MobileMe: "Push" not so instant after all?

MacRumors has discovered that though you receive your MobileMe email very quickly, the "pushing" of other MobileMe services is not as fast when coming from your Mac. Apple's knowledgebase article states:

Selecting Automatic in Mac OS X allows your computer to immediately sync and update when there are any changes on the MobileMe servers.  Those changes can come from your iPhone, iPod touch, the MobileMe website, or another computer.  Changes made on your computer will be synced to the MobileMe "cloud" once every 15 minutes (or every hour in Mac OS X 10.4.11).

Automatic is not so automatic anymore. You can always manually sync your calendar, contacts and bookmarks, but if you leave it alone, it could take as long as 15 minutes to receive your updates on your device. 

I have personally not experienced this. Even when I change information on my Mac (specifically iCal), I received the updates in a matter of minutes. I suppose this could have been because my scheduled 15 minute sync was about to happen, but I really have not noticed that much of a delay over all. 

What do you think? Is this really that big of a deal? Should Apple's push services be realtime from your Mac?

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Reader comments

MobileMe: "Push" not so instant after all?


For me it has been like this:
iPhone UP to MobileMe = Push
MobileMe DOWN to iPhone = Push
MobileMe DOWN to Mac = Push
Mac UP to MobileMe = 1 hour (I'm still using 10.4.11)
When I receive an email at my address, it is on my iPhone in about 10 seconds, and on my Mac in about 20-30. Works for me. When I change/add a calendar entry on my iPhone, it updates MobileMe in about 30 seconds, and MobileMe then updates my Mac (I think the servers are still acting up though, sometimes the update from MM to my Mac takes 10 minutes, sometimes it is instant). Same goes for Contacts.
The only "non-push" I am getting is from my Mac to MobileMe. It is 1 hour on the dot unless I manually sync. From what I gather, this is because iCal and Address Book don't support upwards push protocols at this time, but it may change.
I didn't get MobileMe to have my desktop changes push to my phone however, I got it so my phone will push to my desktop, and it does, so I am happy. If I am actually working on my desktop, I just hit the sync button after I make changes and I head out the door. What I want to be timely and automatic is when I am on the road and change something on my phone, I want it to be there on my desktop when I get back to it.
To be perfectly honest though, I generally just use the MobileMe web apps... Once they fix a few small bugs, I may likely stop using the desktop apps all the way.
When all is said and done, it works exactly how I want it. I love that I can make a change on MobileMe and watch it show up on my phone in seconds, I can then edit that change and watch it show up on MobileMe in seconds. I know a lot of people were mislead by the original unveiling and advertising, but I am happy because it fits my needs well...

I'm going to bag the push thing, at least for calendars. When I enable push, my subscribed calendars in iCal are not synced at all with my iPhone or my MobileMe web calendar. That's a deal breaker. I need those.

OK, So I aswell had issues. MobileMe was not even close to push. I called apple, waited on hold foreverrrrrr just to find out that all mobileme issues are now being directed only to Email's. Thats right, no phone convo's with a tech guy, ALL EMAIL.
So after finding that out after an hour on hold I sent them a not so nice message stating how much of a joke all this "Push" talk was. Well, about 30 minutes later, guess who had real PUSH services... THIS GUY! It works great, I love it, its just like exchange. I only hope it stays working. Now all they need to do is get iDisk to actually work as its advertised and I shall be a happy camper.
For anyone having issues I would suggest going to the support site, trying the (brainless) trouble shooting and then send the an email. I now have everything sync'd and it pushes within 4-5 Seconds. Good Luck~!

Well yes its a big deal-
If its advertised as "push" it should be "push".
Your paying for "Push" e-mail etc-
Although for 100 dollars, thats still trumps the thousands of dollars BES costs to maintain.

Um, yeah. I'm not getting "push" e-mail to my iPhone still. It will update when I check the mail box, but it will still not push the e-mail to me from mobileme
I bought the phone specifically for push, and the difference between immediate and 3 minutes can sometimes be critical. Damn it, I don't want to have to go back to RIM.
Push to Mobileme website seems to work better, and my mail pings every minute on my Mac.
ANyone having this similar trouble on the iPhone when it comes to push?

Don't have mobileme, won't have it, don't need it, but I do have a couple of datapoints:
I have seen "push" email from Yahoo take 15 min to show up on my iPhone.
I have also seen AT&T SMS take 15 min to show up on the iPhone.
I'm starting to think that if you need a Blackberry, you better get a Blackberry.

i also had the issue of having to go to my me email box to get messages, which is fetching them. I found disabling push and then re enabling it does something to allow your iphone and the "cloud" to see each other. If you log into the cloud on the a pc/mac and try to make a calendar change, and you get a server error, I'd suggest what i stated, or wait until the cloud isn't so bogged down. I am starting to really think its a server/network bottleneck on apples servers. Send the MobileMe support emails every time you have the issue. The only way they are going to push themselves is if we push them. No pun intended

MobileMe email should "push" fine on the iPhone. Under 'Fetch New Data' (under settings), in addition to just enabling Push, click on 'advanced' on also make sure that 'Push' is selected for mail.

I am just trying to figure out what is supposed to happen, because nothing is happening at all. I have PUSH enabled on my iPhone, and am trying to see if a new contact and new calendar entry on the iPhone go up to the cloud. This is supposed to happen automatically right? Because when I am logged into my MobileMe site, I can't find any place where I can play around with settings. So I sit here and look at my MobileMe site, with none of the new stuff coming up. I even put a new entry onto the MobileMe site to see when it would come down to my iPhone. 20 minutes later, neither place has the other stuff. I feel like I must be missing something. I keep going in and out of the calendar so it can "refresh" if it needs to. But nothing. Are other people having this problem?

Yea I have the exact same problem as pat and I cant seem to fix it. Any changes I make on my iPhone to contacts and calendar are not getting uploaded to the mobileme cloud. If I add a new contact in my iphone it seems to add it in the cloud but not if I just edit a contact. Changes I make in the cloud are usually not pushed down either, I have to go into safari on my iphone and load a page, and then the calendar will change.