Review: Incipio dermaSHOT Silicone Case for iPhone 3G

Everybody has his or her own definition for the perfect iPhone 3G Case. Some may want a hard plastic case, others prefer rubbery silicone cases but most prefer a case that is non intrusive and more importantly, offers protection while adding minimal bulk. The Incipio dermaSHOT Silicone Case for iPhone 3G ($14.95) is a rubber silicone case that tries to offer a layer of protection without adding much thickness. How does it perform?

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The Incipio dermaSHOT Silicone Case for iPhone 3G is a fairly simple case that offers protection for the backside, side, and corners of the iPhone 3G. There are multiple color options and the case also includes a clear plastic screen protector.

The material used in the Incipio dermaSHOT is a very soft and malleable silicone. It is unique among competitive products because most silicone cases opt for the thicker, rougher material. This soft silicone design choice is both good and bad, it feels great in your hand because it almost conforms to your grip but at the same time is also susceptible to stretching and loosening.

The Incipio dermaSHOT covers the entire back of the iPhone 3G leaving a hole for the camera, headphone jack, and the silent switch. The volume controls and sleep/wake button are protected via a thicker rubber that offers protection but also easy access to its controls.

Overall, the design is extremely simple—it doesn’t offer home button protection and doesn’t attempt to over complicate things with a sophisticated design or gimmicky options. It is as straight forward as any iPhone 3G case can be and comes in what seems like every color of the rainbow.



The case fits really well around the iPhone 3G—it is made out of a softer silicone material that wraps solidly around the iPhone yet offers a certain tactile feel that most other rubber cases do not. Specifically, the case feels soft and has a certain amount of depth to it, there's a give to the case unseen in most rubber options. The extra grip that the case offers is a great touch and really feels good in hand.

Because of the softer, more malleable material of the Incipio dermaSHOT, it seems like it’d be more susceptible to stretching and loosening. Many silicone cases face this problem—the added grip of rubber cases is great but after removing the case a few times it no longer fits as exact as before.

The Incipio dermaSHOT avoids permanent loosening and stretching by using the softer material, it kind of bends towards your movement. Meaning, if you press the sleep/wake button the top of the case is pushed down as well. This is a well implemented compromise, though the case doesn’t offer skin-tight coverage, it also does not permanently stretch. If you’re expecting an exact form fitting case, the Incipio dermaSHOT isn’t that case—but if you want longevity in your silicone case, the dermaSHOT is perfect.

My only gripe with the case is that its cut isn't the most laser-accurate exact. There seems to be excess materials in the opening for the silent switch. The lines are also not as clean as I would like but that’s probably being nit picky. Overall, the design is fair and the protection is more than adequate. I would recommend passing on the clear plastic screen protector because it deters from the sensitivity of the iPhone 3G’s touchscreen.


Final Thoughts

The design of the Incipio dermaSHOT is simple and basic. There will probably be folks that complain that it is perhaps too plain, but the case does its job—it offers great protection and won’t stretch over time (compared to competing products). If you’re looking for an eye-catching product or head turning design, the Incipio dermaSHOT is simply not for you. But if you want a design that fits great around the iPhone 3G, offers above-average protection, and a multitude of color options at a very affordable price ($14.95), you probably can’t do any better.


  • Feels Great in Hand
  • Adds Minimal Thickness to iPhone
  • Offers Above-Average Protection
  • Many Color Options


  • Plain and Basic Design
  • Stretchier than Most Silicone Cases


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Reader comments

Review: Incipio dermaSHOT Silicone Case for iPhone 3G


How would you say this compares in thickness to the Marware Sport Grip? I've been using that for a month or so and have found it works pretty well, however it does add a bit more bulk than I'd like. I'm just not sure if it can get any thinner.
Also, how do the front portions of the grip hold up? Do they puff out due to the lack of a rigid material? The Marware is a little susceptible to this.

Has anyone found a soft case for the iPhone that isn't a pain to get in and out of your pocket?

One other is NOT very strong. My 2 year old was playing with my phone....he likes watching movies or looking at pics on it (and can do both without any help) and after he was finished, he handed me the phone back, and the case WHICH WAS NOW IN TWO PIECES!! I looked at it, and it seems he removed it, grabbed it by the speaker/mic/charging opening, and pulled it apart. It split in two!! So much for that. I now ave it in a leather case, which he can't figure how to take off. It adds a "lip" around the screen, which is not that bad, since it gives you a place to hold on.

These cases all prohibit the iphone from dissipating heat. the phone was engineered to not need a case.. why put one on? just enjoy the sleekness.

Why use a case? Because the silent switch will catch the fabric in your pockets, and turn off (i.e. turn on the ringer). I prefer the excess around the silent switch just because it prevents that from happening.
I'd been entirely anti-case before having the above happen several times. This case is nice because it's minimal, has a good texture, and keeps your phone from sliding around. As implied above, it is a pain to put in/take out of pockets.