Zynga buys Draw Something creator, OMGPOP

Zynga, the undisputed behemoth in social gaming, has just acquired OMGPOP, the developer of the hugely successful Draw Something (opens in new tab) game. If you haven't had a chance to check it out, it's basically a mobile version of Pictionary, where you're paired up with a fellow iPhone or iPad owner, and you take turns drawing things and having the other guess what it is with a given set of letters. Both sides get to watch as one gradually finishes drawing and the other attempts to solve the puzzle. There's both an ad-supported free version and a premium version that gets rid of the ads, but Draw Something makes its real money through microtransactions which unlock different colors to draw with.

OGMPOP has a few other titles under their belt, mostly for the web, but Draw Something has been their biggest hit yet. Rumor has it that Zynga shelled out $200 million for the 40-man team, but neither Zynga nor OMGPOP went into specifics of the deal. This is a pretty big acquisition for Zynga, but definitely a sensible one. I worry a little bit that clever iOS development shops are doomed to getting sucked up into these giant companies, but then I look at Rovio and see how well they've managed to do by sticking it out on their own. In Zynga's press release, they did a great job of outlining some great stats from Draw Something.

  • In the last week, more than 1 billion drawings have been created.
  • Draw Something had three drawings per second the day the game launched.
  • Yesterday, Draw Something has over 3,000 drawings per second at its peak.
  • Draw Something is the #1 word game in 84 countries according to the Apple App Store — shout out to Sweden and Norway for being the first two countries to recognize Draw Something's greatness. Nordic Love!
  • The most popular words in Draw Something are: Starfish, pregnant, hangman, six pack, boom box
  • The least popular word in Draw Something is latrine
  • The best guessed words in Draw Something are: Rainbow, catfish, sun, fish, house, god, tornado
  • The least guessed words in Draw Something are: Oar, Metroid, Warhol, pounce, polaroid, meathead, Autobots

Out of curiosity, how many of y'all are playing Draw Something? Does it change anything for you if Zynga owns them? If you're leaving or switching to something us, let us know what and why. If you're sticking with Draw Something, add your user name to our Gaming Forum list and challenge another member of the iMore nation.

Source: Zynga

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  • I currently have about 18 games going. Only downside is its a BATTERY KILLER. Other than that a great wake up game for me in the morning.
  • I AGREE with it being a BATTERY KILLER!!!
  • These guys need there own channel. Not that I'm not an apple fan, I love Apple, but a lot of thgins on the shows aren't to do with Apple, so people might be missing this fantastic show by associating it with Apple, and we know how many people have uneducated biased opinions on Apple products coughmicrosoft fanboyscough.
  • I hope Zynga doesn't ruin this game by trying to monetize the %$^&@ out of it. It really is a great game and I'd hate to see it destroyed by greed.
  • I just got Draw Something last week and was wondering if this was something Zynga would purchase. Not a bad price! I hope they'll improve the stability and fix the bugs on this fun game.
  • Well that sucks. I really don't like Zynga.
  • Deleted.
  • Would LOVE to know why you deleted it. I probably will too---just because Zynga is so annoying.
  • I downloaded draw something yesterday.
    Fun game! Hoping with a little Zyng_ the game can become more social (ie. chat with your gaming partner)
    Username: Dr4g0n12
  • I'd buy the full version now before Zynga ups it to $4.99 after changing nothing. Also buy the colour packs as they will most likely charge real money instead of in game currency (coins).
  • Am I missing something? Aren't all Zynga games "free" and then they try to 'encourage' you to buy premium upgrades? I don't think they'll be increasing the price to buy the app. They're clearly going to be making money IN the app with the in-app purchases.
  • hahaha... i was wondering how long Zynga would allow OMGPOP to hold on to the number 1 spot before they bought them out. This game directly competes with Zynga's top hits (which were also purchases from a separate company due to the online social interaction aspect). I'm with the other commenter who is begging Zynga not to change the game. They did well with leaving Words with Friends alone... please don't mess with this one, either. It's genuinely fun.
    But Zynga has to realize that our (consumers') attention span is border-lining that of a young boy with ADD. So, Zynga, PLEASE come out with MORE great games that YOU come up with rather than purchase. And please do not monopolize social gaming!
  • I love draw something. Supported the app by buying the app for .99c- everyone who ive told about this game is now hooked on it.
    It's not often when a game of this caliber comes around and gets you hooked the way this game has.
  • Well... It was fun while it lasted.
  • Glad Zynga got ahold of it, I was just thinking to myself, how awesome could this game be if Zynga took over? It's a great game but it lacks a few things that Zynga has integrated into their other games. Excited to see where this goes.
  • I love the game. Maybe Zynga can fix the bugs so I stop losing my colours & bombs. I bought heaps of colour packs but only get to use them perhaps 1 out of 100 draws.
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