MobileMe Control Panel for Windows Updated


We're not sure how many pure Windows users are running MobileMe. For those who run Mac OS X, especially multiple Mac OS X machines, the computer sync, Back to my Mac, and other functions make it a far, far better value for the money than a strict Windows environment. However, if you run both platforms, or even if you just love your MobileMe on Windows, Apple has given you a little bit of love today as well. The MobileMe News blog says:

We've recently released MobileMe Control Panel for Windows version 1.4. It is recommended for those who use MobileMe for syncing contacts or calendar on a Windows PC connected to a corporate network that uses proxy servers (some corporations use proxy servers to access the Internet). Click here for information on the proxy servers it supports. If you already have the MobileMe Control Panel installed, you can automatically upgrade to version 1.4 by downloading and installing iTunes 8.2. If you don't already have the MobileMe Control Panel on your PC, see these instructions for installing and setting it up.

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Reader comments

MobileMe Control Panel for Windows Updated


Still can't sync with Outlook if it's already on an exchange server. Fail.....again. I'm really regretting that MobileMe membership. Damn waste of money for windows users.

I'll be getting married on sat. and be in Jamaica for the rest of the week...I hope they have Internet access! Is that bad? I really want to know what's in store for WWDC! I imagine my fiancè will have a problem with this...

Tell me about it!
I pledge, to use my sick-days,
Not for sick days, but for WWDC '09
And will spend every waking minute
Watching the keynote speeches AND keeping close eye on TiPb on sidebyside windows on a nice big screen. Promised.

"Still can’t sync with Outlook if it’s already on an exchange server. Fail…..again."
I agree. How many people do they think are on a "corporate network that uses proxy servers" but then do not use exchange server for Outlook?
MobileMe will also have been a wasted purchase for me until that gets sorted.

How the **** does one go about verifying which version of the Windows MobileMe control panel is installed? The applet has no "About" area, and I could not find anything in the registry. Am I missing something obvious, here?

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