T-Mobile's new plan accommodates larger families

T-Mobile's new plan accommodates larger families

T-Mobile already has a special promotional 4-line family plan with unlimited text and talk along with 10 GB of data total, and now it seems that the un-carrier network is launching an even larger family plan to accommodate groups of up to 6. The 6-line plan is similar to the 4-line plan and will cost $120 per month.

Like the 4-line plan, each of the 6 lines will come with unlimited talk and text along with 2.5 GB of data during the promotional period per line, for a total of 15 GB across all lines.

The promotional data will last until 2016, after which the data allotment per line will drop down to 1 GB for each line, for a total of 6 GB across all 6 lines.

The previous maximum for T-Mobile's family plan was 5, and according to a leaked report that was obtained by TmoNews, it looks like T-Mobile may be eyeing family plans with up to 10 lines total in the future, which could stretch out your single plan to accommodate an even larger extended family. It appears that T-Mobile is eyeing a Framily feud with rival Sprint, which currently maxes out with 10 lines.

Are you looking forward to adding more family members to your plan on T-Mobile?

Source: T-Mobile via Tmo News

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T-Mobile's new plan accommodates larger families


Not a T-mobile customer however the 10 line family plan is already available. If you read the fine print it states up to 10 lines with credit approval. However, it isn't available online, you have to get it in stores or via telephone reps.

Edit: Also lines 7-10 start at $20 each.

I really wish T-Mobile and Sprint would expand their network to areas that I'm always struggling to find signal for. If only their network were competitive with Verizon I'd hop over in a heartbeat.

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