T-Mobile hits mid-year LTE expansion goal

T-Mobile achieves its coverage goal for LTE coverage expansion

T-Mobile announced that it has achieved its mid-year coverage goal of expending its LTE footprint. Now the Un-carrier network announced that as of the end of June, it now has 230 million points-of-presence for its 4G LTE footprint, meaning its network is expanding and LTE is available in more areas. And though T-Mobile has hit its milestone for June, the carrier says that it will continue to expand its LTE footprint.

In addition to hitting the coverage goal to bring its 4G LTE coverage to more people through that pops goal, T-Mobile also recently announced at its uN-carrier 5.0 event that it has expanded 15X15 MHz network to 16 markets in the U.S. and VoLTE now is available in 15 markets to aid in congestion and help deliver bandwidth.

Is this recent achievement enough for you to give T-Mobile a shot? If so, what device are you looking at using on T-Mobile's expanding LTE footprint?

Source: T-Mobile

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T-Mobile hits mid-year LTE expansion goal


Signed up for the TMobile Test Drive. When I was in my teens/early 20's, it was all about MINUTES and TEXTS---- If you had VZW you could call another VZW for FREE and this lured many in... Now its all about the DATA--- and TMOBILE is offering a free test drive and pay Early Termination Fee's??? I would save over $1000 in 2 years, why not give it a shot?

I am using iPad mini retina on tmobile and am extremely please with coverage and speed (south Texas area) I am consistently getting speeds upwards of 35+Mbps up to almost 50 so far. This has been much faster than my verizon sim.

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I've been with tmobile for a year.my wife ,longer.i love tmobiles coverage and speed in my area.sacramento ca to be exact.nothing but lte except in rural areas.and in some buildings I don't get a signal at all but I know that's something that tmo is gonna improve on.

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There is no mention in the referenced article about any "mid-year goal" of LTE upgrades. In fact, there is little mention of basic LTE upgrades at all, it's mainly about their wide-band LTE service upgrades and VoLTE launches. I suggest this reporter reach out to Neville Ray and ask him about when the 95% of T-Mobile's native service area that only has GPRS or EDGE to work with will finally be upgraded and get back to us with an update. As the recent PC Magazine article pointed out, this is T-Mobile's biggest down-side, the fact that you may have fantastic LTE service in the middle of town, but drop to something that is totally useless before you get out of town and in all the territory in between major cities. T-Mobile does have a program to upgrade those areas, and a report on that progress would be greatly appreciated since they did not mention it at the recent Uncarrier event.

I'm constantly in between cities where I have virtually no data. They should work on improving those areas before bringing lte to more areas. I would settle for 4g everywhere then to have lte in only a few places.

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