Sprint's reworked Framily plans bring more data for less through 2015

 and the new plans offer

Sprint has announced its new Family Share Pack plans that replaces the company's Framily plans, and the new plans offer more data for less starting on August 22. According to the Now Network carrier, Sprint's plans will offer customers as much as twice the amount of data to comparable plans from rivals.

That means that a family of four will get 20 GB of data, instead of 10 GB from AT&T and Verizon, on the $160 plan.

Additionally, through 2015, Sprint is launching a promotional plan where users get 20 GB of shared data across all their lines, up to 10 lines for a family, for $100. Additionally, as an added bonus, customers will also get an additional 2 GB of data per line for up to ten lines.

Under this plan, a customer with 10 lines will see a total of 40 GB of data that they can share through 2015 with the included 2 GB of added data per line for $100. For the same price, customer who have 4 lines will see 28 GB of data with the 2 GB promotion per line.

Sprint's new Family Share Pack plans bring more data for less

Though these plans seem cheap, Sprint Easy Pay users who don't buy subsidized phones will have to add $15 per phone for plans with the data plans of 20 GB or higher and $40 per line for users who opt to get subsidized phones.

So, what this means is that for a family plan of 10, provided you pay full price for all your phones and don't take any device subsidies, you're looking at the base $100, plus $15 for each of the ten lines, bringing your total to $250 per month. For that price, you'll see 40 GB of promotional data through 2015 along with unlimited talk and text. If you take subsidies, you're looking at a bill of $500 per month for ten lines.

Sprint says that this makes the plans a full $60 cheaper than some of its rivals and doubles the data.

If you're enticed and are looking to switch to Sprint, the carrier says that it will pay up to $350 per line in early termination fees from your current carrier.

What do you think of Sprint's new plan under its new CEO?

Source: Sprint

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Reader comments

Sprint's reworked Framily plans bring more data for less through 2015


"What do you think of Sprint's new plan under its new CEO?"

Doesn't effect me. I have a single line (no Framily plan).

All I really care about is:
1) are you adding more towers in LA?
2) When will the towers be finished?

That's pretty much all I care about. It's all I've cared about for several years. But they won't talk about that stuff. So i'm meh on any Sprint announcement.

These plans are horrible. They are more expensive and tmobile still has better pricing. It should be $50 a month unlimited per line that's it.

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Sprint still sucks. They could give away unlimited data and you wouldn't be able to use it. I can walk faster with my cane than Sprint's data speed can deliver data.

^ this. It doesn't matter how much data - it matters how much it costs and how good the service is. Neither problem is solved with this plan.

Depends where you live. I have good sprint coverage. If Verizon offered unlimited at a decent price. They would own the market.

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Agreed. I've been with Sprint for over 10 years, and I've given up on waiting for them to upgrade their network. I get emails all the time, telling me they have made upgrades in my area, and I should have faster data speeds and fewer dropped calls. Guess what? It's just the opposite. The data seems worse, and I absolutely have more dropped calls than ever. My contract is up in 3 weeks. That will end my time with Sprint.

Sprint - who sold us a faulty home hotspot, then wouldn't honor the warranty when it melted, claiming it wasn't intended to be left on all the time - can go suck an egg. They wanted something like $700 for that turdbucket.

A home hotspot that "isn't meant to be used more than an hour or two a day." I got a friend to give me his USB stick that he had used with Sprint, I got it activated and plugged it into a ten year old notebook and bridged the connection to WiFi. That finished out their asshole contract and was more reliable than the crappy hotspot had been.

To reiterate: Sprint can suck an egg.

extremely confusing. no thank you. I have an everything data plan they are trying to switch me off of but I'm not budging. I thought sprint was always going to offer unlimited data. guess not.

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Sprint can suck my dick! I'm the 1st gem iPhone days I was stuck on a contract with sprint, so I had sprint for my work phone and ATT for my iPhone. My sprint phone had unlimited texting on the plan, but they were trying to charge me $400 to $800 a month (I changed plans around the same time I got my iPhone and added unlimited texting at the time) in texting overages. After a few months they turned my phone off bc I only paid what I knew I should have while continuing to dispute my texting overages. FUCK SPRINT!!!

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It must be me, this seems so confusing. We have 3 phones on our framily plan, so that makes it $45/phone + 2 of the phones have unlimited data for an extra $20/mo/per phone.

I have no idea what sprint is talking about and whats this "non-discounted phone" stuff mean?

Without considering the obvious problems with their network, my true concern is what happens after 2015. I would be saving $50/month over my current family plan (which has unlimited data) but what happens on January 1, 2016? At least my current pricing is fixed.

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I have unlimited data as it is
Fuck this new guy trying to take my data away
Not that I use a whole lot but shit 5 lines times 30 = 170 for unlimited and they trying to give me 60 fb for 225 does this roll over so eventually I get free data ?
Fuck the new CEO he's a ass clown I want Dan back he was a true leader

Eh. They still basically push you to the same thing as framily if you don't want to pay the additional amount each month to get a discounted phone after two years. So, it isn't changing much.

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