Microsoft to Unveil Windows Phone 7 Series at MWC -- The Competition


By all accounts, Microsoft is set to unveil it's next-generation mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7 Series (say that 10 times fast!) at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona today, and WMExperts will be live-blogging the whole thing.

Join Dieter and Phil starting 9am ET, 6am PT, 2pm GT, 3pm CT for all the Steve Ballmer keynote action!

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Microsoft to Unveil Windows Phone 7 Series at MWC -- The Competition


Doesn't have to be better just be better at some things, have android better at others and then we will see apple pick up it's game.
Competition is good!

Just watched the live stream. As an iPhone user, I'd have to say the idea and concept put forward from winmo is great. The interface looks good, identical to the zuneHD, which many people thought looks cool.
Bit nicer than just static icons.
Loads of integrated services, web browser looked super fast, email looked nice.
If the iPhone 4G isn't something different and doesn't bring anything new, or Is just another upgraded 3G, il be going over to winmo7.

i believe that if 4.0 doesn't blow is away like WIN7 just did. Apple will lose alot of customers, and ATT wont care because they did the right think and became WIN's BFF. So now if users drop Apple they will move to WIN but still stay with ATT so is a win win for ATT.

I'm actually really happy to see Microsoft step up to the plate with something that'll actually give apple some competition. Apple have to step up with OS 4.0. The competition have caught up.

Congratulations MS you finally figured out that a phone is NOT a PC! Apple knew that concept back in 2007. Now MS brings out something very akin to Moto Blur and they call this innovation? The WinMo fanboys are going to get their hands on this and get bored with it very quickly. No Multitasking, no changing UI's, apps aren't compatible with previous gen, etc.
Yeah, MS just caught up, but Apple is ahead of the curve. OS 4.0 will refresh the platform.

There is an interview with MS about it on cnet. Most interesting part I think; "The detail on the platform will be given out at a conference called Mix, which happens in March. It's a very sort of advanced platform that really works across PC, phone, and console. And so, we will give out details at the Mix conference."
It's about time they leverage all their units into one. The screen shots look interesting.

can't multi-task.. big problem .. like the iphone.. it's for the not so smart folks... it will probably succeed though ..

Ahead of the curve where? Their lack of multi-tasking or the number of useless fart apps?

First of all the iPhone can and does multitask except not for 3rd party apps. A jailbroken 3GS multitasks just fine.
Second, many of the rumors are that some form of multitasking will' be part of OS 4.0. Apple would rather take it's time with something than to release a kludgy and unfriendly feature or function. If Apple follows the lead of jailbreak community, which it has done before, apps like MultiFl0w will preview the experience.
Number of useless apps. This is specific to the iPhone? I owned a WM device for 8 years and can I tell you the number of useless crap on that platform. I don't buy useless apps. Every app I put on my iPhone is one that serves a purpose.
All MS did today was get up to speed and mimic much of what the iPhone brought to the table 3 years ago. The additional stuff that the iPhone doesn't do, companies like Motorola (See Blur) have already come to the table with the Android platform. As for Zune integration, Zune's don't sync with the Mac platform unless u use VM or boot camp.
Apple redefined the Smartphone market 3 years ago. While the competition has caught up to where Apple is now, people must realize that they are not standing still either.

The competition still hasn't caught up in many areas, and MSFT's offering won't be ready until Q4.
Their answer to apps is "hubs"! OMG. They still don't get it.

Half-hearted Multi-tasking and then having to hack your phone for basic functionality, sounds awesome.
Rumors are just that, rumors. Rumors like the iPad was going to be a godsend and not a giant iPod Touch. Apple has shown they dont care about multi-tasking on their mobile platforms.
OMG MICROSOFT COPIED THE ZUN...owait. You care to list off some specific areas where MS is copying the iPhone? (for the love of god dont you dare say multi-touch either). I would't call the new Live Tiles copying MotoBlur even though they are similar, simply put you want pertinent info right at the top of your screen.
Lack of mac support is lame but thats MS for you, and its the sole reason i sold my Zune HD and kept my Bold.
The industry was definitely waiting to see what MS was bringing to the table, now its Apples turn to answer back

Well, I've seen what MS is bringing to the table, and it ain't much. "Live tiles" - ooh, exciting. What I saw on WMExperts was a concept video, nothing more - the whole thing looked like an incoherent mess.

Wow, I can honestly say I'm impressed with a Windows Mobile phone for once. I had three Windows Mobile phones before I went to the iPhone because I hated the OS and everything. Now I've had the iPhone for a year and I'm quite bored with it. The iPhone needs a big UI overhaul. Windows Mobile 7 looks real promising, maybe Apple should get some ideas from this.

