Sprint fires back at T-Mobile's prices with new $60 Unlimited Plan


Sprint's not leaving the single-line users out of the party — they're offering a new $60/month unlimited talk, text, and data plan. There's just one catch: You have to bring your own device, pay for one up front, or sign up for Sprint's Easy Pay monthly payments and upgrade plan. That said, if you're a Sprint customer (or are considering being one), that's still some substantial potential savings you're looking at.

The plan is, as Sprint is quick to point out, a full $20 less than a comparable unlimited offering from T-Mobile, and that larger competitors AT&T and Verizon don't even offer unlimited plans. The new individual plans follow the recently-announced price reductions and data cap raises to Sprint's Framily plans. Sprint's been through something of an upheaval in recent weeks, following the collapse of their bid to purchase T-Mobile and the installation of new CEO Marcelo Claure. He has promised changes to Sprint, and is executing quite strongly on his word of price cuts before network improvements.

Whether that's enough to rescue Sprint from its doldrums, that's hard to say. Are these reduced family and individual plans enough to interest you in spending some time with Sprint?

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Press release:

It's a New Day for Unlimited Data

Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan – Unlimited Talk, Text and Data –The Best Value on Unlimited Data

$20 Cheaper than T-Mobile; Not Offered by AT&T and Verizon Wireless

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (BUSINESS WIRE), August 21, 2014 - It's a new day for unlimited data in the wireless industry as Sprint (NYSE: S) announces the best unlimited wireless plan available from a national carrier with the Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan. This plan provides consumers unlimited talk, text and data while on America's Newest Network for just $60 per month, a $20 savings compared to T-Mobile's $80 per month unlimited plan. Simple, easy, affordable – the Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan is available to both new and existing Sprint customers starting tomorrow, August 22. To qualify for the plan, customers must purchase their device through Sprint Easy Pay, pay full retail price or bring their own compatible device.

Whether communicating via email or text, socializing via picture-sharing or tweeting, or navigating with GPS, consumers rely on their smartphones for all of their daily needs. Last year U.S. wireless consumers devoured 3.23 trillion MB of data, according to CTIA's annual survey1, which equates to watching more than 153 billion five minute cat videos on YouTube, or streaming more than 53.8 billion hours of music on Spotify. Meanwhile, millions of American consumers restrict their usage, fearful of data limits with overage charges. With the Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan, consumers no longer have to worry about high bills based on how much data they are using. Enjoying daily life with the unlimited support of a smartphone has never been so easy.

"People know Sprint for Unlimited," said Marcelo Claure, Sprint CEO. "We have long been the leader in offering customers unlimited data and that leadership continues today with our new $60 unlimited plan. Unlimited talk, text and data for $60 is the best unlimited postpaid plan available. And, we've listened to our loyal customers; we're making the Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan available to both new and existing customers."

Sprint's new everyday price of $60 a month for unlimited saves customers $480 over two years against T-Mobile's $80 everyday pricing. And, customers can save $120 over two years versus T-Mobile's promotional price…and they don't have to jump through T-Mobile's hoops and recruit their friends.

Just days ago, Sprint declared a new day for data and announced the Sprint Family Share Pack – a new shared-data plan that can give customers double the high-speed data at a lower price than AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Whether consumers prefer to share or have unlimited data, with Sprint, they can find just the plan they need to get the most out of their smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices.

"With the new Sprint Family Share pack and now the Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan, Sprint is giving consumers what they want: choice, simplicity and value," Claure said.

The Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan also is an ideal fit for small businesses, enabling their employees to be more productive in more places and providing the ability to stay on top of what matters most.

Source: Sprint

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Reader comments

Sprint fires back at T-Mobile's prices with new $60 Unlimited Plan


Here, where I live, thats like asking me to get unlimited furniture from iKea when the closest one is in several states away.. LOL.. Sprints version of FAST is T-Mobile's 'crap, something is wrong with the network' !! ... Lucky to hit 3mbps on sprint while TMUS is pumping 25+ mbps, and any plan on T-mobile gets free unlimited music streaming anyway.. /shrug, and no overages on lower end plans..

AND, ANYONE who tethers, will have to pay an extra $40/mo.. Tethering, 5GB, is included with T-mobiles unlimited plan.. something Sprint is conveniently omitting!

