best client, currently using safari, this would be nice.

I'm using both Gmail and Hotmail. I was disappointed by Mailbox. I really wish I can try this app and send you feedbacks.

I'd love to give this a go. $15 is a little too steep but it seems like it would take care of all of my concerns regarding mail.

Have been considering Mail Pilot for awhile but was concerned about the imap enabled exchange support. Now there really isn't much to be concerned about so I would love to try it out :)

Reviews have been on the harsh side for this app - whining about no IMAP ( here it is ) and no push notifications. People forget that projects take time to flesh out fully... And more to the point, forget that code 'doesn't just happen' and can be tricky to get right. Good on the MailPilot developers for attempting to do something new with email.

The standard Mail app is serviceable, but there needs to be more options to handle regular mail related activities that can be done in Outlook. Hopefully Mail Pilot will start adding those options.

The price tag is really high, so I assume that this is a very feature-packed email client. However, the idea of implementing a sort of to-do-list system into email doesn't suit me very well. Perhaps it could change once I've tried it out. Thanks.

It's been on my wish list for a few days because if the price tag. Hopefully, I will have it on my springboard soon? :)

That are good news. Would love to use it every day. And when it comes for free - that would be awesome!

I'd like to try MailPilot. I have multiple Exchange and Gmail accounts. The apple native mail app just isn't robust enough for business use. It's very frustrating since I am a dedicated iPhone user. if I like the app, I will endorse it among a large list of business users who buy the apps I recommend!

Unfortunately, if you (or your company) use Dovecot IMAP server software, you're still out of luck. Though this IMAP server software for Linux is one of the world's most popular, Mail Pilot won't (yet) work with it.

I would love a Mail Pilot code please. I am not using Gmail or Yahoo and need an app that aggregates all of my email I receive. Thank you.

I'd try it for free but the reviews aren't so hot for this app right now. Hopefully this update will help because for that price I don't see them being around for long.

Just a couple of thoughts:

Push notification require giving email info to a third party server which is a potential source for security breach. Corporate IT departments will frown on that.

I like adding reminder functionality to use email as a todo app rather than using it for general inbox management.

I have recently (finally?) made the move back to iPhone after migrating to blackberry for 3 years. On first arriving back to the "phone" version of iOS I was pleasantly surprised to see how the connectivity (email specifically) side of things have developed. I started off with the standard mail app. This kept me going for a while, it was smooth, quick and did most things i needed it to do. Then I decided to give the Gmail app a try, things started to get interesting. All of a sudden i could do a lot more than i could before. I was able to access a whole world of google the standard app did not allow. This made me happy, but yet, something seemed to be missing, a certain kind of "productivity" if you will. By chance a friend mentioned MailBox to me. I immediately downloaded the app, and joined the queue. I quite literally watched my place in the queue like a hawk (with the screenshots to prove it). Then i finally got my chance! The app made sense to me, it was smooth, and elegant. The simplicity and flow where incredible, and not to mentioned the ability to turn my inbox into a todo list! It was incredible! I felt as if the hight of email had finally been reached. But alas, as the days went by i started nitpicking at the shortcomings, the missing features. The honeymoon period was over. This is when i discovered the Mail Pilot review. It seemed the logical next move, it seemed to be what i have been waiting for! It seemed fate had brought me to this review not by chance, but by destiny! Please iMore, assist in the natural progression of the mail ecosystem!

I've had this software since the first version (paid), and although its a great idea, it is very very buggy at the moment and crashes often, the developers are attempting to correct these and not have a crash reporter, but I'm a bit disappointed at the moment about how buggy this actually is.

Fingers cross they stablize it soon.

I've used Sparrow, Mailbox, Taskbox, and Mail but haven't settled on a favorite yet. I haven't pulled the trigger on Mailpilot due to the reviews, but I'd love a chance to try it out! Thanks!