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iPhone from Rogers

Rogers dropped us a note to let us know they've extended their 6GB/$30 data plan, first introduced last year with the iPhone 3G and re-introduced this year with the Android Dream and Magic, and the iPhone 3GS, until September 15. So, if you have a qualifying phone like the iPhone, and you want ungodly amounts of data usage -- and you haven't already -- make sure you add the 6GB/$30 promo to your plan ASAP. (Especially with free tethering still on until December 31, 2009).

While we've heard Canadian iPhone supplies still can't keep up with demand, Rogers says:

Rolling inventory of the iPhone 3GS is on its way, and back orders are being filled for customers on a priority basis.

(And no, no official word yet on when Bell or Telus' HSPA network will be functionally rolled out, nor when they will begin offering the iPhone 3GS, but we can't help but think increased competition is great for consumers -- and for the networks, witness Rogers beginning to test 21Mbps HSPA+).

Full Rogers/Fido iPhone upgrade options repeated after the break...

1) For Rogers Wireless customers who bought an iPhone 3G between July 11 and Sept. 30, 2008, and with an average monthly spend of at least $100, Rogers will provide $500 off the cost of an iPhone 3G S. This special offer expires September 15, 2009 and comes with the addition of a one-year term to the customer’s existing service agreement.

  • 16GB 3GS $199
  • 32GB 3GS $299

2) For Rogers Wireless customers who bought an iPhone between July 11 and Dec. 31, 2008, but aren’t eligible for the above offer, Rogers will provide $250 dollars off the purchase of an iPhone 3G S. This special offer expires September 15, 2009 and comes with the addition of a one-year term to the customer’s existing service agreement.

  • 16GB 3GS $449
  • 32GB 3GS $549

3) All Rogers Wireless customers can upgrade to the iPhone 3GS at our cost at, or for a suggested retail price of just $19 more than our cost through our retail channels.

  • 8GB 3G $580/$599
  • 16GB 3GS $680/$699
  • 32GB 3GS $780/$799

4) Fido customers can take advantage of the Fido Rewards iPhone 3G S promotion:

  • Use FidoDollars towards the purchase of a new iPhone 3G S
  • Fido will top up the FidoDollars amount by $100
  • This promotion does not include an extension or renewal of their service agreement.

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smchrist2 says:

Why can't AT&T be that nice?!
$500 dollars off... }:(

Chris Vitek says:

AT&T did give us $500 off. It's called the upgrade eligable price.

Geração HD says:

Lucky ones ...
In Portugal ( Vodafone ) we have 500 mb :-(

icebike says:

In Portugal ( Vodafone ) we have 500 mb

In US, its said to be unlimited, but of our 4 lines, no one has ever gotten near 500mb.

jamesdamon says:

And we even had a civic holiday yesterday!! Sometimes it pays to be a Canadian! lol

JP says:

You have to be subscribed to this option for 36 months though.. even if your contract finishes in 24..