Mobile Nations Passport Contest: Win the Ultimate iOS Prize Pack!

Login to iMore and leave a comment to this post to be entered to win the Ultimate iOS Prize Pack!

Last week we rolled our new Mobile Nations Passport account system, which makes it easy for any member of iMore to also participate across our other sites. With Passport, you have one account and to rule them all!

In honor of the successful roll out of Passport and thanks to our awesome friends at Gogo, we're celebrating with an amazing cross site contest. Each of our sites is running a contest giving away an Ultimate Prize Pack for their platform. And thanks to Passport, you can easily enter for a shot at winning each prize pack on each site.

Thanks Gogo!

How to Enter: 

Step 1: Login to iMore and leave a comment to this post to be entered to win the Ultimate iOS Prize Pack!

Register or Login using the links at the top right corner of this site (see where it says Passport Is Live)


Step 2: Also enter to Win the Ultimate Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and webOS Wildcard Prize Packs:

Click on over to Android Central, CrackBerryWindows Phone Central and webOS Nation (<-- on those links) to go straight to the respective contest post for that site. Simply login on each site -- which is painless thanks to Passport -- and leave a comment there, as you're doing here, and you'll be entered to win that prize pack. 


Step 3: Like Gogo on Facebook!

Our friends at Gogo -- the KINGS of Inflight Internet -- made it possible for us to run this Mobile Nations Contest. Gogo ROCKs. So be sure to click the button below and like them on Facebook. Your comment to this post is enough to be entered to win, but we'll love you, and Gogo will love you, if you like them (if the button doesn't work in your region, don't panic).

Beyond the Grand Prize, we have awesome runner up prizes as well. Keep reading for more info on the prizes and for the full contest details. Contest is open worldwide and ends at Noon PT on Monday, November 19th. Don't waste time... Enter now! Good Luck! 


Mobile Nations Passport Contest - Full Contest Details 

Prize Packs:

Click the Prize Pack links to jump over to that site to enter to win it! 

Runner Up:
- Nexus 7 Tablet (32GB) - 5 Gogo passes


Runner Up:
- BlackBerry PlayBook (64GB)
- 5 Gogo passes


Runner Up:
- iPod Touch (32GB)
- 5 Gogo passes


Runner Up:
- JBL PowerUp Speaker
- 5 Gogo passes


Runner Up:
- Take your pick of any of the Runner Up Prizes we're offering for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry



Contest Rules & Fine Print:

Nothing to hide here, but these are the things to know! 

  • Contest is being run by Mobile Nations
  • Only enter one comment per contest post on each site. If you enter additional comments, only your first comment will be counted towards entry of the contest.
  • Contest is open worldwide.
  • Contest ends at 12 Noon PT on Monday, November 19th, 2012.
  • Contest winners will be drawn and random and announced on all Mobile Nations sites soon after.
  • We will do our best to reach out to all contest winners. If a contest winner for whatever reason does not reply within a month of the winners announcement, Mobile Nations reserves the right to select a new winner for that contest prize.
  • Individual prize winners are responsible for any taxes due on prize total if required by local laws.
  • If the prize is not available at the time of winners announcement (example - a BlackBerry 10 phone), the prize will be delivered soon after it becomes available on the market for purchase.

Any questions? Email

Kevin Michaluk

Kevin Michaluk is Chief Media Officer of Mobile Nations and editor-in-chief of He also loves watches. And Campari. A lot.

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KJunius says:

Would love to win this!

Rayman2170 says:

Would be awesome to get this.

dorante2009 says:

The single sign-on login page is fantastic and so is this wonderful contest. Hope I win!!!

sascha m b says:

Oooh... A nice piece of hardware for Baldur's Gate enhanced edition. Got to be mine!

e-ster says:

Awesome prize pack, count me in it to win it!

buzzard says:

I'll give the iGuys an opportunity to win me over.

coonster says:

Thanks for the awesome contest!

andinsane says:

can i please?! mememe?<3

Unicron109 says:

That is quite the prize pack best of luck to all.

rocketracerii says:

This would be ridiculously great to win!

