Pano: Bringing Panoramic Photos to Your iPhone.

Any of you looking to add some life to your iPhone's camera with some new options? It is no secret that the camera lacks any type of features besides point and click. So once again, where Apple let us down, a 3rd party developer comes to our rescue.

Now let me introduce you to Pano. Pano was created by Debacle Software, and enables you to take panoramic photos using the iPhone's camera app. Here's how it works:


blockquote>For Pano, stitching photos together is a three-step process. First, it uses pattern-matching techniques to find out exactly how each pair of adjacent photos overlaps, and then it finds the best way to align them. Second, Pano applies a colour-correction gradient across each pair of photos to correct for the iPhone camera's autoexposure and white balancing. Finally, all the photos are blended together and the image cropped to a neat rectangle. Voila! All in a matter of seconds.

Pano is now available in the App Store with a price tag of $2.99. It really is a worthy application for what it does. If you use your iPhone for taking photos I definitely recommend checking this one out.

(Via TUAW)

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Reader comments

Pano: Bringing Panoramic Photos to Your iPhone.


From my reading, this doesn't actually TAKE the pictures (which is what the camera does), but rather it simply allows you to stitch multiple pictures together.

Pano does indeed take the pictures. I suppose Apple could deem essentially anything under the sun as a duplication, but it looks like we avoided the axe on this one. :-)