Rogers Canada Now Offering 15GB/$150 for "Heavy Users"

Sarumon Consults the Eye of Rogers on Canadian iPhone 3G Data Rates is reporting that as of June 16, Rogers will begin offering a "heavy user" data plan for 15GB at $150 a month. Those of us who remember 200MB at $100 a month are no doubt shaking our heads, but for especially rapacious users on tethered or laptop setups, it could be more than worth the money:

Device support: All iPhones, Blackberries, HTC Devices, Smartphones, and Mobile Internet Sticks

Anyone hopping on that premium bandwagon any time soon?

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Rogers Canada Now Offering 15GB/$150 for "Heavy Users"


I would rather get a new handset like an htc and get voice and 6gb for 30 and either use both or swap sims once data is over and have 12gb for less money plus a bunch more airtime. This would be a good deal if the price was half (which would be the same price per gb as the 6gb plan

That's really expensive. Here on Brasil where the data plans prices are EXTREMELY high the unlimited package for 3G Internet is 119,90 BRL, about 61,67 USD.
The only downside is the disclaimer telling that after using 2GB they will reduce your speed.

Nobody uses that much Data. Unless you are downloading Wii games Iso to a tethered computer. That is ridiculous.

I'm glad I got the deal from Fido for 6GB for $30. Thats an oucher, $150. But I guess if you're tethering it may be worth it or using the network stick.
Canada and their monopolizing Cell Phone networks.

@ Truth
Pretty close. This is clearly designed for tethering which is supposed to be announced next week.

For Pete's sake, enough with the LOTR stuff... Pony up a little cash and have someone with some creativity design some new art work. It seems like every other post looks the same because of this. BORING. zzzzzzzzzz

I agree, Evilhomer. Though I like LOTR, it's like no one has any creativity to come up with another graphics theme.

I realize it is a lot of money, but this cleary not designed for your average user. This plan to me is designed for many business users who are on the go or travelling a lot in Canada. They may need to have Internet on their laptops and so tethering is a must. Also, we don't know for sure all the new things that may be coming with the iPhone or other smartphones. If there is video chat and such, you may need a lot more data. I have the 6gb plan and think that is more than enough, but who knows what's to come in the next little while.

@Evilhomer @Big Willie,
When I get my 26hr day, I'll take it under consideration. As I've replied before, I'll update everything as/when possible. Until then, please feel free to imagine a simple lazy-Googled logo or no image at all.
Hugs, kisses, and creative disappreciation,