Quickoffice Mobile Suite for iPhone Now in App Store

Quickoffice just let us know that their Mobile Suite for iPhone, which includes Excel, Word, Email, and File integration, has just gone live in the iTunes App Store for $19.99)

We're checking it out now, and will update later with first impressions and screen shots. In the meantime, let us know if you have any questions, or if you're already using it, tell us what you think!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Quickoffice Mobile Suite for iPhone Now in App Store


So you can save these documents to the phone now? Or can they be accessed via online storage? Like Live Office?

Used it a little since I got it last night. Slick ui. Early impression is that it works great and will be all y'all wanted.
@drumman yes it saves to the iPhone.

I have to dissagree with matt hall. The interface us basic, and it really is not a pleasure to use. Interface I think looks very basic as does the home page icon (not that important I know). I expected something much much more special for the money they are charging fir this app.

Sounds like this has been rushed to the App Store. No email capability, no spell check, and a host of other problems.

I saw this at CTIA and bought it this weekend. As I said on my ZDNet blog in my comments and video, it is pretty slick and yet is missing too many features with too much inconsistency at this time. I know that there are updates that will fix some issues, but the ability to email documents shouldn't be advertised if it doesn't work now. It also doesn't work well for someone like me who lives on a wireless device (rarely connects to a PC/Mac) and doesn't subscribe to MobileMe.
Decent first attempt, but there is much room for improvement and competition in this area still. Quickoffice for S60 is VERY GOOD so I know they can do it right too.

Why not just use your iMac or Macbook? I would never want or need to edit office docs on my iPhone. ??

@ Jpwillis269. Yeah wouldn't get my hopes up too high for iWork. I'm just waiting for Documents-to-Go (being released early to Mid May). There's a lot of hidden features they said they can't reveal yet. I hope one of them is downloading email attachments. A lot of people think that its not possible due to SDK restrictions, thats not true, it just requires a lot more work. It requires the developer to program and implement a mail client within their app that can fetch your mail, check out the app 'Print and Share', its done a good job of it. So there is hope!

its great ive been using it, it just lacks some sort of spell check as i am used to have the reagular spell check that the iphone has in its native apps so i find myself making a few mistakes. It works in landscape so that is go but its missing things like auto capitaliziation and double tap space for period which i am used to

I'd wait with buying office apps until native copy-paste is available. Only then will the developers be able to focus on office functionality rather than on basic OS functions.

I had rather SoftMaker port their office suite to the iPhone OS. A much better program with extensive capabilities, far beyond those of the Documents to Go or (e.g., and especially) QuickOffice suite.

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