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App Reviews

KloutScore for iPhone review

KloutScore is an iPhone app that provides an easy way to keep track of Klout Scores for yourself and the people you are interested in. In addition to your score number, you will also be given a description of what your score means as well as see lists of Twitter users you influence and who you're influenced by.

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Color Splash Studio for iPhone review

With several apps in the App Store that already offer this functionality, you may be wondering what makes this one special. Well, the developers at MacPhun are very experienced in the photography app business and they have done a great job with Color Splash Studio by making it easy to get detailed as well as allowing you to add effects and alter the look of the monochrome layer.

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Foursquare for iPhone review

Foursquare for iPhone has received a significant update and makeover making it easier than ever to share and catalog your experiences and find new places to go.

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Letter Gap for iPhone review

Letter Gap is a super casual game for word lovers. The objective is simple. You are given the first and last letter of a six letter word with the other four letters scrambled below it. It's then your job to correctly spell the word as quickly as possible. The faster you get it, the more points you get -- and you have just 2 minutes to get through as many words as you can.

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Agenda Calendar for iPhone and iPad review

Agenda is a beautiful alternative to the iPhone and iPad's built-in Calendar app by the great folks at App Savvy. In addition to performing the normal tasks you'd expect any good calendar app to do, Agenda also lets you confirm appointments via text message or email from directly within the app. Similarly, you can inform necessary parties if you're going to be late.

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Quotebook for iPhone and iPad review

Quotebook is an iPhone and iPad app that lets you keep a library of your favorite quotes and organize them by author, source, rating, and tags. It's a notebook for your quotes.

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iPregnant Pregnancy Tracker for iPhone and iPad review

If you're anything like me, the first thing you do after finding out you (or your spouse) is pregnant is dive into the App Store looking for the best pregnancy app. There's a lot to choose from, so we're going to take a closer look at iPregnant Pregnancy Tracker.

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Timer for iPhone review

Timer is a new iPhone app by one of our favorite development teams, App Cubby. As its name implies, Timer is all about setting timers and doing it fast. And because it was designed by App Cubby, it also features a gorgeous design.

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VicMan Visage Lab for iPhone and iPad review

VicMan Visage Lab for iPhone is an app that will give your portraits a complete makeover with just the tap of a button. I'm always fairly skeptical of these types of apps because they have the potential to produce results that look very fake and overdone, but not VicMan Visage Lab -- the results are very good!

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Facebook Camera for iPhone review

Facebook is the most popular photo sharing service on the web so it comes as no surprise that they released an app dedicated to the photo aspect of Facebook -- it's called Facebook Camera. With Facebook Camera, you can easily share multiple photos to Facebook, add filters to them, tag your friends, and view a newsfeed restricted just to photos posted by you and your friends. And, of course, you can also leave comments and likes on photos.

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