UPDATED: Quick App: GPush iPhone Push Notifications for Gmail


UPDATE 2: GPush's developers posted in the comments with the following info:

On Saturday August 8, 2009 GPush made it into the App store. We are currently experiencing a server issue and have temporarily pulled the app from the store while we work on the problem. This is an issue with our servers not the application and we will not need to go through the approval process again. If you have already downloaded the application, please know we are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

UPDATE: According to the developers on Twitter:

GPush made it to the App Store, we are aware of a server issue & we temporarily pulled the App off the store while we work on the servers

ORIGINAL: GPush [$0.99 - iTunes link] provides a work-around for Gmail push notifications for iPhone 3.0 users. GPush is not an email client in its own right; it serves only to notify a user via sound/vibrate, text alert pop-up, and/or numerical badge, but the user still has to manually launch the iPhone's built-in Mail app to actually download and interact with the email.

We've only had a chance to try it very briefly, but it worked well, notifying us incoming GMail messages very quickly. Job. Done.

Unlike Boxcar, for example, which provides similar intermediary push notification for Twitter clients, GPush doesn't have the option to automatically launch Mail when you get an alert (only an "okay" button, not a "view" button). We also couldn't get it to work with Google Accounts, the paid version of Gmail that uses custom domain names. (GPush makes no mention of Google Accounts support, but if it occurred to us to try it, we figured it would occur to readers as well).

Lastly, GPush keeps asking to know our location. Why does it need that information? (Update: per the developes

All in all, GPush does exactly what it claims to -- it provides near instant notification for Gmail for iPhone users. Until Google adds Gmail to Google Sync, or Apple and Google get off their duffs and build IMAP IDLE into the Mail App proper, if you want "push" Gmail on your iPhone, check out GPush and let us know what you think.

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[Thanks John-Fox for the tip!]

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Reader comments

UPDATED: Quick App: GPush iPhone Push Notifications for Gmail


I would advise people NOT to buy this app. I keep getting errors and I tried contacting their support via email as I just got notified their email doesn't exist. Brutal support

I think the server goes down, because i received
Push notif but now when i open the app, appears a error msg. What you think guys?

This App doesn't work the way it should...i get only Error Messages: Could not communicate with server....

I want a refund... They had MONTHS to get this app perfect and as soon as it's released it can't connect to the server. I'll stick with msgpush until they fix it. Not a good start.

The developers must not realize their app has even been approved. No updates on their websites or their twitter.
They need to get on the ball and provide support for us paid users.
MSG Push is ok, but again you do not get an actual pop up notification that shows you a preview of the email.
I'm using PushMail and it works great. I'm waiting to give GPush a try, but it's giving nothing but connection errors as others have stated.

I'm getting the error message now, too. Worked fine on my first test email. It also seems to me that the developers may have been taken by surprise by the App Store. I would think they'd probably get this straightened out pretty soon.

Gpush has been pulled from the app store. I hope this means that apple/google will have an imap or google synch solution soon (wishful thinking though).

MobileMe is not .99 it's $99. Big difference. Not everyone wants to spend $99/yr just to get fucking push. This is a fucking joke.

I just wasted a buck. Bought it, it wasn't working so I deleted it, then restated my phone. Went to redownload it and now iTunes says it is no longer available? WTF?????

Yep, I had the application, had issues, deleted it and was about to reinsall it.
It's been pulled from Apple Store. Probably a good thing, too many issues, really!

99$ a year does not get you gmail push, just an awkward workaround. You forward your gamial to mobileme email address, then you either keep only the mobileme address on your phone with "reply to" set to the gmail address or you maintain both on the phone, and deal with managing both accounts with duplicate messages arriving at different times, etc.

Haven't used this app, but am getting true gmail push by using nuevasync. Not free though - $25/yr.
Not as fast as a blackberry though. Takes about 7-10sec for an email to hit my iphone, but it's PUSH and it's been working great.

(Twitter) GPush4iPhone: GPush made it to the App Store, we are aware of a server issue & we temporarily pulled the App off the store while we work on the servers

I can't use dopushmail because I already use an exchange account to keep my google contacts and calendars syncd. So is msgpush be worth $4.99?

Instead of paying 99 a year for mobile me and having to forward those e-mails to your mobile me e-mail why not just forward your gmail account to a yahoo account. This is how I got it to push my gmail account and it costs me nothing and works fairly well. I still wish gmail itself had push but since it doesn't this will work until then.

NuevaSync is worth a look. It does push email and syncs Google Contacts and Calendar.

