Mobile Me: Bad Name, Better Service?

Apple to rebrand .Mac to Mobile Me?

We've gone over just how bad the Mobile Me brand sounds to us a couple of times already (almost as bad as this week's service!), but now reports surface that there may just be something better hidden beneath the bad label:

MobileMe is slated to include a host of new features, which we alluded to early in May; in addition, there will be new web interfaces for all aspects of MobileMe -- calendars will look just like iCal, Contacts will look just like they do in Address Book, etc. This is similar to the way .Mac Webmail works today, though we've heard that the new interfaces will be much snazzier (yes, that's a technical term).

Delivery estimate? Late June/July timeframe, hooking into the iPhone 2.0 and not only the newly released OS X 10.5.3, but potentially Windows as well.


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Rene Ritchie

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Mobile Me: Bad Name, Better Service?