Round Robin: Help CrackBerry Kevin Restore His Childlike Sense of Wonder

[This is an official Smartphone Experts Round Robin post! Every day you reply here, you're automatically entered for a chance to win an iPhone 3G, Case-Mate Naked Case, and Motorola H9 Bluetooth Headset! Full contest rules here!]

CrackBerry Kevin is a productivity machine, no doubt about it. When he's not literally typing the plastic off his BlackBerry Bold keyboard, he's simultaneously answering 87 emails, browsing 64 websites, exchanging half-a-nation worth of PIN messages, and running his trackball in 9 directions with both feet!

Well, this week our best frenemy has to put his addictive little messaging monster aside and immersed himself in a smartphone about as different as a smartphone can be: The iPhone 3G.

We here at TiPb know it might take Kevin a while to break out of his BlackBerry bonds and slip into some next generation iPhone duds, and he knows it too -- he's asking for your help in our forums!

Remember, each day you reply to his questions, you get another chance to win an iPhone 3G and accessories!

(And if by chance you want to win an HTC FUZE, or an Android G1, Palm Treo Pro, or BlackBerry Bold, be sure to hit up every Smartphone Expert site!)

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Round Robin: Help CrackBerry Kevin Restore His Childlike Sense of Wonder


I don't know Kevin (even by internet definitions of "know"), but I can't imagine him liking the iPhone. It's perfect for me, but I think that's helped by the fact that the Blackberry Curve, which was the only other smartphone I had used with any regularity before getting an iPhone, did not mesh well with me. If he really is a Crackberry addict, I suspect the lack of physical keyboard (insert Storm joke here) and the iPhone's Mail app will combine to irritate him to such a degree as to render all of the other awesomeness of the iPhone moot. I hope I'm wrong.

Heading over to the forum now to help the frenemy hahah should be fun to here his review when he's done !!!!!! It would be cool if he came on over for good!!

I was a BlackBerry abuser for many years before I decided to get an iPhone (because syncing BBs with macs was one of the most painful experiences of my life). But I know Crackberry Kevin is somewhat sensible when reviewing other devices so I'm sure he wont hate on the iPhone too mush. Besides, it's just "different".

I really like the iPhone as a "platform" (particularly media and games) but they have just got to add cut/copy/paste and syncing with notes/tasks to take over the the BB space. I realize, however, that the enterprise is a secondary market for them, but since it is burgeoning why not?

I agree w/Jason, I switched to the iPhone, and definitely miss a LOT about it. That being said, over time i've come to love my little iPhone as well, just differently. It takes time, and patience, and I dont think 1 week is enough to be honest.

It'll be good to see Kevin’s perspective of the iPhone 3G with the Blackberry Bold and Storm. To me Blackberry is first for corporate users who depend on e-mail, then consumers who text or e-mail a lot will find it works really well for them.
I bought the Blackberry Curve in October of 2007 to get used to smart phones and understand their features (getting e-mails, accessing the internet, easier SMS & IM, third-party applications, etc). I landed on the Curve mostly because of reviews and praise from sites like Crackberry & BGR.
What I've realized over that time is I really wanted to access the internet and good apps more than getting e-mails immediately and responding super-quick to e-mails and texts. I’m just waiting until April 2009 to switch to the iPhone.

If you need to be productive stick to your blackberry. If you want to have fun and be hip iphone it is.

I agree with Firas. I have tried to use my iPhone as a business phone but my company won't let me connect to exchange. They only allow blackberries.

I'm willing to bet Kevin will enjoy the iPhone, just not in the "productive" sense of the Blackberry, but the "entertaining, super machine" sense of the iPhone

I wonder if it will help/hinder that Kevin already owns an iphone 3g. Some of the people in the round robin are using the Treo Pro, G1, and Fuze for the first time.

Kevin my only advise to you is to sit back relax and enjoy the immersive goodness of a ui only a phone whose software was specifically designed for that handset can bring you now breathe deep ......................ahhhh zen

It will be interesting to see how Kevin approaches it. My advice is to forget what he knows and approach it like it is the first gadget he has ever seen. The productivity will then follow naturally.

I can only hope to reach such levels of productivity. I'm here posting, aren't I, instead of working?

This will be interesting... I have trouble with Blackberries because I keep touching the screen. ...and my hand cramps up when I try to use a touchscreen-only device. This is the curse of a longtime Treo user. It'll be interesting to see how Kevin deals with the lack of a physical keyboard.

"blackberrys arent as good because they dont have an appstore"
There are plenty of places to get apps, you just have to know where to go, there is just no great store in the sky run by steve jobs.
Though now there is the crackberry app store...

I follow crackberry just as much as I follow the iPhone blog and I don't see Kevin ever becoming an iPhone convert. However his reviews are always fair and raise good questions about the different smart phones.

Be nice. Kevin just has an on-the-go fixation. As Ghandi said, "There is more to life than increasing its speed."

PJM - "I feel a little dirty for being here, but I want a free phone."
Me too. If I win it I'll sell it then buy a Zune (just to piss off Apple fanboys) and a Touch Pro because I'm never leaving Sprint and my $25 Simply Everything plan.

My phone journey parallels this round robin - I have tried the Blackberry Pearl Flip, T-mobile G1, and borrowed a friends iPhone in the last month. My wife and I would have iPhones if we could use them on T-mobile (T-mobile has good coverage in my house while the iPhone on ATT loses all signal ~50 feet away.
Any chance of unlocking the iPhone if I win it?

The iPhone is for everyone out there who could read English or the language supported with the iPhone. It fairly simple to use and understand, however If you still are having trouble with something we are here to help you with you trouble. It's for any and everone does't matter if you are used to be using the blackberry or whatever. iPhone for all.

It's gonna be pretty hard to bring him over to the iphone side. But the same could be said about any iphone user.