Straight Talk bumps full-speed data allowance to 3GB, still costs $45 per month

Straight Talk Straight Talk, an AT&T MVNO and one of the most popular prepaid carriers in the U.S., has increased its data allowances by 500MB without bumping prices. Though the carrier still advertises its $45 per month plan as "unlimited," following mild outrage it has chosen to clarify that users are throttled after a certain point of data usage. At the time of clarification Straight Talk was offering just 2.5GB of full-speed data, and has now bumped that to 3GB at no additional cost.

The extra 500MB of full-speed data applies to its $45 U.S. plan and $60 international plan. Straight Talk claims that's up to 10 times more data than other prepaid $45 plans, and that's roughly accurate, depending where you look. Straight Talk continues to be one of the best prepaid choices in the U.S. for unlimited talk, text and data at a great price, with the added bonus of having the choice of both AT&T and T-Mobile networks and the ability to bring your own phone.

Source: Straight Talk (PRNewswire); Straight Talk

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Reader comments

Straight Talk bumps full-speed data allowance to 3GB, still costs $45 per month


I knew Straight Talk was AT&T, and Verizon, which was conveniently left out of the post.
I was not aware they offered their service on T-Mobile tho. Are you sure on this point? Just checking...

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Fairly sure they are not Verizon.. Straight Talk only works with GSM phones. T-Mo and ATT; walk into any Wal-mart... you'll see

Incorrect, actually. The bring your own phone option, yes, is only GSM, but the Straight Talk branded phones are CDMA and run off of Verizon's 3G network.

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Wrong. You can now bring you own devices to Straight Talk, I know some people who brought their Verizon iPhones to Straight Talk and signed up.
It can be hard to figure out what service you're getting if you just let them sign you up without doing your due diligence, they won't tell you. Best plan is to bring your own device if insisting on a particular carrier.

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Hi, I was wanting to buy a S5, how could I get someone to walk me through the process of making it Straight talk? Is it compatible? I could go ATT but I have always preferred Verizon. What should I do?

In my area straight talk only uses verizon, so if you want to get an iPhone on att you have to go the next town over to do so.

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Here in my country (Nicaragua) my carrier (Movistar) offers 3GB for 19.99 +taxes (15%) if you have a plan. If you don't you can have 1GB for $7.99 for 15 days. The only problem is the price of the phones. My iPhone 5s (16 GB) has an amazing price of $899.99 + Taxes

How can I get a Verizon Galaxy S5 to work on Straight Talk? I am wanting to buy one but do not want to unless I know it can be transferred. Thanks.