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Comic: How to be a Tech Analyst (Apple Edition)

Welcome to this week's edition of The Pixel Project: a weekly comic from Diesel Sweeties' Rich Stevens on Apple, technology, and everything in-between. This week: How to be a Tech Analyst (Apple Edition)

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Apple rumored to be slowing down current iPhone production in preperation for next generation

Right on schedule, the reports of Apple slowing down current generation iPhone production are hitting the internet. Just like parts leaks, case leaks, and all types of rumors, production reports are one of the signposts we all must pass coming down the long road to a new Apple product release, and this year certainly won't be any different. At least not now that Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu has claimed Apple has cut back on its iPhone manufacturing between 20% and 25% since last quarter.

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iPhone 5 to launch at WWDC in June, claims analyst

File this one under unsubstantiated analyst hearsay, but Daiwa Securities is claiming the iPhone 5 will be announced at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference this upcoming June.

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iPhone holds highest retention rate over competing smartphone makers

A new UBS survey suggests Apple currently holds the top spot in smartphone retention rates by a long shot, holding a strong 89% rating over the nearest hardware competitor HTC at just 39%. Apple also had no trouble beating out the Android platform in general, although being a platform gave Google an added "stickiness" of around 60% retention among consumers.

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iPad 2 Plus coming later this year with a better display?

If FBR Capital Markets analyst Craig Berger is correct, in lieu of the much-rumored [ we may see another iteration of the iPad 2 this year, complete with a beefed up display. According to Berger, Apple is currently shopping around for quotes from manufacturers in China. The current iPad 2 sports 132 pixels per inch. The iPad 2 Plus will supposedly increase the pixel density to around 250 to 300 pixels per inch. (Though, as we've said repeatedly, Apple will have to pixel-double it exactly, the same way they did with iPhone 4, if they don't want to cause headaches for developers.)

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Verizon users waiting for iPhone 5 to ditch Android en masse?

Needham analyst Charlie Wolf thinks most Verizon Android users have been holding out for the iPhone 5, and once it's released, a mass exodus from the Android platform will ensue.

Verizon’s Android users are waiting for the iPhone 5. And when it arrives this fall, they’ll make the switch en masse.

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Tim Cook says iPad will eventually outsell PCs

According to Goldman Sachs analyst Bill Shope, Apple COO Tim Cook suggested during a meeting that the tablet market -- which is currently dominated by the iPad -- could eclipse the PC market over the next several years.

Shope says, "the company appeared more overtly optimistic on the long-term prospects for the iOS platform than it has been in quite some time." Cook said, "he sees no reason why the tablet market shouldn’t eclipse the PC market over the next several years," according to Shope's note.

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Smartphones and tablets to eclipse PC sales in 18 months?

IDC analysts have estimated that smartphone and tablet sales will soon surpass worldwide PC sales with help of the Apple iPhone and iPad.

18 months from now, combined smartphone and tablet sales will eclipse the PC, it claims, with both categories hovering in the mid-400 million range. [...] overall it represents a shift from the open-ended, flexible, and powerful PC to the narrow, task-specific, app-driven nature of the iOS and Android kind.

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