Mobile Nations Passport Contest: Win the Ultimate iOS Prize Pack!

Login to iMore and leave a comment to this post to be entered to win the Ultimate iOS Prize Pack!

Last week we rolled our new Mobile Nations Passport account system, which makes it easy for any member of iMore to also participate across our other sites. With Passport, you have one account and to rule them all!

In honor of the successful roll out of Passport and thanks to our awesome friends at Gogo, we're celebrating with an amazing cross site contest. Each of our sites is running a contest giving away an Ultimate Prize Pack for their platform. And thanks to Passport, you can easily enter for a shot at winning each prize pack on each site.

Thanks Gogo!

How to Enter: 

Step 1: Login to iMore and leave a comment to this post to be entered to win the Ultimate iOS Prize Pack!

Register or Login using the links at the top right corner of this site (see where it says Passport Is Live)


Step 2: Also enter to Win the Ultimate Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and webOS Wildcard Prize Packs:

Click on over to Android Central, CrackBerryWindows Phone Central and webOS Nation (<-- on those links) to go straight to the respective contest post for that site. Simply login on each site -- which is painless thanks to Passport -- and leave a comment there, as you're doing here, and you'll be entered to win that prize pack. 


Step 3: Like Gogo on Facebook!

Our friends at Gogo -- the KINGS of Inflight Internet -- made it possible for us to run this Mobile Nations Contest. Gogo ROCKs. So be sure to click the button below and like them on Facebook. Your comment to this post is enough to be entered to win, but we'll love you, and Gogo will love you, if you like them (if the button doesn't work in your region, don't panic).

Beyond the Grand Prize, we have awesome runner up prizes as well. Keep reading for more info on the prizes and for the full contest details. Contest is open worldwide and ends at Noon PT on Monday, November 19th. Don't waste time... Enter now! Good Luck! 


Mobile Nations Passport Contest - Full Contest Details 

Prize Packs:

Click the Prize Pack links to jump over to that site to enter to win it! 

Runner Up:
- Nexus 7 Tablet (32GB) - 5 Gogo passes


Runner Up:
- BlackBerry PlayBook (64GB)
- 5 Gogo passes


Runner Up:
- iPod Touch (32GB)
- 5 Gogo passes


Runner Up:
- JBL PowerUp Speaker
- 5 Gogo passes


Runner Up:
- Take your pick of any of the Runner Up Prizes we're offering for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry



Contest Rules & Fine Print:

Nothing to hide here, but these are the things to know! 

  • Contest is being run by Mobile Nations
  • Only enter one comment per contest post on each site. If you enter additional comments, only your first comment will be counted towards entry of the contest.
  • Contest is open worldwide.
  • Contest ends at 12 Noon PT on Monday, November 19th, 2012.
  • Contest winners will be drawn and random and announced on all Mobile Nations sites soon after.
  • We will do our best to reach out to all contest winners. If a contest winner for whatever reason does not reply within a month of the winners announcement, Mobile Nations reserves the right to select a new winner for that contest prize.
  • Individual prize winners are responsible for any taxes due on prize total if required by local laws.
  • If the prize is not available at the time of winners announcement (example - a BlackBerry 10 phone), the prize will be delivered soon after it becomes available on the market for purchase.

Any questions? Email

Kevin Michaluk

Kevin Michaluk is Chief Media Officer of Mobile Nations and editor-in-chief of He also loves watches. And Campari. A lot.

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discretesound says:

thank you gogo and mobile nations:)

Samkelo Ndlazi says:

winning the prize would be awesome

ndsmyter says:

Wow, nice. You only need to comment and you can win the amazing devices

mutigbeere says:

Everyone's chances just got one less.....and again.

fobarina says:

I want to win the windows stuff but this is will be a nice consolation prize

BiberM says:

Now THAT is a giveaway :-)
Thanks guys even if I don't win.

ndp190 says:

Yay! Love the free stuff!!

kenzodragon says:

Free stuff again! I enter but I don't think I could ever win like always :P

Bjones718 says:

It would be nice to win something, someday...

Analog says:

Please add me to your list.

jimoshea says:

I'm in - Passport rocks!

TCMo says:

You are amazing!!! pick me, pick me! ;)

watcherorio says:

Woot woot!!!! I want to win!!! Gimme gimme!!!!

R2d2c3po says:

Sweet prizes - I am in!

rorap says:

Early christmas gift for me please!! I promise to share it with my siblings! :-D

Nogol says:

My iphone 3G is definitely in need of been upgraded, this looks loke perfect opportunity!!! im in

scmcc16 says:

Way to rock n roll it Mobile Nations!

