Steve Jobs says MobileMe will "get a lot better" in 2011


It looks like MobileMe might be in for some improvements next year, given Steve Jobs' purported response to one frustrated customer.

I love my iPad and iPhone 4 and am a huge fan of yours and all that Apple does. I desperately want to stay inside of Apple'e ecosystem as much as possible. However, MobileMe is making it very difficult for me to do so. Unreliable/unpredictable syncing, creating duplicate entries (sometimes scores of them), etc. It's almost unusable. And I know from forums (including Apple's own support boards) that I am not the only one experiencing these very real and frustrating problems. Please tell me it will get better, and soon?

The Steve Jobs response:

Yes, it will get a lot better in 2011.

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I'm sure we've all had our ups and downs with MobileMe at one point, given the service has had some reliability issues since its re-launch (previously named .Mac) in 2008. With one of its most valuable features (Find My iPhone) recently going free, some wonder if the service is still worth the $99/year cost.

What sort of improvements do you see Apple bringing to the table with MobileMe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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Steve Jobs says MobileMe will "get a lot better" in 2011


I like Mobile ME. But, please Apple, for the love of God, give users the option to add reminders to Calendar items from the web interface. I can't understand why on earth this has NEVER been addressed. Especially with the release of iOS 4.2.1.
That is all...

I purchased the family plan for $130 when I got my iPad two weeks ago. I was all about it and then I activated the service... Wow! That's it!
It has a lot of potential but right now, it has not been that great.
Also, it does not work well on the new Firefox beta 3. TIPB does not either at all times.

It will have to get a lot better. Dropbox, Google et al are kicking their butt on the cloud front.

I've had it since .Mac and love it. It's not worth $99, but I use it a lot, so I keep paying it. It should be no more than $49.

This would be great. Need something to get me off of gmail. For me ita just junk mail filtering. It stinks at that.

For me, all it needs is a dropbox style folder sync, so i can auto backup stuff. Unless its possible and i just dont know it?!

It needs to. Right now, several mail providers are better than Apple's mail, Dropbox is superior to iDisk, and google calendar is orders of magnitude better than MobileMe calendar - and those are free. If Apple wants MobileMe to grow past its current niche, it needs to get a lot better and be free to compete, or it has to have a quantum leap advance to justify the cost.
Of course, Apple has shown in the past they are perfectly content to have a small-but-profitable slice over competing for the whole pie, so they may choose to do neither.

I've been having issues since 4.2.1 dupes on my iPad when I make appointments in my iPhone.

I've been using mobile me for about 2 1/2 years now and see vast improvements since i first started using it.
I would have to say the £59/$99 fee is acceptable IMHO. I like the ability to have seamless integration between my iPhone 4, iPad and PC with wireless syncing. And the fact that my contacts are backed-up was the single biggest selling point for me.
Granted Google can do this sorta thing too, i have used Google and Yahoo for backing up contacts. But neither seem to work as well as Mobile Me, i am one happy customer!
However a price drop would be more than welcomed, along with say 50GB-100GB of space rather than 20GB lol :)

Also, i forgot to mention...
As with everything these days if you look around you can find it a lot cheaper than the £59/$99 price tag!
This has also got me thinking...
Can someone explain these prices please?
Mobile Me - $99 ---> £59
Apple TV - $99 ---> £99

I have been using it since it was iTools in 2000. I covet my .mac address still. Want. To. Love. It. Don't. But, like any bad relationship, I hold onto it, year after year. I think the calendar sync is leagues beyond where it was in summer 2008, and it generally works much better overall. I need to trust the e-mail piece and the calendar piece, more than anything. Contacts are amazing. Bookmark and Mac sync are brilliant. I agree with the previous poster that the fact I can't add reminders via web is infuriating. Keep working hard on it, guys.

...weird, but all because of this Blog post, I've now re-set my Mobile ME as my main email, etc, etc, instead of GMail. I've always hated seeing ads while reading my email online, and thus am willing to pay for NOT seeing ads. I tried Google Apps, but, well, that's another story.

Steve Jobs could introduce iToiletWater and all the Apple geeks would line up around the Apple store to pay $99 for it.
Seriously though, to pay $99 for something that is normally free (Gmail), it better work perfect or I'd be ditching it...

There should be iPhoto integration from iPhone with Macs/iPads. Would be a great additional feature. At the moment - the only way to organise iPhoto is via a Mac. Why can't we do it over the cloud?

I feel like MobileMe gets worse with eat iOS update. I subscribed right when MobileMe was introduced. It used to sync between my Mac and iPhone correctly and instantly. Now it takes forever for new Safari bookmarks and iCal events to appear on my iPad.

Come to find out today, if I send an email from Mobile ME, to a GMail user, with an attachment. It never gets delivered!
I'm a bit peeved about this...

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