T-Mobile to offer unlimited talk and text sans data for $35

T-Mobile to offer unlimited talk and text sans data for $35

T-Mobile plans to launch a new limited-time program that provides unlimited talk and text - but no data - for $35 per month. T-Mobile is launching the program starting Sunday, December 8, according to a confirmation T-Mobile provided to Tmonews.

The $35 Unlimited Talk and Text plan is available to T-Mobile "Pay In Advance" customers only. Obviously it has limited benefit to customers who want to use smartphones, as no data is included. By comparison, T-Mobile's unlimited talk, text and web plan (with 500 MB of 4G speed) starts at $50.

Source: Tmonews

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applelex says:

I've got t-mobile and the plan I've got is unlimited everything including data so it's about 50 bucks a month great service and great plan a great price unbeatable in my opinion.

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worknman says:

Yeah, it's unbeatable, unless you still want to have service when you drive outside of city limits.

davjaxn says:

I've been using the t-mobile $30 unlimited text and data with 100 mins of talk for a few months now on my unlocked iPhone 4S. I usually make about 40 mins calls a month so it is perfect for me. My iPhone indicator says "4G" but the speeds are significantly slower than I was getting on AT&T but I can still stream Netflix and iTunes Radio without any issue.

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alternando says:


Where did you hear of the $30 unlimited data, text and 100 minutes? I called and had the rep research and even contacted his supervisors but no such plan. Is that an old grandfathered?

asuperstarr says:

I think this great for those potential T-mobile users. It should all be about the consumers.

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iSRS says:

So is an iPhone eligible for this plan? I know people who have iPhones that they use as iPod touches that would jump on this.

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sanibel says:

My grandma would love this plan :)

Becjr says:

I've never understood why someone couldn't have a smart phone without a data plan and limit their data consumption to available WiFi sources. I need my data plan, but in 80+% of the time I'm within range of a WIFi signal. This could be a way to save some money each month.

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Derrick4Real says:

i think theoretically you can. But i don't think carriers offer it on smartphones because they want money.

Spaz888 says:

T Mobile has probably got the worst customer service agents working for them. From the employees at the kiosks who have very little or no customer service and equally important knowledge of their product to the agents you call. However, the latter has improved recently.

Try buying a prepaid and then get your SIM swapped should the SIM be the wrong size eg. you have a 5/5S Nano and the SIM kit you bought is a micro or full SIM. You are supposed to walk into ANY T Mobile location, say, in the mall or in a store and they're supposed to just give you a new correct SIM free of charge. They don't. They tell you that if you haven't bought the SIM or package from them, so sad, too bad. This is against T Mobile Corporate's policy. The only option is to call T Mobile and have them mail you the SIM at no charge.

Additionally, T Mobile has "service" partners throughout the USA because their coverage is so poor. With a monthly plan, you can roam seamlessly without additional charge onto their service partner but not so with a prepaid.

Try to buy a SIM online from T Mobile? Good luck. They do a soft credit check. If you are visiting the USA from out of country, say, from Canada or the Europe, you won't be able to buy the SIM online at their often discounted rate of $.99 and $10.

And for the most part, most employees at the kiosks and stand-alone locations are mere salesman that know very little about their product.

Just a few things to consider when contemplating a switch to T Mobile.

sectime says:

Your experience is very different from mine with Tmobile. Corporate stores vs independent makes a difference in customer experience. The rest of your rant seems to be driven by you trying to do something that very few would. Pretty entertaining rant read though :)

Spaz888 says:

"The rest of your rant seems to be driven by you trying to do something that very few would. "
So with your logic, you are implying my experience is meaningless? Have you talked to everyone to make such a statement?

Hmm. It's fascinating how the TMobile affiliates and fanboys are chiming in now ;)

Derrick4Real says:

I had T-mobile for about 5 years and customer service was stellar. I don't have them now but i only left because Sprint offered the Palm Pre (monumental mistake by the way). I still have sprint but T-mobile was great. I lived in Washington DC & San Francisco then and my T-Mobile service was great in both. Both better than Sprint is now by long shot. I don't care what the rated speeds are. I get failed calls for the entire last months, downed towers, all the time. Days without data and Sprint knows the towers are bad and the service never get's better. I even know they've done several network service upgrades on my towers and it's gotten worse not better an it's never gotten faster either despite what they say. And i've purchased two tmobile phones entirely on the web and had them activated, and a number ported all without ever entering a store. I'll seriously consider T-mobile when i buy a new phone. Regardless, sorry your experience was bad.

Justin Thiel says:

I really wanted to like Team Mobile. When my contract ended with Verizon, me and my wife decided to try Team Mobile off-contract.. Well, let's just say that the coverage is not so good, especially if you stream music on Bluetooth in your car. Dead spots are everywhere. To make a long story short.. We paid extra fees and decided to resign a new contract with Verizon. The coverage is perfect everywhere where I live in the Chicagoland area.

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Spaz888 says:

Oh, but wait....you must be referring to another carrier...if you are sectime and mainevent3405 because your experience is not shared by these two, who represent all of T Mobile's customers.

mainevent3405 says:

I definitely would not go by Spaz888's review of Tmobile. Couldn't be further from the truth. Tmo's CS is definitely better than Att's and Verizon's. Sprint is not bad (had them all), but I've been with Tmo the past 4 years and I have ZERO complaints and actually nothing but praise. Their new no contract plans are changing the game. I'm certain he's stuck in a contract with one of the other 3 and now can only spew hate for Tmobile. Great job Tmobile. Keep showing the others it's not about ripping off your customers and taxing them for every little thing they do. BTW, I have LTE service and NO data or signal problems whatsoever.

Spaz888 says:

Further from the truth? Are you affiliated withT Mobile?

Your comment sounds like it's complete bunk. Any credibility you may have had is now lost.

Nobody, on this planet has ZERO complaints against their cellular carrier. There is ALWAYS room for improvement. What you're trying to say is T Mobile is perfect. Hahahaha

In any event, mainevent3405 . I challenge you to dispute ALL the F ACTS I presented.

sectime says:

Poor Spaz, his experience is real, according to him others post and they must be lying :)

Nathan Bael says:

This would be great IF they allowed me to hook up a smartphone and block data. That is one thing I dislike about Verizon. I have my mother on my plan and while a smartphone data package would be wasted on her, she does like the occasional game of angry birds and such. However, two devices are a no go.

GlennRuss says:

In this day, and age, why would you want any smart phone with no data at all?

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tlo07 says:

Because there is wifi practically everywhere and you could save money?

Adrian Liu says:

I have an iPod touch (iPhone - phone) and even if I got an iphone I would probably use it more for messaging and web than for calling. So I would probably go for the t-mobile $30 unlimited data and text with 100 minutes.

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counterculture says:

This makes me wonder if they will ever bring back unlimited talk, text and data for ALL carriers. I love that I was grandfathered with AT&T's plan but I feel like it's soon to end (unfortunately). Plus, isn't like almost EVERYONE using Smartphones of some variation nowadays so what would be the point of this...not enough customers ONLY talk and text. Plus I think if you text, sooner or later you will want/need to browse the web but maybe that's just me.

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