MobileMe Windows Control Panel Panic

MobileMe: Apple Apologizes Again

Another day, another potential problem with MobileMe? Fair enough, some Windows users were made a little hyper-sensitive a while back when Apple included Safari as a pre-selected update alongside Windows iTunes 7.6. An uproar arose, and Apple responded by shifting Safari slightly downward and into its own section.

Now comes word that iTunes 7.7 installed a MobileMe section into Windows Control Panel (similar to the Quicktime section) -- whether you use MobileMe or not.

Sure, Apple is engaging Windows users like never before. Their largest iPod and iPhone installed base, Windows users have had Quicktime forever (Microsoft's own shenanigans in that arena aside), iTunes for a long time, Safari last year, and now MobileMe (kinda sorta, depending on whether or its or not at any given moment). Some, however, are taking issue with the methods of this engagement, and the "trojan horse" like way Apple is choosing to slip new initiatives in alongside established applications.

Are you a Windows user? What do you think? Are you happy Apple is providing features even if you don't currently use them, or would you prefer they wait until you ask them for those features before installing on your machine?


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Reader comments

MobileMe Windows Control Panel Panic


yeah i'm both, but my main PC is a Windows box.
I can't say that when i saw the MobileMe client in my control panel that my thoughts were..."OMgosh! It's Apple software inside my PC!" or that it was a "Trojan" Horse.
I don't mind it, if it's what's needed to make MobileME work on the Windows Box, I don't mind it, it's Apple Software.. and i love Apple =) It's in no way harmful to my machine i know that. and If it was i would just uninstall it. no biggy.
Even if things don't work from time to time... =p

I don't care. I cared a little about the Safari thing, since it didn't make sense... but considering the whole iphone + itunes + mobile me thing, installing the control panel doesn't seem like a bad idea. Plus, if you offered an option to not install it, then a lot of users might uncheck it and then wonder how to install it when they NEED it.

Safari is really fast, and with 4.0 it's only going to be getting faster and better suited for WebApps.
I've shifted over to it and away from Firefox. I think I'm even using IE 7 now more than FF, partly for the frustrating ActiveX lock-in, partly because I'm not a fan of the FF user interface or experience.
(Though Safari does look strange to me on the PC).

I cared more that it wasn't clear how to uninstall it - It's not listed as Mobile Me in the add/remove programs, rather it's Apple Mobile Services blah blah - Also, when you uninstall iTune 7.7 (which I did b/c it sucked up resources and was slow to sync) it doesn't remove Mobile Me which it should since it slipped it in when installing. When I finally figured out how to uninstall Mobile Me after uninstalling 7.7, I was a little upset b/c I felt like Apple purposely hid the install AND made it harder to uninstall - not playing nice...

It sux because it does not work with proxy, that´s very very very LAME from apple. Cmon, lots of people have apples at home and use windows at work. What enterprise wont be using proxy!?!?

I picked up my Iphone 3G 16GB yesterday and signed up (trial so far) with mobile me. When I went to set it up I was a bit surprised that I found the mm control panel smiling back at me from the control panel window (Windows XP). Had I NOT signed up, and I'm not persuaded that MM is going to work as planned since as of yesterday I can't get anything to work on it)I would be angered. I wouldn't invite a Jehovah's Witness to stay in my guest room uninvited...and secretly installed software is just as bad (although you're more likely to win an argument with Microsoft and Apple than to convince a JW). Sign me ....bugged.
Dr. F

If Apple really wants to get "in" with corporate environments they are going to need to start being more open about what their software is actually going to install.

My experience with Mobileme was terrible!
We have a 60 days of trial right? So, who can tell me why i´ve being charged in 99 dlrs at the moment a made my sign up? Yeah! It´s true! Apple just charged my CC!
So, i´ve sent an e-mail and they told me the refund will be in my account in 48 hours.
OK, but i took 8 days to get n answer!
Anyway, i don´t want the service anymore and tell you why.
The truth is, Mobileme doens´t attend my requirements at the moment, i prefer Gmail by far for now.
a) I can´t import my calendars from other program or file.
b) I can´t import my contacts using FireFox 3, i tried several times import my contacts from a Vcard file using Safari and FF on windows XP Pro and Vista, both of them failed!
c) I can´t use Internet Explorer 7 on Mobileme.
d) I can´t creat rules, labels or filters on my inbox! (dude, this is primary!)
e) Main and worst reason, Apple told me i have 60 days of trial, and imediatelly charged my CC! That´s unacceptable! A company like Apple should never do that with it´s clients.
So that´s why i don´t want the service anymore.