Dear Users,
On Saturday August 8, 2009 GPush made it into the App store. We are currently experiencing a server issue and have temporarily pulled the app from the store while we work on the problem. This is an issue with our servers not the application and we will not need to go through the approval process again. If you have already downloaded the application, please know we are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
You will be able to redownload for free, if you already purchased it.
Please check back here or follow us at http://twitter.com/GPush4iPhone
Thank you for you patience and understanding,
Team GPush

In response to:
"Lastly, GPush keeps asking to know our location. Why does it need that information?"
We use location information to determine the nearest server so that you receive notifications faster.
Thank You,
Team GPush

I'm using the Gmail-->MobileMe setup too. I use MobileMe only for the integration but gmail as my main email address. First have gmail forward all messages to your MobileMe address, the setup your gmail account on your phone but disable the account, make it inactive.
Then go into the account settings for your MobileMe account and go into Outgoing Mail Server settings. TURN OFF the server for mobile me and TURN ON the setting for gmail. Back out into account settings and you should see "smtp.gmail.com" under outgoing mail server.
Now your phone will receive messages sent to your gmail address and send messages from your email address. I've set this up like this only because I never know if I don't want to renew MobileMe and now I won't have to tell everyone I have a gmail address they need to use.

I tried MobileMe to push gmail and it worked well, but I got tired of managing two accounts (even with Google filters). Plus I didn't want to pay $99 since I don't use other features of MobileMe. I now use nuevasync and have had no problems, plus it syncs my calendar and contacts, but not to-do list. But it costs $25, which I think is worth it. Also, you can't run another exchange account since it uses that for the gmail so for business users it wouldn't work if you have another account you need to sync. Will this gpush work with intellisync?

Pushmail from dopushmail.com already works. I don't understand why Gpush gets all the press while Pushmail is first to the app store and seems to already do what most want -- simple gmail notifications in real time. Pushmail is not very tunable but it does work, right from the beginning. I'll look forward to head-to-head comparisons of the two apps. By the way, I'm not "pushing" for Pushmail, but it does set up easily for gmail, forwards selective gmail labeled messages, works as advertised and the developer seems responsive to questions and suggestions.

They are having some problems with the servers...just hang in there! According to the developers on Twitter: GPush made it to the App Store, we are aware of a server issue & we temporarily pulled the App off the store while we work on the servers.
Also, app can be found at http://tinyurl.com/n2nbcm untill it goes back onto app store.

Virtually everybody here dumped on this app. So how did it get a review that hardly mentions any defect except Asking location?
Why post a review at all when you include a line like "We’ve only had a chance to try it very briefly," ?
On another note, Google's Google App finally got an update, and the Monkey works again. Other than that, I can't say much about it because I've only had a chance to try it very briefly.....

if you dont want to manage 2 different gmail accts while using mobileme on your iphone, just forward the email to your mobileme, and on the gmail site, have gmail archive a copy of the email. that way if somewhere down the road, you decide not to use mobile me anymore, you will still have all your emails archived. and just set the gmail acct on your phone to manual, and never check it and you wont have duplicate emails coming in. this way you can also change the from when using mobileme to your gmail acct.
as far as the app goes, i guess i was thinking that once the mail came in, i could press view or something and it would open the mail. or at least open the mail program. seems like a waste to get the notification, close it, then open the email program, get notified again, then finally get to the message.

We use location information to determine the nearest server so that you receive notifications faster.

Dude: Its the internet. Everywhere is close enough.

It's not a review, hence the lack of the term review in the title.
And yes, server and routing can make a difference -- however I'm not sure if it would make a compelling one if we're not talking international level differences.

What a hoax. I thought I paid too much for Pushmail 4.99 when it's GPush that I overpaid for 0.99. Pushmail took 5 minutesto set up and worked immediately. Gpush was just frustrating from download on. G for give it up. I want a refund.

I forward my Gmail to MobileMe and use my Gmail as the outgoing server (just add your Gmail account to iPhone then make it inactive) on iPhone. Instant push Gmail!

First of all; Truth(comment 24), stop stealing my fucking screen name. Be original you illiterate twat.
Second of all, I just blew $0.99 :/ App is horrible on my iPhone [3G]. It constantly kicks it into safe mode. (This being said with a jailbroken iPhone, but it's a great stipulation for over (what, about 30%?) a greater bunch of iPhone users.)
Third and final of all: That wallpaper on your lockscreen is sexy, care to supply a genuine version for us? :)

I don't know why it filtered 'sweet' in the third comment. In case it does this time, it's s.w.e.e.t, not F-uck.

I tried pushmail. It has one advantage important to me: gpush messages look prettier, but pushmail uses the limited space in the message window more efficiently. That will make it more useful over the long-run. It's simply author (without email address), colon, title, dash, then as much of the email body as it can fit. e.g. "Rob Y: Where did I leave my car last night? - Dude I can't find my car! Any ideas?" It can actually fit a lot of useful text in the message window this way.