VenumX says:

I would like these wooooo

mklemin says:

I would love to win something for once in my life.

smeagle12 says:

It would be the Apple of my eye!

msaxena18 says:

Weeee! Weeee! Weeee!
yup...this is true iMore adrenaline rush!
Weeee! Weeee! Weeee!

Good luck everyone!

colemanation says:

not to be selfish but with this contest i hope I, me, myself, colemanation wins. :D

Eva Cowtan says:

Thanks for the opportunity to win some awesome prizes!!

khobia2 says:

Here's hoping I win. Thanks for the chance guys.

ivrimon says:

Just about to order my first Macbook and an iPad & iPhone to go alongside it would be great!

FaTaL_Err0r says:

I 'd hit one of those bad boys :D~~

wally1211 says:

I would love to win any of the prices honestly I would be so happy to win something :-):-):-):-)

buckeyerob says:

Oh, good God! Pick me, please! PICK ME!!!!

Um... thanks.

Myron Thornberry says:

These contest are such a great CRM tool! Thanks for providing such great content!

irbane says:

i'll take it! awesome contest!

JonB33 says:

I will have to fight the family for it

thewaffle says:

Wouldn't mind winning a prize pack

jCameron052508 says:

This would be amazing, I know there's no chance but it would be cool

Sha Risse says:

Great prizes and if I win this it will be my first idevice of any kind

iFanPT says:

Oh God, an Ipad (4gen) and an Iphone5, that will be a dream came true if I win.
Thank you!

triangle8 says:

Great contest. Mobile Nations rocks! Rene and Georgia rock!

Bryan Stewart says:

I've never owned any apple products. Wining would be a great way to check them out.


Ron Lakeman says:

All I want for Christmas is gadgets, gadgets, and more gadgets. Oh, and world peace.

willvmar says:

It's really awesome you guys have these contests.

giz1717 says:

great contest! hope I win!

rp1121 says:

I want one before my boyfriend gets one!

warderoo says:

Im homeless! But I'll figure out a way to plug these devices in!!!

MobNat001 says:

just in time - hope I win!

beatkat says:

I can't remember if I entered or not.

tst1003 says:

hope to win! need to replace my original iPad!

panipuri says:

Please pick me, thanks!

milkncookies says:

Crossing my fingers to win!

Mr Escabar says:

Wish I could work with these devices!!!

ContestWinner says:

would love to win this contest - great prizes!

Gfmiller13 says:

I'm always willing to give it a try for something free. Plus I like my apple stuff, so more apple stuff is always cool with me.

dasiegfried says:

Don't have an iPhone, yet...

Goutham Kumaran says:

i want in, hey im also in this

mjwedan says:

i'm here in the lion's den from android central. this feels wrong. but we use apple products in our home, too :) count me in for the give-away! thanks mobile nations!

dvdmovieking says:

I have been waiting to get the iPhone 5 so I can win one. :)

dbiallas says:

Please enter me into the Prize pack contest, Thank you.

mmaheshwary says:

Please, sir, can I have some more?

HardBoiled says:

Thanks for running this contest!

Bobby Levashki says:

Nice contest. Pick me up, please... :) :) :)

Marcus Spann says:

pick me!!! free stuff is da bomb!!!

thehobnob says:

This could be a good stocking filler :D

sneezy316 says:

Passport is pretty neat!

bawanaal says:

I would like to win, please!

ambroShuS says:

im not even sure if I signed up for this or not, so many pages, so little time!!!!

Locksheema says:

Scooby dooby do, yes please!

Joe Bailey says:

Die hard Android fan, but you know what? Could probably live with this.

Manav Shah says:

10,123rd comment is the winner.. feeling lucky! IOS devices.. yayy

johndude333 says:

I want to win this for my little sister.

wamphryi says:

Sign me up.... Happy turkeyday!

chachiwon says:

ppplllease I wanna win... I'll give you my watch

kannor1234 says:

I've never won anything like this before

DarkKnight369 says:

I need this to fulfill my tech junky addictions.

motoxero says:

Passport is so easy to use

Real_Risingsun says:

What a great prize pack. This would sure make christmas special this year.

