Rogers voice network down in Canada. Panic ensuing. Politely.

Rogers voice network down in Canada. Panic ensuing. Politely.

Rogers, one of the big three Canadian carriers, and its budget-branded subsidiary, Fido, are experiencing severe, nationwide voice network outages at the moment. Several of us here at iMore can't place calls at all, though data still works fine. It's supposedly coming back up, but we've not seen it yet. As you can imagine, Canadians depending on their cell phone service are in a bit of a panic. Albeit with traditional politeness.

If you're having a problem with your Rogers or Fido service, let us know where, and for how long you've been experiencing it. If it comes back, let us know same.

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Rogers voice network down in Canada. Panic ensuing. Politely.


I would not say polite, I am pretty enraged, I ported my number yesterday, but they are going to bill me one full month, so till the 7th of November? For services I cannot use, how is that fair? Today their network goes down similar to their countless 3G outages over the past 3-4 years.

They can burn in hell. I am filing a CCTS complaint as we speak.

Really? Give them a break. I have been with Rogers since 2007, and i haven't had any probs with them other then now. Its probably going to come on before tomorrow. Calm yourself.

Do you work for Rogers? I been with them for roughly the same amount of time and have multiply outages, plus other problems. I need my phone for work and when it goes down it put me in a very bad situation. Thank God the data still worked this time.

Your cellphone goes out and you condemn people "to burn in hell"?
You don't need a need intensive psychotherapy with medication.

Out since about 3:00 PST, but was able to make a voice call just now at 5:15. It appears to be back, at least in my area in the Greater Vancouver area.

Out in Toronto for a couple of hours. I rarely talk on my phone, so I only noticed an hour ago, but my text is still working.

Here, Toronto, is working no problem so far.

BUT ... BUT ... BUT .... Internet has been going up and down since last few weeks for many many many of us who don't want to pay $$ to Rogers... directly, i.e.; TekSavvy fans.

Here's hopping a big big big lawsuit going Rogers way ... all the way!

Yeah, same thing was happening with my cable Internet, (Distributel), in East York.

I'm with SpeakOut wireless, but I've noticed the past week or two that my iPhone now says "Rogers". Had trouble sending texts around 8pm, but was fine after 9pm.

Yes I was having issues as well until I returned the 5S and got an HTC One instead. Everything is working fine now.

in edmonton here, my phone has been out since 4pm. no calls and no text, wifi works. so texting app worked to tell people i was not ignoring them. but think this is rediculous and i agree about the lawsuit, i think all rogers customers should get a cut ....

Calgary, AB. Been out since 11 am for me. Primary office number and toll-free lines all point to this phone. Great day for loss of revenue.

Wow! For service to go down nationally for any length of time is a huge feat.
I won't be surprised if we learn that this was a highly organized and coordinated attack.

Oh well, so much for my stupid foil hat....
It's reported as caused by a software issue...and no nefarious types have claimed responsibility.
Glad I was wrong.