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Apple Vs Motorola

Apple and Motorola may settle part of patent dispute

Apple and Motorola Mobility, owned by Google, are seeking arbitration on part of their patent disputes. The two companies would agree to a binding arbitration in order to reach a licensing agreement over standards-essential patents

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Google decides to litigate instead of innovate, sues Apple over Siri and more

Motorola Mobility has filed suit again Apple with the International Trade Commission (ITC) over patents reportedly related to Apple's personal digital assistant feature, Siri and more. Patent suits between Apple and various Android manufacturers are a dime a dozen these days, but what makes this one stand out is that a) Google now owns Motorola, b) Google previously tried to manipulate public sentiment by claiming Apple sought to litigate instead of innovate, c) Google is now litigating.

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Apple vs. Motorola thrown out of court

U.S. federal court judge Richard Posner followed up his earlier, tentative dismissal of the Apple vs. Motorola patent suit with a full on "get off my lawn" dismissal of the entire case.

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Chicago judge tentatively dismisses Apple-Motorola patent case

Chicago judge Richard Posner has thrown out Apple and Motorola's jury trial set to start next Monday, calling their patent claims "frivolous" and "ridiculous". Posner had previously forbidden Apple from turning the case into a "popularity contest", which is certainly fair given the experts that Apple is prone to dragging out for these kinds of cases.

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Apple patents get ripped off, other people's patents don't get fairly licensed

As the head of a publicly traded company -- THE most publicly traded company -- when asked on the D10 Conference stage about ongoing patent litigation, Apple's Tim Cook went straight into CEO mode.

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Tim Cook tells competitors to invent their own stuff -- Apple is not the world's developer

Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked during Apple's Q2 2012 conference call how he felt about ongoing patent litigation, and whether he might be more open to a settlement or resolution than his predecessor, Steve Jobs might have been. Cooks answer was pretty much the same now as it was before he became CEO -- he doesn't like litigation, but he also doesn't like other companies using what he feels are Apple innovations to sell competing products.

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Apple to pay Motorola for push e-mail patents relating to iCloud

Apple is going to owe Motorola damages for infringing on push e-mail patents currently being used by iCloud and Mobile, so sayeth the Mannheim, Germany regional court.

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Apple claims Motorola used FRAND patents to try an extort cross-licensing deal

According to some EU court documents, Motorola and Apple had talked about hashing out a licensing deal in late 2011. Given their rough and ongoing patent battles, it's no surprise to hear Apple claim in the documents that their "refusal to accede to this demand led Motorola Mobility to sue Apple in an attempt to exclude Apple’s products from the market.”

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Apple wins right to Android development information in Motorola patent case

Motorola and Apple are still duking it out in courts over a wide variety patents, but recently Apple made a significant step towards victory. A U.S. judge in Chicago ruled that information about Google's acquisition of Motorola is a key part of Apple's claims against Motorola. The ruling also means that Apple we get some key information about the development of Android, and potentially find other cases of infringement there.

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German court bars Motorola from enforcing potentially FRAND-abusing patents against Apple

A German appeals court has issues a temporary ruling that prevents Motorola (currently in the process of being acquired by Google) from enforcing a ban on Apple iPhones and iPads based on what may be FRAND-absuing terms.

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