Rich Reeves says:

So much linking, so little time!

IqWaN says:

i want to win this!!!

Jonas Jonsson says:

This would be absolutely amazing to win!

nedgould says:

Amazing prize... you guys are very generous... count me in!

jamiepage1000 says:

I am a dedicated blackberry fan but I could be open for a different os!! Pick me please!

keepinitgdup says:

Perfect present for my bride to be.

Orlin Estilo says:

great, amazing, unbelievable!!! i don't know what else to say!

tonhito says:

Me, me, please pick me.

gsomartin says:

Sweet, would love to get my hands on a pack like this.
Bigups for a great contest!

DaEXfactoR says:

Great cross site contest. Thanks Mobile Nations!

Vollathlet says:

Worldwide contest? Like it...

pravsdude says:

As well as entering the draw, its the Indian Festival of Light today, so Happy Diwali to all the imore ppl :)

bigopti says:

I(need it)More than ....

bor42 says:

a really really nice pack, thank you for this competition!

Bartimaeus93 says:

Great guys!! thanks for the fantastic contests!! =) count me in

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Great contest. Yes please.

naaler says:

I would be sooooo nice to win!!!

Vaas says:

Excellent sites and contest. Looking forward to winning :)

causey1977 says:

I would love to have it ...

lester78 says:

Iphone 5 and Ipad, here I come! Good luck to all! This contest is really good! Thank you Mobile Nations and to the new Passport!

Bling_Bling says:

Great start kit for the new year ;)

Stefani Montalvo says:

no matter how small the chances are, if you just keep on believing, you will surely achieve what you want! and this is what iwant!!!

Anuj Bansal says:

I'm surely Gonna Win This one..... :)

jusdis says:

This would make a perfect Xmas present

binarydot says:

For the wife, obviously.

ffastffrank says:

I am AC/DC (Android Central / iMore) fanboy with both Android and Apple phones and tablets and love the ease of using passport to view both sites. Love the news, podcasts, reviews and forums and yes, contests like this. Keep it up!

vrabac says:

I must admit WP Central new site is the best looking...

Steve Ragan says:

Sounds like a great contest. Count me in.

billwarch says:

I would love to win this!

Jonesy1366 says:

Great deal and great contest as usual, thanks for the chance.

Aimar_69 says:

Good day ..
I hope i will be the lucky one

Ameeen :)

Morten Christiansen says:

Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

veloncsi says:

The Ultimate iOS Prize Pack is exactly what I dream about!

gvs1341 says:

Mobile Nations is greatest. Period.

neotheb says:

I could totally use a new cellphone sure why not.

phinx404 says:

Sure I'll take it! good enough time to replace wife blackberry! lol

cogitodexter says:

Ooh ooh ooh! Me me me! iGoodness for me please! :D

lazersonic says:

I would love to win these prizes! If I have a merit I will win!

chrl98 says:

i love winning new trending gadgets for free! pls add me in!

chrl98 says:

I would love to have the iOS prize pack, please! Apple has the best gadgets and devices on Earth, and I would like to use one!

Sib85 says:

please let me have this nice christmas present!

Stevitski says:

Nice pack! Count me in!!!

Andy Fuchs says:

Please simply send me the stuff. :-)

Garrytodd says:

I'm always down for free stuff.

Cazurela says:

While not the biggest iFan, glad to have all the iJobs goodness!!

diegonei says:

3- comment on - done!

Fraser Pearce says:

i i i i i i i thank you very much!

ZMc1834 says:

Thanks Mobile Nations, would love to win any of these!

jieann says:

Winning in this amazing contest will be the greatest gift for me! Thank you Mobile Nations! I can now easily log in to five different websites! This will bring unity to all!

Hogosha says:

Here's another shot at an amazing prize package... good luck everyone.

frankj64155 says:

Winning any of these prizes would be a great treat. I would make the best of anything I might win. Thanks.

poken1151 says:

Awesome prize packs, I rarely see contests this fully featured. I'd love to be counted in. Rahoo!

jian9007 says:

Yes. I'm in for chance to win.

mroddriguez says:

It's really cool, it's worldwide...

Cuong Nguyen says:

WP prize would be awesome.

