Microsoft offers 15GB of free SkyDrive storage for one year to iCloud users losing their free 20GB

Microsoft offers 15GB of free SkyDrive storage for one year to iCloud users losing their free 20GB

With the free 20GB of iCloud storage that former MobileMe users enjoyed coming to an end, Microsoft is trying to take advantage of the situation by offering users who are losing this free storage an extra 15GB of SkyDrive space for free for one year. This would be on top of the 7GB that users get for free with their SkyDrive account, for a total of 22GB of space free for a year. The offer came in a tweet from the SkyDrive Twitter account:

Did Apple cancel your extra MobileMe storage? Fwd the downgrade email to for an extra 15GB of SkyDrive for 1 year

It's a good offer, but SkyDrive does lack some features of iCloud. For instance, the ability to backup and restore your iOS device from the internet has become important to many, and SkyDrive, or any other service, for that matter, does not offer that ability on iOS. If you just want to store files, and you want something more flexible than iCloud, then it's worth a look.

So if you can, will you take Microsoft up on its offer, or will you start paying for iCloud? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: SkyDrive, via Windows Phone Central

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Reader comments

Microsoft offers 15GB of free SkyDrive storage for one year to iCloud users losing their free 20GB


I actually quite like SkyDrive, would be all over this is if I was eligible. After all, it's free, right?

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I think this is a good deal and you can use an app that can sync your contacts, pics and other stuff and put all that in your SkyDrive, for example you can use IFFTTT for those things and it not even an app. If the service is good don't see the point of paying something extra for something that is been offered for free

So rather than having to rush to meet a deadline of losing your files now, copy all of the files over and meet another deadline next year?

You can still back up and restore your device in icloud without storing stuff their. I do. I have skydrive to store files though. There's some crossover but like dropbox, sugarsync, etc they aren't intended to be device backups as far as i know.

I am in the camp that we are counting our chickens before they hatch. I am 99% sure that last year we got the same "you will be losing your free 20 GB in September" email.

What I do know is that we got 2 years, not 1, of iCloud 20 GB bonus, if you converted near the launch of iCloud in 2011 (as I did). Last year was the whole 50 years from now expiration, or something like that, remember?

I would not be surprised if Apple, between now and September, 30 (at the iPhone introduction keynote, likely) they announce that the free iCloud account will be bumped to 20 GB.

For the record, I have not yet received the email, yet my status page does say I will be charged $40 on 9/30

Apple generally gives 30 days notice for these subscriptions (and iTunes Match, and .Mac before it)

Oh well, already authorized Apple to charge my credit card and keep my 20GB. No plan to reconsider my decision.

Thought Id share my experience with SkyDrive. I use Dropbox, GoogleDrive and was using Skydrive to just backup pictures and documents that I didnt want to lose. I use Dropbox the most and the other two not very often. I had about 20 pictures on Skydrive, about 15 of my 11 yr old wrestling at Nationals and about 5 of my Great Dane, one day I get a message that my account had been locked for violating the terms of use and would have to fill out an online form (which I did twice) to get a 48 hour access to remove whatever was in violation. After two weeks of emailing them and only getting a canned response of.."Yes we have reviewed your account and have determined you are indeed in violation of our terms of use", I got this email 5 times from 3 different people! Long story short, never did get access to my account so I could retrieve my pictures, luckily they were still on my iphone. If this had happened when I had 4 or 5 gig of stuff on there I would be irate. Just thought Id give my experience.