Prowl for iPhone + Growl for Mac/Windows already does this plus you can "push" other things. For example, I have my caller id on my house phone pushed, motion detection on my web camera at work and home pushed, etc. Lots of ways/libraries to integrate with Growl and have the information pushed to your (or multiple) iphones.

Though I'm coming to this article a couple days late, on the chance that the GPush team is reading and having trouble with their Push server, have a look at our iLime service and APIs for managing your pushes. http://www.iLime.com.
Feel free to send me a note at info@ilime.com (I monitor that box) if you have any questions.
Regardless of your solution, all the best at getting GPush back up and running!

Another option is to foward your gmail to a hotmail account and turn on mobile alerts. You will get an alert on your iphone when a email is received.

I have sent an email to Apple and Steve Jobs urging them to check out the company behind an app before they approve it. I purchased GPush Friday evening. It worked until Saturday morning when it failed and hasn't worked since. I understand Tiverias is having server problems, but that is no excuse. An app should be ready to go when it is approved. Tiverias had almost 5 weeks to be prepared, but they blew it. It reflects badly on Apple to approve an app and have it immediately fail. they need to do a better job. They should be very leery of approving any further apps from Tiverias. I know I won't be buying anything they make in the future.

Alternatively you can forward and e-mail to your phone through gmail txt alert. You will be notified via txt when you receive an e-mail on g-mail. You can then go straight to the mail icon an retrieve your mail. Key thing in setting this up is to remember to check "Leave a copy of the forwarded message on the server"

When do u'll plan to put the app back onto the itunes app store ?? Why is it taking so long to fix ??

Same here. Worked once (with my Google Apps account) and has not worked since. Exchanged email with their support guy who says only a small number of users are affected. I suggest you do not buy this at the moment.

Didn't work last week but it's working great now. Not a single problem! finally a practical app that works

I just sent an email to their support and I'll post their response, providing I get one. Mine is still stuck on it's first notification.

No luck for me. I go through the set up and it says success, but none of my test emails are being pushed. It's cheap, but I say don't was your money for now....

This app actually screwed up my iphone, even after I deleted it. I couldn't get to my gmail account, kept getting a imap.gmail error. I ended up having to wipe my gmail account, restart my phone and set the account up again. I did however get a auto-reply from the app maker saying they were having some problems, very useful.

I just bought the app and installed it, but doesn't work at all. Tried numerous test emails, no notification. Settings seem to be all done correctly with iphone Notifications switched 'on' and message saying "Your credentials were verified..."
Anyone experiencing similar problem or have a solution to it?

Bought this app 4 hours ago.
10 test emails and 4 actual emails.
Nothing notified. Nil. Zilch. Zero. Nada.

What a piece of crap! It worked once after restarting the application a gazillion times and it has not worked since! I should have bought a lottery ticket instead! >:(

Same shiat, worked for about 3 notifications, and now nothing......don't buy this app!

Same here - get about 4 or 5 notifications (or a couple of hours) then stops. Seems to work again after opening the app and submitting my details again which is useless :(
Such potential too - anyone know if you can get Google to alert you by SMS like it does with the calander?

Yes, you get gmail to forward your emails to yournumber@txt.att.net (example: 5559998833@txt.att.net). The effect (I've tested it) is instantaneous, and will appear as a text message, not an email. You can also build a filter so that only some messages are pushed.
I already have nuevasync push, but wanted the onscreen alerts like text messaging. Unfortunately, except for the badges, I got nothing. Let me know if this ever gets fixed.

Wothless app, perhaps only one email got pushed, while 20+ emails did not. Not reliable at all, the badge did not update either. Again, disappointed to say the least, wish I could get a refund now..

i've removed it for now and gone back to fetch in the mail app. i'll give it another shot probably if they get their server issues fixed. the real solution to all this is if google would do their own push already. yahoo does it (afaik), so why not google?

I had the same problem at first. In the first couple of hours it worked, then stopped and was sporadic at best all week
It has been working this morning - keeping my fingers crossed.

I installed it and it pushed a few times. I've gone back and put @gmail.com behind my username. I'm going to hope that works.. sometimes you have to baby these things..

@ kit m
Currently facing the same problem. All I did though was restart my ipod and change my email password back to what I had before i changed it due to GPush refusing my credentials :/ lol this app is a joke I would have to say. I tried being patient but the more time goes by the more problems that seem to be arising. >:l

Mine stopped working same time as Brian. Submit Settings now gets 404. Uninstall and reinstall doesnt fix the issue. Support and Info at Tiverias get returned user unknown :-(