Quick WebApps: Gym Technik for the iPhone

Gym Technik says they were built for Blackberry, but are now on the iPhone "due to popular demand":

Gym Technik is an innovative online service that uses the lastest in cutting edge mobile technology to connect your iPhone to your fitness routine. Members of this service can define their entire workout routine on the Gym Technik website, and when at the gym - The iPhone, pointed at the Gym Technik mobile website, allows for tracking of exercise stats in their routine, visual exercise guidance, and references to previous workout stats. All of this information synchs automatically to the members' web account where they can view their progress on informative charts and graphs and optimize their routine as necessary.

So, if you're a switcher and want to bring the service with you, or just looking for something to help keep you on track with your workouts, this might be work a look. Let us know!

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Quick WebApps: Gym Technik for the iPhone


Just got this article via my CSS reader... went onto iTunes and can't find it anywhere! Tried the search, the browse, nothing. Can anyone point me to the actual app and not the mobile website? Thanks.

WebApps can have icons on the home screen, called WebClips. It happens when you hit the + button on Safari and choose "Add to Home Page". Web sites can even create custom iPhone-specific icons for them! (Like we do for TiPb!)

Hi Erik - Since we are a fairly new service we decided on really solidifying the web service portion before diving into the downloadable native application. The main reason being, it will contain all the core functionality making the app much more useful to our members and also will increase the amount of time before an upgrade - Making it cheaper for the members.
We are getting really close to that point and will be looking at designing the native application shortly. So stay tuned!

Hi nice post, i have come across your site once before when searching for something so i was just wondering something. I love your theme, would it happen to be a free one i can download, or is it a custom one you had made? In a few weeks i will be launching my own site, i'm not great with designs but i really like the style of your site so it would be cool if i could find (or pay for) something with a similar look. :) Thanks!

Yes, that is correct with your conclusion. I am going to do some research and post it here for clarity. Stay tuned and I'll be back with the info. I made sure to bookmark the site so I'll be able to find my way back. LOL Also, if any of you women need

Oh, it was so good, tho. I'm really hoping Ashley Judd can carry it & that word gets out how good it is. Folks who like Burn Notice & Covert Affairs, etc. should really jump on board!