Take SPB's Survey, Win a Smartphone, SPE Accessories, and/or SPB Software!

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To quoth our good friend Phil from WMExperts (: It is time, ladies and gentlemen, for the sixth annual SPB Survey. SPB Software House is looking to get a better look at your needs in the mobile applications, and they're doing so worldwide, with the survey going out in 10 languages.

And your time may be rewarded. Three winners, picked at random, will receive the following:

  • First place: A free smartphone of your choice from a major Internet retailer (such as Amazon or Expansys), valued up to $1,000.
  • Second place: $100 worth of accessories from Smartphone Experts (that's us), plus $100 worth of SPB Software.
  • Third place: $100 worth of SPB software.

So, really, you have no excuse for not taking the survey, which runs through 7 p.m. GMT Dec. 4, 2009. Take the survey now!

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Reader comments

Take SPB's Survey, Win a Smartphone, SPE Accessories, and/or SPB Software!


That was one of the most poorly worded and set up surveys I have done in a while. They did not even include the original iPhone as an option and when ever there was an option to fill in "other" you first had to make a selection. Certainly needs some work.

I agree with TosaDeac. This survey seemed very hastily thrown together. Many of the options needed explanation and didn't exactly make sense as stated. (I had to Google what PIM is.)
Also, as previously stated, I had to select something when what I really wanted to choose was "other". It wouldn't let me simply write in the text box.

How about all of you guys out there stop bhicting about how you hate the new iPhone, and if you don't like it either don't watch the video, or stop saying negative stuff about the iPhone.