T-Mobile holding Uncarrier 5.0 event in LA

UncarrierT-Mobile has setup another Uncarrier event for June 18 in Los Angeles. This will be their fifth such event, hence the name Uncarrier 5.0. Previously on the John Legere show, we've seen T-Mobile offer to pay your ETF from AT&T, Sprint or Verizon, Introduce their Jump! program, give everyone free international roaming and offer free LTE data for your tablet. It seems to be working for them, as they have seen actual subscriber growth and increased their revenue by almost 28-percent.

We've no idea what to expect in LA next month, but we hope Shakira is involved somehow.


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Ryan Rhoads says:

Better coverage

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sectime says:

Not a problem for many subscribers, not like they trick you into a contract with rosy maps.

jamesedward318 says:

Whatever it is I am sure it will be something that will make the other carriers butt holes clinch up.

Ryan Rhoads says:

Coverage isn't too bad except at one of my jobs holy hell it sucks but other than that no complaints. I think it's faster then when I was on AT&T

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Premium1 says:

More coverage outside of cities, edge is a no go

JeremieJones12 says:

I'm with Sprint and I hope they buy Tmobile and ditch the Sprint branding completely. I really like what Tmobile is doing and almost switched last fall. Great CEO who is actually making a tangible profit/change for the company. Interested to see what they present this go round.

uncommon-asian says:

"Safe and sound"? Obviously something to do with VoLTE.