Edward Dennis Escasura says:

i want to win..goodluck to me..=)

Lcamille says:

I cant wait to win this!! Thanks

erikfromdebrecen says:

Let me just win this cool iOS Prize Pack :)

djf_jeff says:

I would like to win this pack!


lantern20 says:

Thanks MobileNations for the great contest!

harsh_padia says:

Thanks for the opportunity ! :)

jpoates says:

Sure would love to win this! iMore is awesome!

AxeMan#IM says:

I'm in! Would love to win!

jeb1217a says:

I plan on winning, no one else needs to register :P

CrackUK says:

Oh my mouth is really watering now! I need to win this prize as well as the prizes on the other sites!

stecal says:

Wow, awesome prize, well done guys!

thebizz says:

Good luck everyone those are some great prizes

DaltonCarl says:

Have not owned an idevice since the first gen Nano says:

This would be awesome to win, I hope its me !!!

jumboadam says:

this contest is amazing!!

Lloyd2580 says:

Wouldn't mind winning this!!!

Tssimigran says:

I'm gonna need some luck on my side. Who wouldn't love this!

ank15990 says:

I'd love to win it and it is awesome guys............

Macguy70 says:

I would love to win the ultimate iOS bundle. I would share it with my family.

FriendaJack says:

This is a great prize pack, definitely put me on the list of entries!

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Why should I win? Well, because why not? :)

VDubb22 says:

I love free stuff, count me in!

markydore says:

Never decline anything free

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Giddy as a school girl!!! Good luck everyone!

mancae90 says:

good luck to all ... and to me

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Yeah I'm definitely a part of this. Heck, why not.

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Would be the best Christmas present to me ever!

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I want free Apple products!

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I would love to win this pack!!!

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would look great under the tree for me

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Gimmie, Gimmie Gimmie!!!! :)

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and now, ladies and gentlemen, this prize goes to ... ME!!! :)

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Search for random entry ends here!

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I never win anything, would love to win this!!!

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God, send it to Europe.

LivinginaBox says:

Is it me you're looking for?

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What an awesome contest! Thanks Mobile Nations, and Gogo!

CharlesCFD says:

Imore is such a valuable resource for IOS users, thanks Imore team!

Jaguarr40 says:

I am a registered loyal member of 2 of your sites and would be proud to win this contest.
Thank you and keep up the good work all of you do.

desk1913hi says:

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

demonmz says:

I like winning, what other reason would I need?

jslackhouse says:

great contest and great prizes. would love to win.

mossyoak says:

Maybe this time... I mean Ive only entered like every contest so far!

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This is a great contest

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I need it really badly!

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beautiful prize pack !

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Would be just awesome to finally win something, thanks.

newlyn says:

Fabulous prizes for a very lucky person-------- that's me :)
An owe some gifts that would be remembered for a lifetime ;)
Nobody can match it,,,,
BRAVO !!!!!!

bullysmoke says:

now that's a prize pack!

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Wow! I hope can win and own any Apple product!

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If first you don't succeed, try, try again. Would love the wonderful pack.

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This is fantastic..... great contest....

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Again can never say no to a contest like this

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Maybe I'll win this time...

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I love apple! I want it! :D

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Oh. Like I'm NOT going to enter this contest. Yes, please.

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I love me some free stuff :D

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Thanks for the chance to win! Pick me beybeh!!

Voegelchen says:

Weee ,just signed in via passport. Awesome system. Good luck to everyone!

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Just what I need for the holiday

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a good gift for my wife......

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Imore contest = my Christmas hope

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I drastically need to upgrade my phone situation, and this would SOLVE it!

cap says:

New toys are always welcome.

strikeir13 says:

Very cool contest, and Passport makes it so easy to enter them all!

hoosieriphone says:

I lost my iPhone last week and now I am really lost. I would love to win this.

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Please pick me. Mobile Nations are so generous with their giveaways.

kbabiuk says:

Looks purdy... I'd be happy

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Love me some iOS goodies!

Markus Filsinger says:

Nice contest, great prizes - now I just need to win...

chriscookz says:

Sign me up! Could use some new goodies :)

nonartistic says:

Nice competition and nice opportunity to win a prize like that ! Thanks !

Carbide_Software says:

We need cool new devices to test our cool new games!

Pilot Prop says:

Ultimate iOS Pack? I need this!

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count me in. I'd love an iphone.

Anyway Why can't I "like" gogo page? There is this warning: This page can't be seen by the current user. Please check page privacy and visibility settings.

Orlan2 says:

OMG I Went nuts as i read this awesome contest brought by mobile nations you guys ROCK!!!