MobileMe Media Sync


Synchronization of Media State Across Multiple Devices, one of the latest patents filed by Apple, aims to use MobileMe to make sure if you start watching a movie in iTunes or on the AppleTV, then switch to your iPhone, you're at the exact same place in the movie (and back again) -- with no USB sync required.

Last month, prompted by reader Seth Clifford, TiPb asked for just such "WhisperSync" (to use the Amazon Kindle term) functionality. Not only would this be great for users with multiple Windows, Macs, iPhones, and/or iPod touches, but it would be a great way for Apple to add value to MobileMe, whose $99 a year is non-competitive to say the least, especially for Windows users (who don't benefit from iLife, Back to my Mac, Mac sync, etc.) So, yeah, Apple -- make this happen!

[Patently Apple via Macworld via Engadget. Thanks @sethclifford!]

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MobileMe Media Sync

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IMHO, media sync is nice but not enough. In order to begin to justify the cost of MobileMe Apple should allow a complete back up of all media - music, movies, TV shows, Apps, Data, etc. In essence, MobileMe should be iTunes in the cloud. Maybe that's what they're aiming for and what the Data Center in North Carolina will be about.

Where is ToDo/Task syncing to iPhone.., or the downloading of photos to iPhone... or the editing of iDisk on the iPhone? These apps aren't finished yet, Apple.

That's a start but for $99 a year it better come with a supermodel Apple genius with a pair of kneepads.

How does Apple know that the one show that I have always wanted to sync was Fall Guy? They really understand user experience don't they.

So the story mentions whispersync in the same breath as a patent to do the same thing and NOBODY sees the prior art hanging on the wall?
Comcast's new dvr boxes do the same thing. Record a program on one box and watch it any other box in the house and it rimembers your position.

I like this but I have one question: How do you know that you have to use MobileMe? I can see this without it and I'm sure it works fine. You sure we need MobileMe for this??

How about a real My Documents folder for us pc users? If all my docs have to be kept either in my email or placed in iDisk with my laptop, what do I need a smartphone for? I'll carry my laptop instead and save myself $170/month in AT&T fees.

It is just me or the iDisk experience is over rated. I like having Mobileme just in case I lose my phone but that's about it. I hate the fact that I have to load each song, photo or movie one by one. Not worth the effort when I can look at my entire library of songs and pics using Simplify Media.

Nice features. Gives me more reasons to continue to flush $99 down the drain every year for sub-par email.