"Are you a Windows user? What do you think? Are you happy Apple is providing features even if you don’t currently use them, or would you prefer they wait until you ask them for those features before installing on your machine?"
Is this a serious question?
Is anyone EVER happy about getting something they didn't ask for (and don't use)?
To answer your question - no I am NOT happy. Whether it is MS / Apple / Mozilla, etc - you shouldn't be getting anything more than you asked for. And MobileYou isn't anything I will EVER be interested in.

Yes, sometimes people are happy about getting things they don't ask for, like codec packs when they download a video player. Not everyone is an expert user or knows how to handle componentized installs, like thekevinmonster said.
So the question remains, in this case is it useful? If someone never intends to use even the free trial version of MobileMe, then probably not. Expert user likewise.

Sorry - missed the reply earlier...
Codec packs are a needed extension to make a video player... well.... useful.
Was Safari not working without MobileYou? ;-)
When downloading QuickTime - in the past we have seen the "QuickTime w/ iTunes" and the "Just QuickTime-kthxbye" Apparently Apple is worried that too many people will opt out of the MobileYou to want to risk it by giving them a choice?

I found this thread after doing a google search for "Windows mobile me control panel"... I was looking for an answer as to when/why/how this control panel applet was installed. I didn't realise it was "bundled" with iTunes.
Since I don't have an iPhone, I don't use Safari and I don't have a .Mac account (or a mobile me account)- I can't think of a logical reason why I would want this installed on my PC. Is "Mobile Device Support" necessary for iTunes to work? Is it required for the iPods?
I agree with Daniel W. - it doesn't matter which company it comes from... It should be quite clear, prominent and up front about what is being installed.
If you install Firefox (PC or Mac), I wouldn't be happy if the next update also installed Thunderbird (just in case one day I might use it). If I want Thunderbird, I'll install it.
If I want Mobile Me, I'll install the software then.
(The same goes for Bonjour... I don't know how many times I've uninstalled this, it keeps coming back with every update... I don't know why apple gives you a "do you want to install Bonjour" option when you install the Apple Airport (yes I do use apple!) software... Even if you don't select it, it installs it anyway!
End RANT transmission :)

As a Windows user who has moments of liking Apple and liking Microsoft, not particularly loyal to either, I found this page looking for a way to get rid of Mobile Me. I didn't know what it was and I was pissed there wasn't an easy way to get rid of it. It's not something I can (or probably would use), so it's just wasted space on my hard drive...which does not make me happy, especially when it's not something I was given the opportunity to opt out of.

How can someone be so stupid to ask "Are you a Windows user? What do you think? Are you happy Apple is providing features even if you don’t currently use them, or would you prefer they wait until you ask them for those features before installing on your machine?"
Must have been the same person that thought creating the Windows like installer for MobileMe (or DoesntWorkMobileMe) and Bonjour was a great idea.

Stupid? The industry is built on those practices. Do you have any idea how many components OS' install just in case users may one day need them? XP security was abysmal for just that reason, and sites like Black Viper so useful for same.
Big software puts their hooks in fast and all at once because it's easier and cheaper than paying support for people who decide they want an extra feature later but don't remember where or how to get it, or get annoyed they have to go find an old disk or remember an old login.
Not saying it's the right thing to do, but it's what a lot of big software houses default to.

I deleted Mobileme from my control panel. But I keep getting the stupid pop-up reminding me every single minute to re-activate it. How can I get rid of it for good?

i deleted my mail on my iphone and forgot it was mobile me and lost all m contacts--what do i do?

I panic when I saw this mobile me on my control panel, how come they don't tell you they r going to do this???
This is soooo wrong!