Screens VNC app for iPhone, iPad hits version 1.5

Screens, the gorgeous VNC app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad by Edovia has just hit version 1.5 and it's a great update. In addition to speed boosts for both Windows and Mac, and the usual bug fixes, it adds:

  • Revamped and more responsive UI,
  • Added Hebrew and Korean keyboard support,
  • Fullscreen modes (full, partial and off). Use a 3 finger tap to toggle between modes,
  • iPhone: Keyboard toggle button now exclusively on modifiers toolbar,
  • iPad: New Grid view. Great for those who have a lot of screens to flick through,
  • Privacy: Display a screenshot, a blank screen or an image from your photo albums when disconnecting from a remote computer,
  • Screens Connect status now available in the settings,
  • Now supports url schemes (see Getting Started Guide for details),

I've used a lot of VNC clients and while each has its strengths and weaknesses, the sheer thoughtfulness of Screens' UI keeps bringing me back. There's nothing that shuts up a neck-bearded iPad hater faster than whipping up Screens, connecting to a couple Mac, Windows, or Linux boxes, and doing it with style.

If you try out the update, let us know what you think.

[$19.99 - iTunes link]

Rene Ritchie

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Jason Diaz says:

"There’s nothing that shuts up a neck-bearded iPad hater faster than whipping up Screens, connecting to a couple Mac, Windows, or Linux boxes, and doing it with style." — Rene Richie

Crunch says:

I concur wholeheartedly. Screens 1.5 kicks ars...

Tom says:

Neck-bearded iPad hater? I think I missed something, somewhere...

websyndicate says:

If you have your machines setup with dyndns and use SSH to tunnel your connection you can access your computer from anywhere.

websyndicate says:

dyndns on your computer will allow you to ping your computer from anywhere even if the IP address changes.
That would ping you computer configured at home.
Rather than remembering because this address will change. Usually it will change.
Enable the follwing on your mac
System Preferences, Sharing, Remote Login
Ensure port are opened on that router to allow ssh.
This is just a crash on how to do this.
But SSH is very secure and it will encrypt your traffic like your vnc traffic

Visi says:

Websyndicate, you can do the easy way with Team Viewer without having a static ip

websyndicate says:

I know team viewer works fine so does log me in. with team viewer your are relying on a service from someone else. The way I explain it can come in handy many ways. 1 you dont rely on anybody but your computer. 2 imagine if someone stole your computer then you have dyndns which updates automatically so now you have the IP address of the thief subpoena the IP with your local police.
There a many ways but the way I explain is encrypted with SSH and no 3rd party installer on your computer

Fred nerk says:

Remoter is my vnc app of choice on the iPhone / iPad and is 1/3 the price of this one. I used a couple of different apps before I found remoter and I've never looked back.

Justin says:

Just wondering, what do you use a VNC for? I get what it does, but why?

websyndicate says:

I use VNC for work we have lots of virtual Linux servers

Pharrett says:

Unfortunately right now screens crashes a lot for me. Plus it will not connect to my RealVNC server, while others will. Kinda disappointed that I spent $20 on an app the is useless to me at the moment unless I change VNC software on my home systems.