Sprint expanding LTE roaming to more rural and regional carriers

Sprint expanding LTE roaming to more rural and regional carriers

Sprint has signed agreements with 12 carriers to expand the LTE footprint of everybody involved. The dozen carriers, all smaller regional and rural networks, cover 34 million Americans not touched by Sprint's fledgling LTE network. The roaming agreements will expand Sprint's LTE coverage into those areas, as well as giving those carriers access to Sprint's network.

The carriers involved include: C Spire Wireless, Carolina West Wireless, Flat Wireless, Illinois Valley Cellular, Inland Cellular, James Valley Telecommunications, Nex-Tech Wireless, nTelos, Phoenix Wireless, SI Wireless dba MobileNation, SouthernLINC Wireless, and VTel Wireless.

The agreement will bring additional Sprint LTE coverage to 325,000 square miles spread across 23 states.

Sprint's partnering with local carriers has long been part of their methods. Does the spread of Sprint LTE coverage help your perception of the carrier's network?

Source: Sprint

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Sprint expanding LTE roaming to more rural and regional carriers


Nope.. there are usually crazy limited on roaming networks.. Of course, I'm a T-Mobile user and strongly oppose Sprint/SoftBank buyout..

If you want T-Mobile to survive you wouldn't be opposed to the merger. Sprint nor T-Mobile can survive on the current market.

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Nope. They still are last to expand their own lte network and relying on others only does so much.

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No help here. I work in Verizon territory, and they throttle roaming data to 1x (when they haven't shut it off altogether). Of course, when you're as big as Verizon, you can screw everyone and anyone and there's nothing anyone can do about it

Typical Sprint bullshit. Rely on other Carriers LTE buildout instead of installing their own towers. They will never own their own towers just rent. That spells problems, problems and more problems. Sprint will ruin T-Mobile with their terrible Network. I hope this deal is blocked dead in it's tracks. I just don't see how anyone would want to be on Sprint Network. They have the slowest LTE, their 3G is just about as fast as T-Mobile's EDGE Network which T-Mobile is in the process of turning into LTE. Sprint has been working on their LTE Network longer than any other Carrier and they are a very long way from catching T-Mobile's LTE roll out. This buy out, if goes thru will ruin T-Mobile's progress over the past year. This must be blocked, there are just way too many different radio frequencies that will not mesh together. T-Mobile is a GSM Network which is one of the big reasons I am with them, very fast HSPA+ Network compared to CDMA, patheticly slow 3G Network and they will not mesh. Their LTE radio frequencies are completely different, everything about these two Carriers just will not mesh. Sprint will throw all their customers on T-Mobile's Network and bog it down, slow it down while they dismantle Sprint. This will ruin the very fast data speeds on both T-Mobile's HSPA+ and LTE Networks. Do Not want this merger to happen, this must be blocked. Just My Opinion.

Good move but they really need to complete their LTE build out. I live outside of Pittsburgh PA. On Sunday I drove into the city, on a major Interstate connector from Cranberry Township to downtown and was on 3G. There is LTE in most of my home area and in downtown but not on this major corridor. Before Softbank attempts to buy T-Mobile they should build Sprint's LTE network.

I don't travel to rural America pretty much ever. I live in LA, unless i'm going to Vegas i take a plan to another big city so it doesn't affect me.

If Sprint wants me they need monumental change in the reception and speed in major cities specifically LA since to me it's the one I use. It's not gonna happen though. Because for years i've read about tower upgrades and nothing's improved. They "upgrade" but speed doesn't improve or reception. It's like itunes, someone clearly incorrectly thinks it's adequate.