Ready for gigabit on your phone? Samsung announces 5G mmWave networking on track for 2020

Ready for gigabit on your phone? Samsung announces 5G mmWave networking on track for 2020

While some places are still waiting to get their 4G LTE, Samsung has announced they're already working on making 100Mbps cellular internet obsolete with 5G mmWave, a technology that promises to bring gigabit to our phones and tablets. According to Samsung:

5G mobile communications technology is the next generation of the existing 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network technology. 5G will be capable of providing a ubiquitous Gbps experience to subscribers anywhere and offers data transmission speeds of up to several tens of Gbps per base station.

Gigabit isn't even common on Wi-Fi yet, and Samsung is only aiming to have their 5G tech commercialized by 2020, so no one start holding their breath just yet. A lot of work still needs to get done -- getting phone-sized, power efficient radios made, getting the spectrum for it to run on, making sure it doesn't melt our gadgets into hot, bubbling puddles, you know, the usual stuff -- but it's nice to see it's underway.

Can't wait to download Avengers 3 in 30 seconds on my iPhone 9! How about you?

Source: Samsung:

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Reader comments

Ready for gigabit on your phone? Samsung announces 5G mmWave networking on track for 2020


I am going to nitpick here, but technically, 1 Gigabit speed (while stationary) is the minimum required to be considered '4G' according to the ITU-R (

LTE is allowed to be referred to as a 4G technology, because the "Long Term Evolution" part means that the technology used is capable of hitting those speeds in the future (Through more antennas in a MIMO configuration, mostly).

The fact that Samsung is now touting a new technology that might actually meet the minimum speed requirements for 4G and calling it 5G is just complete marketing BS.

I'm also looking forward to blowing my 2GB data cap in 16 seconds.

I agree. Half the reason consumers are annoyed with business is because they are allowed to talk rubbish.
Unlimited internet. (But with throttling). Really?

Perfectly stated. The carriers are doing everything they can to obscure "real" 4G and its unification of voice and data into a single internet packet stream. Because it will remove their justification for separate voice and data plans, among other things.

Get all the unlimited datas!!
I must say, I have used some very fast wifi before, but can't confirm if it was Gigabit or not, but it allowed me to download the HD version of The Boondock Saints from iTunes on my phone in about 3 minutes. That speed with data would be amazing.

The real test will be downloading Berlin Alexanderplatz.
The US version is 931 minutes. (That's 15.5 hours.)

I always turn off the LTE. The 3G with HSPA is plenty fast and is unlikely to use up my data allotment (before I realize a page is pre-buffering an HD video advert). Seriously, I understand the attraction of a Ferrari... but is it really necessary?