PhoneSaber Pulled, but will (ahem) Return

MacBox, the developer of PhoneSaber, has given word that they've had to pull the app from iTunes after a request from THQ wireless. The chat: friendly. The news: THQ has the rights to Star Wars IP on mobiles. The result: MacBox had to pull the app.

That's the bad news. Here's the awesome news. THQ is going to work with MacBox to make PhoneSaber not only official, but better with actual 'canon' sound effects. MacBox is hoping the app will remain free, perhaps in a promotional capacity for the actual THQ game, The Force Unleashed.

via MacRumors, Thanks to Bad Ash for the tip!

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Dieter Bohn

Dieter Bohn is former editor-in-chief of Smartphone Experts, writing across iMore, Windows Phone Central, Android Central, and more. You can find him on Twitter (and everywhere else) @backlon.

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Reader comments

PhoneSaber Pulled, but will (ahem) Return


excuse my legal confusion here for a moment, but how does THQ have the rights to that? that's like saying MLB has the rights to me making a "Baseball Bat" Application. An App that just has a Baseball Bat and if you move the iphone it makes a Swinging sound.
is it in the name? "Phone SABER" ?? does THQ own rights to the word SABER? i mean come on this is pathetic, BAD form Peter.... BAD FORM
Yes that sounds cool that THQ is working with them to make it better, but give me a break.

The lightsaber is a unique and clearly recognizable conceptual invention of Lucasarts. Which means they unarguable own the rights to said concept and can license those rights to whomever they want. If we throw away intellectual property rights just because you don't like them, nobody creative will have any protection from those who might steal and capitalize on their creative work.
That applies to people who have gotten rich that way too. Lucas is rich for a reason.
Obviously PhoneSaber was a friendly, well-meaning use of intellectual property, but if THQ acquired the rights in that market, they've bought themselves the right to have those rights protected.
The talks are friendly, and the app is coming back, what more do you want?

Thanks for clearing it up. Guess i just get a little upset about the "We have the rights" pushing around bullying. But if the talks are friendly then i guess it's ok.
I don't know so i guess what you're saying is i would not be able to create some Light sword type object and call it "Light Sword? or "beam slicer" or "Beam saber" or anything like that?
they basically own the THOUGHT or conception of the light saber? doesn't seem fair to me.
If this is how things are then i could have (a long time ago) Placed down my Stake or rights for the conception of the baseball bat right?
meaning nobody ever could use a stick of wood in the shape of the baseball bat for anything. Correct?

If you could make a working lightsaber, you could probably patent it :)
Also, despite Disney's best efforts, copyright eventually still does expire and properties still do move into the public domain.

That's a great picture, Dieter. And I thought Luke was just crying about losing his hand, finding out Vader was his father, and that he kissed his sister. Ewww. But he's REALLY crying about the loss of Phonesaber. I still have it on my iPhone, but will it stay?