Hmmm, fairly interesting UI from Microsoft. It's a little different from the other mainstream players in the smartphone market. I just hope it does increase competition and Microsoft doesn't just use their cash pile and Windows/Office monopoly to buy and bully their way back to the top and then proceed to dismantle the competiton (Balmer never seems to be happy just being market leader).
Of course anyone who says the honescreen on the iPhone is just a boring, static grid of icons is forgetting notification overlays, bookmarks that can be saved as icons, and the calendar app updating it's icon (which Apple need to let other apps do). I always thought the notification overlays were particularly clever as it keeps everything in one place so no need to switch screens.
Apple do need to show info on the lock screen though. It would be nice to see at a glance whether I missed a call or email etc and see my next meeting without unlocking. They also need to add a notification LED to the next hardware refresh for when you miss the notification buzz.

Could someone at TiPb please tell Rene this? When he stumbles into an "it's" next time, he should check whether he means "it is" or "it has." If neither, leave that poor apostrophe alone, will you. As in this, the most recent (but I'm afraid, not the last) example of his continuing disregard of English: "By all accounts, Microsoft is set to unveil it’s next-generation mobile operating system..."

Who's the idiot who said hubs are version of apps? That's just incorrect. The separate hubs are just areas that tie in other apps so you can see it all at once. Like a... Ummmm ... Hub.
Apps will still come, such as games, etc etc.
I like the change. Fanboys will always never see that change Is good. Let's face it, you paint your room a new color from time to time right? Change keeps things from getting boring, and right now, I'm bored with static icons.
Think when microsoft goes to xbox developers and asks them to make games for windows phone, no more shifty gran turismo copy cats, we will get actual awesome Console games coming through. Not just ones copying consoles.

Go Go Microsoft! I've been waiting for them to turn around Windows Mobile for a long time now. I can't wait to see what Apple has done with 4.0, because now I actually have another place to go. If Apple doesn't show me greatness with 4.0, I'm out.

It's always funny to watch Iphone users trash other platforms, even though they are quality devices.
Somebody else : This device can do this, this and that! (Which Iphone can't do)
Average Iphone fan : Eh, whatever. Our phone revolutionized smart phones. We don't need anything new!
Apple: We're introducing MMS and copy and pasting! (or whatever else that's old news)
Average Iphone fan : OMG APPLE DID IT AGAIN.
Newsflash, Apple : Your phone WAS revolutionary. Note the past tense. While other people are making devices with extra features, you're still pining on success you had 3 years ago. Get over yourselves and MAKE SOMETHING NEW.

Get over YOURSELF and go play with one of your lame "iPhone killers". If they're that good, what the hell are you doing here?

Haha, you're still coining the term "Iphone killer"?
At this point, I don't think anyone(meaning, non Apple) really cares anymore. They're all doing their own things, improving on their devices their own way. Meanwhile, you have Apple, who hasn't changed anything since it's inception into the smartphone market. It's sad. You cling to your Iphones popularity, completely oblivious to the fact that other phones are actually quality devices. I'm not saying they're BETTER than the Iphone, but that, as a device, they're damn good.
And to answer your question : Because it's freaking hilarious, reading the butthurt comments idiots like you make whenever change happens. I'd bet money that if Iphone was using the exact same interface as WM7, you'd be all over it's nuts. But, since it's not, all you do is hate on it.

ummm... hes not playing with his iphone killers as its not released is he gunna play with it when its not released?
Im sat here ON my iphone 3gs... i love it, works nicely, smooth, good apps. But that doesnt mean i will blindly follow apple when other companies innovate and release better things.
In answer to a common gripe iv seen "doesnt support old apps, windows phone will miss out on thousands of apps out there" ... well yeah.. but starting afresh without backwards compatibility is no worse than apple started 3 years ago with nothing... and look how apples spp store turned out.
I dont think any new windows phone having to start afresh with new apps will effect anything in the slightest, if anything the developers will update the apps we know and love from previous windows phone generations to work with the new OS.
Anyways, untill next xmas, il happily sit with my iphone and as said, if apple come out with a new iphone 4g, that changes things up abit, then cool, i might stay with apple. But im bored with static icons for my homescreen.

"And to answer your question : Because it’s freaking hilarious, reading the butthurt comments idiots like you make whenever change happens. I’d bet money that if Iphone was using the exact same interface as WM7, you’d be all over it’s nuts. But, since it’s not, all you do is hate on it."
You're kidding, right. How sad that you need to lurk on an iPhone blog to get your jollies.

Because morons like you complete the internet me. And because I have an Iphone that I'm pretty damn sick of.

I still have yet to figure out why iPhone users seem to think the iPhone was the first to do everything? You say the WinPhone 7 UI isn't original, that it stole ideas from iPhone and the rest from Blur?
Isn't that how the world works? Do you honestly think iPhone apps are original? Or an unlock screen? How about a grid layout? a home button on the phone? None of that is original either. Live with the idea that successful companies are not 100% innovation but mostly 90% refinement of other people's ideas.