T-Mobile to axe grandfathered plans starting in November

T-Mobile to axe grandfathered plans in November

Long-time T-Mobile customers who still enjoy the privileges of plans no longer offered by the company will soon have to say goodbye to them. That's the word confirmed by T-Mo to Engadget.

All the details are yet to be announced, but T-Mobile has confirmed that affected customers will get "similar or better features at a comparable price." The transition should begin in November, and customers are being given until the beginning of February to jump ship to another carrier without risking any penalties.

In a statement provided to Engadget, T-Mobile says that "simple is better," so it's reducing the number of older plans it maintains.

Source: Engadget

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T-Mobile to axe grandfathered plans starting in November


At least they are letting people out of their contracts if they don't like the new plans. That's not something I'd expect from any other carrier.

Thing is, T-Mobile still has the best plans out of them all, plus that with all they have done to make the network better, you just can't go wrong.
Everybody know that AT

Not in Texas, Virginia, Florida, New York
Everywhere I've been it's the best, Sprint is CRAP, had them, jumped to tmobile when the iphone 5 and now with iphone 5S is better

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T-Mobile has the best new plans out of all US Carriers. Don't think there is any other Carrier besides Sprint that offers real unlimited Data with tethering thrown in for such a low cost. Have tried all the US Carriers and in my area T-Mobile is the fastest, HSPA+ beats all the other Carriers LTE speeds. My T-Mobile LTE speeds just blow away all the Carriers, maybe due to over saturation in my area. I have never been happier with a Carrier if that is possible. My 5S seems to like T-Mobile as well, I guess that is what counts.