Sprint announces 30-day trial for new customers

Sprint announces 30-day trial for new customers

Sprint has announced a new trial program for their network. Sprint will be giving a full refund to customers who aren't satisfied with their Sprint service within the first 30 days. Specifically, Sprint will refund customers the cost of the device, and all activation and service fees will be waived.

Sprint will begin this program this Friday, June 27. It will be available to new customers in Sprint stores, over the phone, and online. Much like T-Mobile's recently announced 'Test Drive' program, Sprint's trial is a way for customers to try a different network with minimal risk. Unlike Test Drive, Sprint's trial lasts for 30 day, though it seems that customers will need to buy their device from Sprint, though as mentioned above, it is refunded if you are not satisfied with your service.

Will you be giving Sprint's trial a shot? Tell us below in the comments.

Source: Sprint

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Reader comments

Sprint announces 30-day trial for new customers


Well, didn't take them long to follow t-mobile on this one.. though, they cannot afford not too. They are hemorrhaging customers and many heading over to t-mobile.

To answer question; nope. Even in Spark areas (which are far and few between) T-mobiles low-end LTE blows away Sprint.. Sprints reporting avg of 6-18Mbps with Spark, with bursts up to 60Mbps.. I get avg 28Mbps from T-mobile on just there normal LTE.. and I'm not even in a 15x15 or 20x20 area yet.. we're still 10x10 here.. and it costs less..

Happy where I'm at.. Just hope Sprint doesn't buy T-Mobile.. SoftBank would have us say goodbye to my no-contract, low-priced, no-overage, high bandwidth service.. They did it before, will do it again.. They just can't do it right now because t-mobile is in the way spanking them every chance they get.. lol

A few things here. First, Softbank basically had Sprint start Framily. Framily *is* no contract, so I don't get the "SoftBank would have us say goodbye to my no-contract, low-priced, no-overage, high bandwidth service".

Second, I know I'm in the minority here, but what do people need that speed on a phone for? It's nice sure, I wouldn't refuse, but Netflix is 3megs or so for 1080p, Skype/Hangouts wouldn't require much more. I don't recall the last time I needed an app that was more than 100 meg over LTE. If I'm downloading something big, I have remote access to my desktop and I download it there. Do you use it for your only internet, and tether everything?

Lastly, with Framily, I have unlimited *everything* and I'm paying $51 (with tax, $4 employer discount, Spotify, and a StarStar number). Same thing on TMobile is $83 (before tax, including $3 for StarStar). Not sure what the benefits are apart from a bit of speed.

No thank you. The last time I had Sprint, I averaged a whopping 1.47 Mbps on their LTE here in St. Louis, MO. I'll stick with AT&T.

A guy on Phandroid said he now gets 55 down in STL on the newly activated Sprint Spark, as of today.

Heh, would love to see numbers on how many run screaming from Sprint after trying out the network. Can't imagine they'll have many who will want to keep it.

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They promised 4G even in my area for a long time, but coverage is spotty at best for 4G, and their 3G speeds are the slowest of the big four.

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Still not as good as T-Mobile's test drive offer. Sprint wants cash up front, whereas TMO doesn't. Sprint does seem to allow any device for their offer though.

Sprints actually come a long way on their LTE and Spark, besides once their merger is truly approved and over, there goes one more big company option.

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