T-Mobile will throttle data on unlimited LTE users if data is used for P2P sharing


A new report says that T-Mobile will soon begin to throttle data speeds for customers who are signed up on its unlimited 4G/LTE plans if they see that the data is being used to access peer-to-peer file sharing networks.

Tmonews states they received an internal email sent to T-Mobile staff members which states:

"T-mobile has identified customers who are heavy data users and are engaged in peer-to-peer file sharing, and tethering outside of T-Mobile's Terms and Conditions (T&C). This results in a negative data network experience for T-Mobile customers. Beginning August 17, T-Mobile will begin to address customers who are conducting activities outside of T-Mobile's T&Cs"

The story points out that the only customers that will be affected by the new policy will be those that are signed up for T-Mobile's old $70 unlimited plan or the current $80 Simple Choice plan. Those customers who are found to be accessing those P2P networks will be given a warning by T-Mobile, but if that kind of activity persists, the wireless provider will slow down their data speeds.

What do you think of T-Mobile's plan to throttle some of its heavy data users?

Source: Tmonews

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Reader comments

T-Mobile will throttle data on unlimited LTE users if data is used for P2P sharing


Doing things not in keeping with terms and conditions one agrees to when accepting service from a provider can have consequences...

As long as it's tied to those people who abuse it with P2P, then fine. I'm no abuser by any means - I just don't like tiered data plans on principle, so as long as they don't hamper my unlimited video streaming and Skype/FaceTime, you go ahead and throttle them, T-Mobile.

Funny how all the tmo fans give them a pass, but when Verizon does it, it's pitchforks in the air, shouting how awful they are...

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My problem is with the T&C. If their network is as powerful as they claim it is, why is this a problem? Obviously not everyone is sharing files. But it was big enough for them to notice, or maybe they are preemptively striking this down?

So bits going to P2P sites are different than what? Bits are bits. There are plenty of legal uses of P2P and now tmobile is wandering further down the anti net neutrality road.
Unlimited is unlimited. Stop redefining the word. Don't call it unlimited if it secretly isn't.

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This is only for people abusing the system, using the unlimited data got torrent downloads, abusing tethering. U can still watch as many videos, stream as many Netflix movies etc. T-Mobile on my unlimited plan throws in 2.5 gb of free tethering a month. No Carrier can touch their plan. Throw that in with in my case 50mb DOWNLOAD speeds on LTE & almost 20mb Download on HSPA+.

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