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Apple Acquisitions

Apple's PrimeSense acquisition deal reportedly completed

Just a few days ago we heard Apple was in the final stages of buying out PrimeSense, the company that developed the technology behind the first Xbox Kinect, and now that deal has reportedly been completed.

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Apple reportedly buying PrimeSense, makers of original Xbox Kinect sensor tech

Apple is reportedly in the final stages of acquiring PrimeSense - the Israeli company whose sensor technology was used by Microsoft to create the original Kinect for Xbox 360 - for roughly $280 million. According to Calcalist (via Google Translate):

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Apple acquires mobile media and data compression firm AlgoTrim

Apple has acquired AlgoTrim, a developer of data compression technology based in Malmö, Sweden, according to a new report by Swedish industry news service Rapidus. The report says that AlogTrim's CEO and head of development Anders Holtsberg has moved to Silicon Valley and is now available through Apple's switchboard, according to TechCrunch.

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Apple acquires Embark, the push for transit in Maps continues

Continuing the recent shopping spree, Apple is now reported to have acquired another transit focused app, Embark. While the usual public statements apply, the transaction has reportedly been confirmed to former Wall Street Journal writer, Jessica Lessin:

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Apple acquires Passif, low-energy wireless chipset developer

Apple has reportedly purchased a low-energy wireless chipset developer named Passif, a company whose technology seems a good fit for the future of mobile. Jessica Lessin reports:

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Apple acquires transit-navigation company, HopStop

Apple has reportedly bought HopStop, a New York based location company that provides real-time social transit navigation in 7 countries, for 700 transit agencies, on 20,000 lines, and 750,000 stops. According to Peter Borrows and Sarah Frier for Bloomberg:

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Apple acquires location data company Locationary

Apple has acquired location data company Locationary, which provides data on local businesses around the world. Not just an acqui-hire, Locationary's technology will also be used by Apple in an effort to improve Apple's mapping efforts. Locationary uses crowdsourced data to continually update and maintain an accurate database of information about businesses, which Apple would find incredibly useful, says All Things D

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Apple buys indoor location startup WifiSLAM for $20 million

$20 million has bought Apple WifiSLAM, a startup specializing in indoor location mapping. Apple confirmed the sale, but wouldn't discuss specifics or future plans. Jessica E. Lessin of the Wall Street Journal reports:

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Why Apple paying twice for Lala and Color engineers was a stroke of genius

Apple bought Lala for $80 million down and $80 in retention bonuses, and then, after founder Bill Nguyen and many of the engineers left anyway to found Color, Apple bought them again for around 7 million.

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Apple, Waze, and the expectation of rumors

There are some rumors going around that Apple is considering the purchase of crowd-sourced mapping app Waze. Apple has a ton of cash, and can certainly buy Waze if that's what both parties want, the way Apple bought Chomp, Color, Polar Rose, Siri, and other companies over the years.

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