Plus, I have to wonder how long they will let that stick around.

Think I'll stick with T-mobile..

That said, this doesn't hurt T-mobile NEARLY as much as I think it will Verizon or ATT. Verizon and ATT customers, especially individual account holders, are going to do a serious double take .. especially if T-mobile responds in kind and we end up with a price war .. hehe..

THAT I really want to see!

Glad to see Sprint bringing their cost down to what their service is worth. I had them for years but the coverage was terrible and a far cry from what they advertise on their maps. I pay a ton for Verizon but at least I get the coverage I need.

And so it begins. I wish Verizon would get into this "pricing war". If Sprint had half the coverage in my area that Verizon does.. ....I would seriously think about switching.

Verizon would just drop the price of the plan and then put a new 'administration' fee into the taxes section that matches the drop in price. In fact Verizon are fans of Admin fee's whenever a state or Federal fee or tax ends they adjust admin fee's to match that amount so that they can continue to get the money from the customer. The nice thing about 'Admin Fees' are that because they are classed as 'other fees' increasing them or adding a new one means that customers cannot say that the price of their plan has been changed without notice and Verizon stopped giving notice after their 'honesty trip' when they told people that a federal tax would end and be replaced by an Admin fee which caused uproar. After a State fee ended in California they just didn't tell people and replaced it with an Admin Fee. Customers were none the wiser because the total didn't change but the bill had two admin fee lines on the bill after the tax ended and one matched the tax.

Sprint is stepping up. Sure the network is not to par, but finally the company moving with a plan so we can expect a network re-structure soon as well

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I'm just glad to see another carrier finally coming back to an unlimited plan. It's like Sprint giving life to unlimited data. Sure, T-Mo has it, but they slow you down after a couple of gigs. Truly unlimited plans need to make a come back, and I'm glad a large carrier is giving them credibility. I hope this shows Verizon (whom I'm with) that people desire unlimited data plans, and to take them away from us (Verizon customers) would pushing us into the arms of competitors. They (Sprint and I guess T-Mo) have what I want, and if Verizon decides to threaten that, I'll leave.

Never thought I'd say this, but thank you, Sprint!

The problem with Sprint is they LTE is already rolled out where i live and there's no service and when you hit it its' apparently slow. Sprint thinks they are done. They think the job is done. That's why unless they add more towers i've little faith in them.

For many operators they view their service and say "it's good enough" rather than saying "We need it to be Great". A good operator promotes their service on the basis of it being great not on being just good enough. AT&T, Verizon and obviously Sprint believe that it should be 'Good enough' but don't matter if is isn't Great. I dropped Verizon and the only operator in our area that said that their service was not Great and needed to be Great was T-Mobile.

Sprints towers are always “down”. At least that's what they would say every time up called to complain. No matter what part of town I called from.

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Doesn't matter the price, if the network can't properly support. Had to leave them a year ago, because no matter what state I traveled for work, I could never get good service, always poor.

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If Sprint's network is so bad, why have I used 33gb this month. I moved to Sprint from T-Mobile just a little over two years ago. T-Mobile's network where I lived was junk and I couldn't even get all my phone calls, let alone text and data. T-Mobile's network wasn't even robust enough to run their own video calling app. Sprint's network is much better where I live now than it was two years ago and that was better then T-Mo's. I use it now and wouldn't even consider switching to someone else. Sprint is that good where I live.

I've been with Sprint 2 years now in Houston LTE is pretty well covered and fast... although it bogs down at large events... At that price there is no need for me to go anywhere else... I was considering going back to t-mo for WIFI calling capabilities but now I gotta pump the brakes a bit... This could get interesting...

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Lucky you, though are you by chance in Sprint's home Territory? I would like to say that about Sprint in our area but they don't even have decent voice service and no data service. They will sell you a device for their network though and then when you complain that there is no data they will let you leave your network but they will charge an ETF because of them inadequacy.

Sprint has its holes as does every service. In Kansas City, some of the worst Sprint service is around their campus and in Johnson County KS. T-Mo has its holes too, they just happen to be large areas of the metro.

I've had Sprint since 2000.

Customer service is excellent, LTE is certainly Good & getting better, 3G works well most of the time, and pricing is excellent. They are also a local company based here in K.C.

We are going no where else & we have 5 lines of service.

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