A.Tanash says:

gotta win this mofo package!

Wayren says:

Oh hai. I would like 2 b winning nao plz.

jshilge says:

I want it, I want it, I want it.

ninepenny says:

Can't remember if I entered here or not.

TeamRyan says:

This would definitely be nice to win.

andyjp7 says:

i want this please please please regards andy

alongmann says:

the only way for me to try i devices :)

codyg says:

I've always wanted to win something cool like this! Here's to hoping I win!

basslevel says:

Would love an iPhone 5 to unlock and use on T-Mobile.

robynsw says:

Mobile Nations you freakin' Rock! thanks for the contest

ddsharma says:

Yes and yes to both. iPhone 5 and an iPad FTW.

bporterrn says:

This would be an awesome early Christmas gift if I won!

Melania Yh says:

an iPhone 5 would be so nice!

jafet4u says:

I need an Ipad please!!

tekkshaman says:

What a Christmas this would make! Pick me pick me...

Melania Kro says:

can i have the iPad, please?

easd0423 says:

Congrats to MobileNations for the awesome contests. Would love it if you picked me.

jshanik says:

with over 10,000 entrees i guess i wont be winning :( . posted last week

shawnh77 says:

Here goes nothing ... iMore style

SuperJojo1 says:

Would be a nice Xmas gift ;-)

JakeTeh says:

This is such a cool giveaways. Hope I am the winner

Juize says:

Thank you. Would be a welcome addition to my Apple stuff. Cheers

bast0473 says:

Pick me ! come on pick me !

liquidstone321 says:

Great job on the new Mobile Nations Passport feature! Really smooth!

JRube says:

Apple stuff, cool I got nothing against Apple users. I have a friends that are apple users. ;)

Samip says:

hope I'm not too late

brrbtr says:

Meee meee meee! Please!

Louismassey says:

This is awesome. Love imore.

rioachim says:

i wouldn't mind winning, thank you.

Niku744 says:

Apple products are really nice.

mkgostan says:

Long time BB fan but want to start trying Apple products...this would be the icing on the cake!

Croxy says:

Hope I'm not too late, good luck everyone!

carlosbraga says:

Maybe today is mt lucky day!

nicoproductions says:

Please I beg U! This would be really important for my future! I'm 16 and I wanna be a movie director! This would really help me! Pleaseeeeeeee

datkeisson says:

Rene and iMore are good stuff!

miguelborkez says:

This time is my time!!! I want an iPhone 5.

@pedroloo says:

Alright, here goes nothing. Hope I win iOS prize pack! :)

HAFXV8 says:

Windows Phones, Windows Phones, Windows Phones.
IPhone isn't bad.

Vsundonna says:

Awesome stuff for under the Christmas Tree.

WAQAS4 says:

I really hope I win I want the new IPAD PLEASE

sollared says:

I am determined to win something just once

David Martin1 says:

If I were to be the winner and get an iPhone 5 and
new iPad I would use them to do good and to
fight evil wherever I am in the world.
I would also give my old outdated ones to Charity
She would appreciate them.

chautime says:

This would be great! Thanks in advance!!

NilsonF says:

Would be awesome to win this prize pack

Art_Vandelay says:

Yeah, Ultimate iOS Prize Pack!

joshua15 says:

OMG, This is huge! pick me!

Silviomb says:

This will make a great gift for me and my wife for christmas. She loves the iphone. But can afford one right now.

chaosgear says:

the black iphone 5 looks better than the white one

hmendez787 says:

The new iphone is awsome!!!!

Panos9 says:

Hi Mobile Nations I m a big fan and I have all the apps that you provide. I have an iPod touch 2g and I m a big fan of apple and I would like an iPod touch 5g. Thanks Panos Argitis.